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Submitted by: David Wallace Tourison, of Sheridan Wyoming - many thanks

The following is a retype from EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925, Reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore MD 1975. Comments in ( ) are note inclusions from the publisher/writer; Comments in [ ] are from me personally:

FOULKE - While Hugh Foulke was the first settler of that family to locate in “Upper Bucks,” still it is desirable to give a short sketch of his ancestors, including his parents who came from Wales, in 1698, and settled at Gwynedd, about twenty miles south of Richland, or the “Great Swamp,” as it was called at that time.

A Brief Genealogy of Edward Foulke* With an Account of his Family and their Removal from Great Brittain to Pennsylvania, written by himself originally in British (or Welsh), and translated in 1810 by Samuel Foulke, his grandson, who was born and died in Richland Township, Bucks County, Pa.

* There are slight differences in this genealogy as published from time to time; that given here is from one of the original copies made by Samuel Foulke, in 1810, and now is in the possession of the compiler of this work.

“I, Edward Foulke, was the son of Foulke Thomas, the son of Evan, son of Thomas, son of Robert, son of David Lloyd, son of David, son of Evan- Vaughan, son of Griffith, son of Mthaddock, son of Jerworth, son of Madock, son of Ririd Blaidd (Rhirid Flaidd) of the Pool, who was Lord of Penllyn, one of the Northern divisions of Wales. My mother’s name was Lowry, the daughter of Edward, son of David, son of Ellis, son of Robert of the Parish of Llanvor in Merionethshire.

“I was born on the 13th day of 5th Month, Anno Domini 1651, and when arrived to mature age I married Eleanor, the daughter of Hugh, the son of Cadwalder, son of Rees of the Parish of Spytn in Denbigh-shire. Her mother’s name was Gwen, the daughter of Ellis, the son of William, son of Hugh, son of Thomas, son of David, son of Maddock, son of Evan, son of Cott, son of Evan, son of Griffith, son of Madock, son of Enion, son of Meredith of Canvadock (Cai- Fadog) and she was born in the same parish and shire with her husband.

“I had by my said wife nine children (to wit) four sons and five daughters, whos names are as follows: viz: Thomas, Hugh, Cadwalader and Evan, – Gwen, Grace, Jane, Catharine and Margaret. We lived at a place called Coedyfoel, a farm belonging to Roger Price, Esq., of Rhewlas, in Merionethshire aforesaid. But in process of time I had an inclination to remove thence with my family to the Province of Pennsylvania, and in order thereto we set out on the 3rd day of the Second Month (April) 1698, and came in two days to Liverpool, where with divers others who intended to go the voyage, we took shipping the 17th day of the same month on Board the Robert and Elizabeth and the next day set sail for Ireland, where we arrived and stayed until the first of Third Month (May) and then sailed again for Pennsylvania. We were about eleven weeks at sea and the sore distempter of the Blood Flux broke out on the vessel, of which died forty-five persons in our passage. The distemper was so mortal that two or three Corps were cast overboard every day while it continued. But through the favor of Divine Province, I, with my wife and nine children escaped that sore mortality and arrived safe at Philadelphia about the 17th of 5th Month (July) where we [page 121] were kindly received and entertained by our friends and old acquaintenances until I purchased a tract of about 700 Acres of Land about 16 miles from Philadelphia, on a part of which I settled, and divers others of our company who came over sea together settled near me about the same time, which was the beginning of November, 1798, aforesaid, and the township was name Gwynedd or North Wales.” This account was written the 14th of the 11th Month (January) 1702, in British (or Welsh) by Edward Foulke and translated (in 1810) by Samuel Foulke. To which is added a short view of the Progress of American Population in the Posterity of Edward Foulke:

Thomas Foulke, the eldest son (of Edward Foulke, the first) married Gwen, the daughter of David Evans of Radnor. (For a continuation of this line see page 234, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” by Howard M. Jenkins). Hugh Foulke, the second son of Edward Foulke (the first) married Ann Williams, October, 1713, and had eleven children, viz: Mary, Martha, Samuel, Ellenor, John, Thomas, Theophilus, William, Edward, Ann and Jane, who all, except Edward, lived to marry and raise families and whose posterity are now become too numerous to trace individually. At the space of seventy years after their marriage their offspring born amounted to 343 and since that time, as near as can be estimated, the number is increased to 500 at the present date (1810) of which number 115 were born of the name of Foulke. (For a continuation of the line see Foulke Family, Chapter XVI, and page 235, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd”; also page 142, “Old Richland Families,” by Ellwood Roberts).

