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The following is a retype from EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925, Reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore MD 1975. Comments in ( ) are note inclusions from the publisher/writer; Comments in [ ] are from me personally:

[359] XXIX

1. ELLIS LEWIS, one of the early purchasers of land in Richland, probably a native of Wales, was an early settler in Upper Dublin Township, Philadelphia County, and was a member of Horsham Monthly Meeting from its organization, taking an active part in the proceedings of that meeting, serving as an Overseer and Trustee for many years. He died in Upper Dublin 9 mo., 1753. His will, dated 7 mo. 22, 1753, was probated in Philadelphia. He purchased of the Proprietaries a tract of 350 acres in Richland adjoining the Joseph Gilbert tract about two miles north of Quakertown. It was confirmed to him by patent 12 mo. (February) 12, 1737. By deed dated July 18, 1747, he conveyed the tract to his son, Lewis Lewis, who was already living thereon. In 1753 he conveyed to his second son, Ellis Lewis, a tract of 117 acres in Southampton Township, Bucks County, which he had purchased of Robert Heaton in 1711. By his will he devised the homestead in Upper Dublin to his son Ellis and the latter, who had married Mary Tyson in 1729, resided thereon until his death in 1783, leaving two sons, John and Amos, and two daughters, Mary, wife of Ezekiel Cleaver, and Ann, wife of John Saunders. Seven other children died in their minority. Ellis Lewis (Sr.’s) wife’s name was Ann. Children of Ellis and Ann (------) Lewis:

  1. Margaret, m. James Green (See No. 1, Chapter XVII)
  2. Lewis, b. –1706; d. 2-16–1778; m. Ann Lord
  3. Ellis, Jr., b. 9-26–1708; d. –1783; m. Mary Tyson
  4. Jane
  5. Elizabeth

3. LEWIS LEWIS (Ellis1), son of Ellis and Ann Lewis, born in 1706, was reared in Upper Dublin Township, where he was living at the time fo his marriage in Abington Monthly Meeting, 2 mo. 19, 1728, to Ann Lord. He probably took up his residence in Richland immediately following his marriage. He was at least living on his father’s plantation of 350 acres in Richland Township when it was conveyed to him by his father in 1747. The plantation was located north of the Joseph Gilbert Tract and between that and the Thomas Tract in North Richland. It was intersected at the northwest corner by the road to Durham. Lewis Lewis died 2 mo. 16, 1778, and his wife Ann Lord, born in 1708, died 11 mo. 6, 1785. [Page 360] Children of Lewis and Ann (Lord) Lewis:

  1. Elizabeth, b. 11-5--1729; d. 10-7--1801; m. John Thomas (See No. 6, Chapter XLV)
  2. Hannah, b. –1730; m. Joseph Dennis (See No. 4, Chapter XIII)
  3. Ellis, b. 3-1--1732; d. 12-7--1732
  4. Ellis, b. 5-20–1734; d. 2 –1814; m. Margaret ------
  5. Lewis, Jr., b. 5-30–1736; d. 5-9--1738
  6. Ann, Jr., b. 8-11–1738; m. William Blackledge (See No. 3, Chapter IX)
  7. Margaret, b. 12-11–1741; m. James Walton (See No. 20, Chapter XLVII)
  8. Lewis, Jr., b. 9-13–1744; d. 1-15–1778; m. Mary Burson
  9. Joseph, b. 9-3--1746; d. 5 –1753
  10. Jane, b. 11-29–1748; m. Evi Adama
  11. Mary, b. 12-20–1750; d. 5 –1759
  12. Martha, b. 3-21–1754; m. Isaac Walton (See No. 15, Chapter XLVII)

10. ELLIS LEWIS (Ellis1, Lewis2), son of Lewis and Ann (Lord) Lewis, was born in Richland, 5 mo. 20, 1734. At the decease of Lewis Lewis, his plantation in Richland was partitioned amont the several children, and Ellis as eldest was allotted as his double share 120 acres with buildings thereon. He lived thereon until his death in 2 mo., 1814. He married Margaret -----, but left no children. His will, dated 10 mo. 26, 1801, devised to his wife Margaret all his personal estate, and the use of his real estate for life. The plantation was devised (at the wife’s death) to his nephew Lewis Lewis’s son Ellis Lewis, and in case he died under age, it was to be sold by William and Evan Green, and the proceeds to go to the Trustees of Richland Monthly Meeting, to be invested, and the interest applied to the support of a school “at the School House in Richland near Benjamin Green’s, on the lot which Thomas Thomas gave for use of a school.” Margaret Lewis, the widow, died in Rockhill, 9 mo. 6, 1828.

14. LEWIS LEWIS, Jr., (Ellis1, Lewis2), son of Lewis and Ann (Lord) Lewis, was born in Richland, 9 mo. 13, 1744, and died there 1 mo. 12, 1769, Mary Burson, daughter of James and Sarah (Price) Burson. (See No. 15, Chapter X) She married, second, Edward Roberts, son of John and Martha (Roberts) Roberts. (See No. 10, Chapter XLI) She was born in Springfield Township, 12 mo. 4, 1752. Children of Lewis and Mary (Burson) Lewis:

  1. Sarah, b. 7-27–1770; d. 5-11–1771
  2. James, b. 3-30–1772; d. 1-11–1776
  3. Lewis, 3rd, b. 1-10–1774; d. 9-10–1861; m. first, Abigail Roberts; second, Phebe Davis
  4. Joseph, b. 10-9--1775; d. 12-8--1826; m. Isabella ------
  5. Jane, b. 11-7--1777; d. in infancy

[Page 361]

21. LEWIS LEWIS, 3rd (Ellis1, Lewis2, Lewis, Jr.3), son of Lewis and Mary (Burson) Lewis, was born in Richland, 1 mo. 10, 1774. He and his brother Joseph, as the only surviving children of their father, were allotted a portion of their grandfather’s plantation in Richland, and purchased other parts thereof of their uncles and aunts, but eventually sold the whole thereof and removed to the neighborhood of Doylestown. Lewis purchase in 1799 a farm of 97 acres and 122 perches in Warwick Township, the greater part of which is now included in the borough of Doylestown. He sold this farm in 1802, and removed to Bristol, where he died 9 mo. 10, 1861. He married, 3 mo. 26, 1795, Abigail Roberts (See No. 42, Chapter XLI), and second Phebe Davis, daughter of William Davis of Bristol, who died 9 mo. 1, 1837. The only child by his first wife of whom we have any knowledge was Ellis Lewis, the legatee mentioned in the will of Ellis Lewis (No. 10). Children of Lewis and Phebe (Davis) Lewis:

  1. Theodore
  2. Harriet; m. William A. Stewart
  3. Mary; d. unmarried
  4. Jane; m. Vincent Goodman

22. JOSEPH LEWIS (Ellis1, Lewis2, Lewis, Jr.3), son of Lewis and Mary (Burson) Lewis, born in Richland, 10 mo. 9, 1775, died in Springfield Township, Bucks County, 12 mo. 8, 1826. He joined with his brother Lewis in conveyances of the estate inherited from his grandfather, Lewis Lewis, Sr., at different dates down to 1799. At about that date he purchased a farm of 55 acres in Richland of Israel Shaw, which he sold in 1805 and removed to Springfield. He was a cabinetmaker and married Isabella ---------, who survived him. We know nothing of his children or other descendants.

[END] David Wallace Tourison, Sheridan, Wyoming, 18 FEB 2002








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