~ Middletown Township Farm and Business Directory 1914

AHLEM, Aaron (Laura) Woodbourne
Ahlem, Artist (Mabel) Woodbourne
Aldred, George W. (Anna)  Emilie
Aldred, Lura D.  Emilie
Aldred, Mary S.  Emilie
Anderson, Preston L. (Elma F.) Newtown
Balderston, Niles M. (R.Anna) 160a Woodbourne
Beagle, Samuel W. (Anna) Oxford Valley
Beck, Henry (Lizzie Ida) Langhorne
Benner, John A. (Mary M.) Langhorne
Benson, J. Harry (Mary C.) Bristol
Boles, Thomas (Isabella) Oxford Valley
Bowen, Herbert W. (Jennie) Oxford Valley
Briggs, Edward (Anna M.) Langhorne
Briggs, William T. (Annie) Woodbourne
Briggs, William T. Jr. (son of William T. Sr.) Woodbourne
Brodnia, Mortimer (Susie) Oxford Valley
Buckman, George C. (Clara W) Newtown
Carr, Patrick Langhorne
Carter, David (Fannie M) Newportville
Carver, Isaac S. (Josephine W.) Langhorne
Clark, Watson T. (S. Annie Newtown
Costello, Hugh Woodbourne
Costello, Mark (Margaret) Woodbourne
Cox, Edward (Emma) Woodbourne
Crockett, Henry (May) Langhorne
Darrah, Geo. (Matilda) Bristol
Darrah, John C. (Eleanora E.) Woodbourne
Darrah, Joseph (Crissie) Bristol
Davis, L.K. Langhorne
Davis, William M. (Elsie)  Woodbourne
Deenihan, William P. (Mary) Bristol
Derry, Joseph (Nellie) Pine Rd Langhorne
Devlin, Harry (Laura) Langhorne
Devlin, Thomas, Langhorne
Dewees, Benjamin (Sarah) Langhorne
Doan, William B. (Elmina C) 140a Woodbourne
Duerr, Joseph P. Langhorne Eagle
, George (Bertha) Langhorne
Ettenger, William S. (Maria) Emilie
Everett, Aldridge (Katherine) Bristol
Everett, Joseph (Mary) Bristol
Everett, Samuel (Nellie M.) Bristol
Fite, George W. Langhorne
Fite, Samuel M. (Lydia W.) Langhorne
Flum, Daniel (Annie) Langhorne
Flum, Daniel (Annie) Langhorne
Follin, Vernon J. (Grace) Woodbourne
Fulmor, I. Edgar (Ella H.) Langhorne
Fulton, Morgan R. (Mary E.) Woodbourne
George School, George A. Walton Principal George School
Gillam, Jonathan W. Woodbourne
Greeby, John Langhorne
Greeby, Mary (widow of Samuel) Langhorne
Hafley, Joseph (Julia) Langhorne
Hagar, Walter F. Jr. (Marion L.) Langhorne
ankins, Mahlon (Edith) Bristol
Harvey, Earnest H. (Mary), Commissioner of State Highways, Woodbourne
hawkins, John J. (Mary) Newportville
Hayes, John (Mary) Newtown
Hazelett, Eliza (widow of John) Bristol
Heafner, Joseph (Julia A.) Woodbourne
Hetherington, Thomas (mary) Langhorne
Hibbs, Andrew F. (Florence M) Langhorne
Hibbs, Ellen (widow of Pearson M>) Langhorne
Hibbs, Samuel H. (Hannah) Langhorne
Hibbs, Jacob H. (Mabel A) Langhorne
Holzwart, Charles (Louisa) Newtown
Honeyford, Benjamin (Martha) Bristol
Husted, S.A. (Louisa) Langhorne
Jenkins, N.b.(Mary) Langhorne
Jersey, Alonzo (georgia) Langhorne
Joyce, C.F. (Elizabeth) Langhorne
Keim, John E. Langhorne
Keim, Norman B. (Sadie M.) Langhorne
Kellett, Earnest (Annie) Bristol
Kennedy, Wilhelmina Langhorne
Kreson, Smith H. (Zoe E.) Newtown
Kyles, Granvil S. (Mary E) Langhorne
Lake, John H. (Bertha) Emilie
Larue, Herbert (Elizabeth) Bristol
Larue, Wm. H. Bristol
Longenecker, C. Douglas Newtown
Longenecker, Robert Newtown
Longshore, Edward V. Woodbourne
Longshore, Robert L. (Emma) Woodbourne
Lovett, Wm. K. Langhorne
Lynn J.H. (Alberta) Langhorne
McLardy, David Langhorne
McMaster, James E. (Mary) Langhorne