Cadwalader Foulke, the third son of Edward Foulke (the first) married Mary, the daughter of ----------- by whom he had twelve children. (For a continuation of this line see page 237, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” by Howard M. Jenkins).

Evan Foulke, the fourth son of Edward Foulke (the first) married (1st) Ellen, the daughter of Edward Roberts, (2d) Ann Coulston, widow. (For a continuation of this line see page 248, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” by Howard M. Jenkins).

bullet The eldest daughter of Edward Foulke (the first) named Gwen, married Alexander Edwards, by whom she had five children, viz: Edward, Alexander, Thomas, Joseph and Jane. (See page 233, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” by Howard M. Jenkins).
bullet The second daughter, named Grace, married John Griffith, of Chester County, by whom she had four children, viz: Griffith, John, Evan and Susanna. (See page 234, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” by Howard M. Jenkins).
bullet The third daughter, Jane, married Ellis Hughes, of Exeter, Bucks County, whose numerous and respectable descendants it is not possible at this distance of time and place to trace through the several branches thereof. (See page 234, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” by Howard M. Jenkins).
bullet The fourth daughter, Catharine, married Theophilus Williams and left four children, viz: John, Benjamin, Mary and Ellenor. (See page 234, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” by Howard M. Jenkins).
bullet The fifth daughter, Margaret, married Nicholas Roberts, of Gwynedd, and left three children, viz: Jane, Ellenor and Elizabeth.

(See page 234, “Historical Collections of Gwynedd,” by Howard M. Jenkins) also a Mss. Genealogy of the Descendants of John William by George Williams, in Collection of Bucks County Historical Society at Doylestown, and of the Historical Society of Montgomery County at Norristown.

[page 122]

Postscript “Agreeable to the common method of computation (following 30 years to each generation, and it is found not to err a single year as far back from the present time as dates have been mentioned), that is for five generations, that the birth of Meredith, the eldest progenitor in the foregoing genealogy, must have happened about the year Anno Domini 1236, and in the reign of Henry III, King of England, and 574 years prior to the present date, 1810. If we calculate upon the European data for increase in population of each succeeding generation doubling the former, there ought to be now existing in different parts of the world 1,048,576 persons, the posterity of the above named Meredity at the present time (1810). This may seem exaggeration, but it is most certain that the increase of Edward Foulke’s posterity since his arrival in America has been tenfold that ration.” EDWARD FOULKE’S BIBLE Ann M. Foulke of Quakertown, Pa. (No. 344 Foulke Family, Chapter XVI), has in her possession the bible [Bible] that formerly belonged to Edward Foulke of Gwynedd. This volume was shown at the Foulke Family Re-union held at Gwynedd in July, 1898. The title page is as follows: Imprinted at London By the Deputies of Christopher Barker Printer to the Queens most excellent Maiestie 1599 Cum Priu I Legio Among the few memoranda of births, deaths, etc., appear the following:

William Greasley I S M Y N A M E and with my P E n i r - g - t the same (William Greasley is my name and with my pen I right the same) {To make the Sternhold and Hopkins had great alms {Heart full When they translated David’s Psalms {glad

{It would But had it been King Davids fate {have made to i v e heard you sing and translate {him mad

Kezia Foulke’s Book Presented by her affectionate mother 22nd of 8th Month, 1841 Formerly the property of my Grandfather Samuel Foulke who inherited from his Grandfather Edward Foulke who left his native country, Wales, 3rd day of 2nd Month 1698. Stephen Foulke 1895

