Grammar School


Mister Andrews' School 1837-1842

Ellen Swartzlander 1958, Bucks County Historical Society



bulletEdward J. Fox
bulletElias Wilson
bulletHenry H. Wilson
bulletJ.W. Mecaskey
bulletHenry Mecaskey
bulletSamuel Mecaskey
bulletRobert Newton
bulletJohn P. Rogers
bulletJohn Anderson
bulletEdward Anderson
bulletRichard Kuhn
bulletSamuel E. Smith
bulletRobert A. Heazlitt
bulletCharles Neff
bulletJas. P. W. Neff
bulletWilliam A. Bryan
bulletJohn R. Neff
bulletMoses c. Warner
bulletBenj. E. Chain
bulletHenry C. Field
bulletOliver H. Yardley
bulletRex Peters
bulletThomas R. Thorp
bulletFrancis Hooke
bulletJames E. Gowen
bulletAlfred c. Gowen
bulletJos. B. austin
bulletAndrew M. Law
bulletHenry W. Mecaskey
bulletDaniel Moore Sellers
bulletEdward Anderson
bulletMathias Heaton
bulletThomas Kachline
bulletJacob Shade Dungan
bulletCasper S. Widdified
bulletJoseph Stewart
bulletSamuel Mecaskey

The State Constitution of 1790 only suggested that the "legislature shall, as soon as conveniently may be, provide by law for the establishment of schools throughout the State, in such a manner that the poor may be taught gratis"; the Constitution of 1838 repeated the suggestion and the various laws which the legislature passed in regard to education were not enforded.  Consequently, with few exceptions, only the children of parents who were willing and able to pay attened school, and the amount of time spent there depended upon the individual family.




DELHAAS Class 59



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