Submitted by Vincent Edward Summers and posted with his permission.

Elizabeth MAHAUN/MAHAUND/MULHAUN/MULHAUS/MAHAN wife of George STOCKHAM in Bucks County. George was born 1777, and died 1814 in Falls Twp., Bucks Co., PA

Her issue was: John, George, and Thomas Stockham.

Here is a will, as it was forwarded to Vincent E. Summers, transcribed, possibly with errors, in which she is mentioned.. .

Last Will & Testament of George Stockham Dated August 14, 1814, George Stockham Junior of Falls Township, Bucks County State of Pennsylvania being of sound mind but indisposed in body do hereby constitute this as my last will and Testament. First after all my just debts and funeral charges have been paid the remainder of my property to be disposed of in the manner following. to wit To Elizabeth Stockham my wife I give and bequeath the full and just third of all my property I may (dispose of?).

To my sons John Stockham and George Stockham and to the child where with my wife is now pregnant I do give and bequeath the remaining two thirds of my property to be divided among them share and share alike when ever the youngest child shall have attained the age of eighteen years if a female and if a male such division to take place at the age of twenty one years, and in case of the death of either of the children prior to their arriving at the age above described the division of the property then it shall be divided between the survivors or if but one attain the described age then the whole two thirds to be vested in that survivor.

And I do hereby appoint my brother Thomas Stockham, and George Hulmes of Millford as executors to this my last will and testament to which I have put my hand and seal this fifth day of August in the year of our lord 1814, George Stockham SEAL. Signed and dated in the presence of the (coords of Millford being witnessed)?

Addendum to me added to my will on the morning of this day, The two boys John Stockham and George Stockham whom I have named as my own in my will are children begotten by me upon the body of Elizabeth Mulhaus and born before we were united in wedlock it is to them that I bequeath a proportion of two thirds of whatever I may dispose of in conjunction with the child with which my wife is now pregnant with this proviso that from the proceeds of the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars shall be appropriated and ---------------legal interest for the use benefit and profit of my son Joseph begotten upon the body of Mary Bedford that amount of interest and principal to be given to him on his attaining the age of twenty one years, George Stockham Junior, Signed with his mark he being indisposed state to write his name in the presence of ---------------- John Stockham August 5th in the afternoon 1814.






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