HUGH FOULKE’S BIBLE This volume is now (1921) in possession of Susan H. Foulke (No. 294, Foulke Family, Chapter XVI), daughter of Hugh and Sarah (Roberts) Foulke, of Quakertown, Pa. On the fly leaf appears the following: [page 123] The new Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Newly Translated out of the Original Greek and with the former Translations Diligently compared and revised By his Majesties Special Command Appointed to be read in Churches Oxford Printed by John Baskett, Printer to the University MDCCXXIII

[followed by handwriting] Hugh Foulke His Book anno domi 1730 Hugh Foulke His Hand

The following dates of births, marriages and deaths are written therein. Note the Old Style Calendar (March being the first month prior to 1752), and the single and double small ff’s used in spelling Foulke: signature of Hugh Foulke was born the six day of the seventh month in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 1685 signature of Ann Foulke my wife was born ye 6th day of the 11th mo., in the year of our Lored 1693 signature of Mary Ffoulke daughter of Hugh Foulke and Ann his wife born ye 24th of the 9th mo. 1714 signature of Martha ffoulke was born ye 2nd day of 5th month in the year of our Lord Christ 1716 signature of Samuel Foulke our son was born othe 4th day of the 12th mo. in the year 1718

[page 124] Ellin Foulke was born the 19th day of the First month Anno Domi 1720 John Foulke was born the twenty first day of the 12th mon. in the year 1722 Thomas Foulke our son was born the 14th day of the 1st. mo. called March Anno. 1724 Theophilus Foulke was born the twenty first of the 12th mo: Anno Domi 1726 William Foulke was born the 10th of the twelfth month in the year J. Christ 1728 Edward Foulke was born the nineteenth day of the tenth month Anno Domi. 1729 Ann Foulke our daughter was born the first day of the first month in the year 1732 Jane Foulke our daughter was born the Third day of the first mo: in the year 1734 One Thousand seven hundred thirty four

(Page Two) Children of Theophilus and Margaret (Thomas) Foulke Theophilus Foulke was born on the twenty first day of twelfth month Anno. Domini 1726 Margaret Foulke wife of Theophilus Foulke was born the third day of June Anno Domini 1734 Hugh Foulke son of the above was born the twenty ninth day of August Anno. Domin i 1758 Jane Foulke was born the Twenty Third day of August 1759 Theophilus Foulke our second son born August the Twenty sixth Anno Domini 1761 Benjamin Foulke born the Fourteenth day of February Anno Domini 1763 Sarah Foulke born December the 28th Anno. 1764 Benjamin Foulke born the 16th day of Aug. Anno – 1766 Benjamina Foulke our second daughter of that name was born the 19th day of November Anno. 1768 Margaret Foulke born the first of January Anno 1771 Rachel Foulke and Charles Foulke were born Jan. 24 – 1773 Rachel Foulke the second of that name born Mar. 17, 1775 Charles Foulke the second of that name was born July 15th, 1777.

(Page Three) Hugh Foulke died on the 21st day of May Anno 1760 aged seventy four years eight month and fifteen days Ann Foulke died on the tenth day of September Anno 1773 aged seventy nine years eight month and four days Theophilus Foulke died on the fourth day of November Anno: one Thousand and Seven Hundred and eighty five aged Fifty nine years, eight month and thirteen days Margaret Foulke died on the thirtieth day of March Anno Dom: 1802, aged sixty seven years nine month and nineteen days Benjamin Foulke son of Theos & Margaret above named died February 28th 1821 at Harrisburg while attending his duty in the Legislature as a Representative from his native County aged 54 years 6 Mos and 12 days Sarah Jenkins (Late Sarah Foulke) second daughter before Named died September 15th, 1828: of one of the most Lingering decays ever known; aged 63 years 8 Months and 17 days