Magill, W. Harry (Margaret) Emilie
Mathers, James (Annie) Emilie
Merrick, Edward (Lillian) Langhorne
Mitchell, George A. (Harriet R.) Langhorne
Monihan, Philip (Bridget) Langhorne
Moon, Chas. H. (mary L.) Woodbourne
Moon, Mary C. (widow of Charles) Woodbourne
Moore, E. Bunting Langhorne
Morgan, Brinton C. (Ann J.) Bristol
Myers, Frederick Woodbourne
Napalitano, Frank (Grace) Langhorne
Nolan, Altemus (Lidie) Woodbourne
Nowell, Thomas E. Oxford Valley
Osmond, Frank C. (Louisa) Langhorne
Pahlam, Edward (son of J.A. Pahlman) Bristol
Pahlman, J.A. Bristol
Peck, Elie Langhorne
Pickering, G.C. Hannah (Widow of John) Woodbourne
Praul, Catherine (widow of David) Hulmeville
Praul, Charles Hulmeville
Praul, John H. Hulmeville
Price, Stanford (Julia) Woodbourne
Ralph, J. Lawrence (Mary ) Bristol
Rich, John (son of Joseph) Langhorne
Rich, Joseph (mary) Langhorne
Richardson, Joshua (Marion) Langhorne
Ring, William Langhorne
Roe, William D. Edgewood
Row, Albert W. (Ida D.) Edgewood
Rowland, William D. (Lenora) Langhorne
Satterthwaite, Elizabeth S. (widow of Amos) Langhorne
Satterthwaite, John B. (Edith) Woodbourne
Schoemberg, Charlotte (widow of Augustus M.) Bristol
Schramm, George F. Langhorne
Schramm, Joseph (Anna M.) Langhorne
Serruys, Edmund (Barbara) Woodbourne
Shaal, John (Ida) Langhorne
Sharkey, Samuel (Elizabeth) Bristol
Stein, Adam (Anna) Langhorne
Stradling, Joseph Woodbourne
Stradling, wm. H. (Mary J.) Oxford Valley
Sutton, Chas. (Adaline) Oxford Valley
Sutton, Hannah (widow of Jas.), farmer Langhorne
Sutton, Hannah (dau of Hannah) Langhorne
Sutton, Michael (son of Hannah) Langhorne
Tanner, James S. (Elizabeth) Woodbourne
Taylor, Edwin N. Langhorne
Taylor, William S. (Edith B.) Langhorne
Thompson, Howard Jr. (Georgiana) Woodbourne
Thompson, Walter H. farmhand Woodbourne
Tomlinson, John E. (Elizabeth) Edgewood
Tomlinson, John L. (Dora) Oxford Valley
Tomlinson, Joseph (widower) Oxford Valley
Tomlinson, Samuel F. (Ella) Edgewood
Umstat, Edwin, miller Oxford Valley
Van Horn, Lewis P. (Rose) Emilie
Van Horn, Thomas B. (Levinia) Emilie
Van Horn, William (Mary L>) Woodbourne
Van Norman, Geo. t. (Marion) Langhorne
Van Norman, R.B. farming Langhorne
Vetter, Paul (Alice) Langhorne
Walters, Walter (Mary) Langhorne
Weeks, George E. (Ruth) Langhorne
White, Norris (Katie) Bristol
Whitney, Leroy (Lulu) Oakford
Wilcox, Joseph (Elizabeth Woodbourne
Wiley, Richard J. (Elizabeth) Langhorne
Williams, Harry V. (Carrie) Oxford Valley
Williams, John R. (mary) Bristol
Winder, Edward J. Jr. (Catherine) Bristol
Winslar, George B. (Elizabeth) Bristol
Withers, Elizabeth L. Langhorne
Worthington, Joseph (Laura M.) Woodbourne
Wright, George W. (Laura) Bristol










































































































ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1864) 2nd Inaugural

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan - to do all which may achieve a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations. 


  • The Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), the state tree of Pennsylvania, is one of the dominant trees of the Commonwealth's forests...
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