(Page Four) Benjamina Foulke our First Daughter of that name Died the ------- day of April Anno 1765 aged two years and two months Charles Foulke Died on the 16th day of March Anno: 1773 Rachel Foulke Died on the 20th day of the same month and aged near two Months each. Charles Foulke our second son of that name Died the 26th Day of March Anno 1781 aged three years, Eight Months and Eleven Days. [page 125] Benjamina Foulke our second Daughter by that name died on the Twenty Ninth Day of April Anno One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Four aged Fifteen years Five Months and ten days. Theophilus Foulke the second son of Theophilus & Margaret Foulke, died the Twenty eighth Day of July Dom: One Thousand seven hundred and Ninety eight, aged Thirty six years eleven months and two days Jane Foulke the eldest daughter of the first before named Theophilus and Margaret Foulke Departed this life March the 16th A D 1816 between the hours of 12 and 1 O’clock in the afternoon aged 56 years 6 Mo. 23 Days. She sometime previous to he decease Verbally bequeathed this Bible to her sister Margaret during her life and after her Decease to descend to her Nephew B. Franklin Foulke

(Page Five) The following evidently were Samuel and Margaret (Morgan) Thomas, and their children:

------- Thomas was born February 17 A D -------- Margaret his wife born August 23 AD 1693 Births and names of their Children are as follows (to wit) Elizabeth March 5th 1714 Catherine December 31st 1715 Samuel October 14th 1717 Thomas March 1st 1719 died Oct. 12th, 1780 aged 61 John February 19th 1720 Edward January 23d. 1722 died Apr 4–1782 aged 60 years Ellin(?) January 19th 1724 died June 6th 1800 aged 76 yr 4M 7d Mary December 10th 1726 h 1728 , the 2d September 8th, 1730 el, the 2d June 19th 1732 Margaret June 3, 1734 iam February 31st 1736 died April 21st, 1815 at his residence in Richland-town, State of Ohio.

The page from which the above was copied was badly torn and faded.

Samuel Foulke the Eldest son of the before mentioned Hugh Foulke & Ann married Ann Greasley 8-m-2, 1743 by whom he had the following Issue. Eleanor born Sept 5th 1744 Died July 6–1833 aged 88 years & 10 months Thomas Ditto June 9th 1746 Israel Ditto September 21 1749 Died Sept. 19th 1754 Judah Ditto April 30 1752 Died June 6–1752 Amelia Ditto July 3 1753 Hannah Ditto Sept 15 1756 Died March–1840 aged 83 years Israel Ditto Feby 4 1760 Died Sept–1824 aged 64 years & 7 months Judah Ditto Jan’y 18 1763 Cadwallader Ditto June 14 1765 Died March 22, 1830 aged 64 years 9 months & 5 days John Ditto Dec. 6, 1767 Died April 6th 1840 aged 72 years 2 months and eleven days

[page 126] yr mo. Samuel Foulke Dec’d Jan’y 21st 1797 aged 78 10 17 Ann Foulke Died May 12th 1797 aged 70 9 Edward Foulke son of Hugh Foulke and Ann his wife of Richland Departed this life the Eighth day of the first month called March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred forty seven years aged: 17 years & nere 3 months and was buried the Tenth of ye same in Richland burying ground. Mary Boon our eldest Daughter departed this life the 20th day of 2d mo. called February new stile in the year of our Lord: A.D. 1756 and was buried: 22d of eye same in the 42: year of her age.

Jane Foulke’s Jun. Book 1802 Margaret Foulke widow of Cadwallader Foulke and daughter of Theophilus & Margaret Foulke died May the 16th. 1845 at 10 o’clock in the evening aged 74 years 4 months & 16 days. John Greasley the Grandfather of the before named Ann Greasley (wife of Samule Foulke) died August 6th. 1709.

[Graphic of a Coat of Arms] Arms of Lloyd of Glanllyn and Gwern Y Brechtwn vert, a chevron between three wolves’ heads erase, argent. Descent of Edward Foulke, Ancestor of the Foulke Family of Gwynedd and Richland, and other Settlers, From the Lloyds of Glanllyn and Gwern Y Brechtwn, Merionethshire North Wales.

With the coat-of-arms borne by Rhirid Flaidd (or Blaidd) which by right Edward Foulke inherited, there seems to have been used two different Mottoes: One Welsh: “Blaidd Rhudd Ar Y Blaen” – “The Red Wolf to the Front” One Latin: “Consequitur quod conque petit” – “He gets What he Seeks”

A re-union on 5th March 30th, 1898, of over five hundred of the descendants of Edward and Eleanor Foulke was held in the Friends’ [page 127] meeting house at Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of their arrival in America. “The site of the original house, on which is located an old and interesting home, west of the railroad and about five hundred feet north of Penllyn Station, was also visited, as well as the burying ground adjoining the meeting house where Edward Foulke is buried.”

A volume prepared by a committee appointed at this re-union, published soon after, gives the ancestry of Edward Foulke slightly different from that given by himself and shows that Rhirid Flaidd (or Rhirid the Wolf) was the son of Georgenen, son of Colwyn ap Moreidig, who was a descendant of the King of Gwynedd, who reigned Anno Domini 330. It is also noted that Sir Gruffyd (Griffith, son of Mtaddock) “became one of the richest and most distinguished men of his race. He led a band of Welshmen to the French wars, was with Edward III, at Crecy, and subsequently commanded a company of free lances, which terrorized the Department of the Seine and Loire in 1357, pillaging all except such as were strongly garrisoned.”

A line of ancestry amplified by the compiler of this work and confirmed by Thomas Allen Glenn, author of “Merion in the Welsh Tract,” is as follows: Edward Foulke, from Wales, settled at Gwynedd 1698 (Son of) Foulke ap* Thomas Thomas ap Robert Robert Lloyd w h o m a r r i e d Mary David Lloyd ap David daughter of Lowry David ap Ievan Vychan daughter of Ellissau Ievan Vychan of ap Gruffyd Llannwchllyn son of Lowry Ievan ap Gruffyd daughter of Owen Gruffyd ap Madoc ap Llewlyn Madog ap Iorwerth son of Eleanor Iowerth of Penllyn daughter of Thomas Lord of Penllyn ap Llewlyn Madog of Rhiwaedog son of Eleanor de Rhirid Flaidd Barr daughter of Eleanor daughter of Edward I. son of Henry III. son of John, King of England, born December 24, 1167, crowned 1199, signed Magna Charta June, 1215, died October 19, 1216 * Ap, used in Welsh pedigrees, meaning son. [page 128]

The following article was published in the early summer of 1918, in the New York Evening Sun and gives an interesting account of the Foulke Family in England, also mention of the different ways of spelling the name: “Sir William ffoulkes of Hillington Hall and Compton Lodge, in Norfolk, whose only son and heir, a lieutenant of the Royal Rifles, has been killed at the front in France, is a near neighbor of King George who indeed rents most of the Hillington shooting from him. The relations between Hillington Hall and Sandringham have always been very close ever since the late King Edward first settled in Norfolk, and the Rev. F. A. ffoulkes, who now becomes next heir to his brother’s baronetcy and entailed estates, is one of the principal chaplains of his sovereign.

“The late Baronet, who also bore the name of Sir William ffoulkes, was for a number of years Mayor of King’s Lynn and as such welcomed Edward VII to King’s Lynn on the occasion of his visiting that ancient town for the first time after his succession to the throne. The King signalized the event by bestowing upon Sir William the star of the Victorian Order, using for the purpose of knighting him, not, as usual, the sword of one of his equerries, but the very self-same sword that had belonged to King John 700 years ago. It had been the most highly prized possession of the municipality of King’s Lynn ever since it was presented to the Mayor of the town by King John, whose principal title to fame is that he granted to the English Barons ‘Magna Charta’ in June, 1215, which may be regarded as the foundation of the constitution and of the civic rights and liberties of the English.

“The ffoulkes are a very old family of East Anglia, who first came to the fore in the reign of Henry V. Sir William ffoulkes was a dignitary of the Court of Henry VI and Martin ffoulkes was Attorney-General to Queen Catharine of Braganza, consort of Charles II.

“With regard to the peculiar spelling of the name, it is due to the fact that in olden times it was found more easy to substitute two small f’s for a single capital letter, and there are a number of old families whose name begins with an “f” that continue to spell their names in this fashion.”

[END] David Wallace Tourison, Sheridan Wyoming, 27 MAR 2002








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