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The following is a retype from EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925, Reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore MD 1975. Comments in ( ) are note inclusions from the publisher/writer; Comments in [ ] are from me personally:

Chapter XXXII

Beginning on Page 370

1. ROBERT MILLER, who settled in Richland Township about 1760, according to the family tradition, was born in the north of Ireland about 1736, and came to Pennsylvania at an early age accompanied by a sister Sarah Miller. They were redemptioners and served a short time, presumably in Bucks County, to pay for their passage. Sarah married later but to whom and at what time is unknown Robert Miller purchased, by deed dated 5 mo. 28, 1761, a farm of 88 acres in Richland on which he resided until 4 mo. 26. 1783, when, his wife having died, he sold his farm and went to Virginia, with the intention of settling there, but died before entirely closing out his affairs in Bucks County. Letters of administration were granted on his estate in Bucks County 5 mo. 8, 1787, as “Robert Miller late of the state of Virginia, deceased” to his eldest son James Miller of Chester County, Pa., who produced to the Register of Wills a certificate signed by his maternal grandmother Mary Shaw setting forth that he was the eldest son of the decedent. The inventory of his estate shows that the estate consisted chiefly of the bonds of Adam Scheetz, to whom he had sold his farm, sixty-eight pounds cash remaining in the hands of his son Samuel Miller and some small accounts against Joseph Burr, Edward Thomas, Abraham Ball, Samuel Shaw, Jr., and other residents of Richland and Milford Township. The account of the administration showed a net balance of two hundred and thirty-nine pounds. He as a member of the Associated Company of Richland Township in 1775 and probably saw active service in the field during the Revolutionary War. He married prior to 1760 Mary Shaw, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Nixon) Shaw, of Richland. She was born 5 mo 30, 1740, and died 11 mo. 14, 1779. (See No. 3, Chapter XLIII). Robert Miller was not a member of the Society of Friends and his wife was disowned by Richland Monthly Meeting for marriage to one not a member. Several of the family later united with the Society.

Tradition in the family relates that there was, in addition to children listed, a son, Robert Miller, Jr., but he is not mentioned in the distribution of the legacies bequeathed to the children of Robert and Mary (Shaw) Miller by the will of their grandfather, Samuel Shaw.
[page 371]

Children of Robert and Mary (Shaw) Miller:

  1. James, b. about 1760; m. Mary Phillips
  2. Mary, m. Nathan Walton (See No. 26, Chapter XLVII)
  3. Samuel, b. –1763; d. 12-29–1839; m. Jane Jamison
  4. Abigail, rem. to Va.; m. there, ---- Joal; later rem. to Ky.
  5. Ann, rem. with her sister to Va., and is said to have been m. but to whom is unknown
  6. Jane, b. about 1772; m. Jacob Hormell
  7. Levi, b. 6-20–1774; d. 8 –1838; m. first, Deborah Morris; second, Anna Hole
  8. Hannah, d. –1821; m. Thomas Ball (See No. 24, Chapter VIII)

2. JAMES MILLER2 (Robert1), son of Robert and Mary (Shaw) Miller, was born in Richland Township at least as early as 1760, and possibly two years earlier. He was a member of the Associated Company of Richland Township, enrolled in October, 1775, and could hardly have been less than seventeen years of age at that date. He removed at an early age to Chester County, Pa., and married there Mary Phillips, daughter of Joseph and Mercy Phillips. (See No. 35a, Chapter XXXVIII). They removed about 1790 to Washington County, Pa., and later to Columbiana County, Ohio. He was administrator of his father’s estate in 1787. Children of James and Mary (Phillips) Miller:

  1. David, m. Sarah Morris
  2. John, rem. to Columbiana Co., O., and later to Highland Co., O.; m. but name of wife and children unknown
  3. Tacy, m. ----------- Newman in Washington Co., Pa.; rem. to Columbiana Co., O., later to Jefferson Co., O.; one son, Washington
  4. Eli, rem. to Columbiana Co., O.; m. there and rem. to Highland Co., O. No further record
  5. Robert, m. Nancy Shaw
  6. William, rem. with parents to Columbiana Co., O.; m. and left descendants. No further record
  7. Ephraim, rem. to Va.; m. there and rem. to Highland Co., O.
  8. Joel, rem. with parents to O., and later enlisted in a military expedition down the Mississippi River, and was never heard of after.

4. SAMUEL MILLER2 (Robert1), son of Robert and Mary (Shaw) Miller, born in Richland Township, Bucks County, Pa., about 1763, died in Milford Township 12 mo. 39, 1839. He is buried in the Burial Ground of Richland Monthly Meeting of Friends at Quakertown. He married Jane Jamison, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Bean) Jamison of Richland, Bucks County, Pa., granddaughter of John and Alice (Edwards) [page 372] Jamison of Milford Township, Bucks County, Pa. (See No. 11, Chapter XXIII). Children of Samuel and Jane (Jamison) Miller

  1. William, b. 8-25–1791; d. 2-1--1856; m. Margaret Wilson
  2. Mary, b. 4-9--1794; d. 10-23–1836; m. Jonathan Shaw (See No. 25, Chapter XLIII)
  3. Sarah, unm.

7. JANE MILLER2 (Robert1), daughter of Robert and Mary (Shaw) Miller, was born in Richland Township, Bucks County, about 1772. She removed to Washington County, Pa., with her sister Mary Walton in 1796. She married there in 1797 Jacob Hormell. He was several years her senior and had resided for some years in Washington County, having served in a militia company from that county during the Revolution. The log cabin built by him previous to his marriage and in which the family resided is still standing. He died in 1827. Jane survived him but the date of her death is unknown. Their graves at Westland Monthly Meeting are unmarked. Children of Samuel and Jane (Jamison) Hormell:

  1. John, b. 5-6--1801; d. 4-5--1882; m. first, Mary Goslin; second, Susan Williams
  2. William, b. –1805; d. –1827
  3. Nancy, m. Samuel Smith
  4. Prudence, m. William Shaw (See No. 52i, Chapter XLIII)
  5. Catharine, m. Edward Gardner

8. LEVI MILLER2 (Robert1), son of Robert and Mary (Shaw) Miller, born in Richland Township, 6 mo. 20, 1774, died in Columbiana County, O., 8 mo. 1838. After the death of his father, he joined his brother James in Chester County and resided there until the spring of 1799, when he removed with his family to Fayette County, Pa., and in 1805 removed to Greene County and in 1808 to Washington County. In the autumn of 1810 he removed to Columbiana County, O., where he died. He was admitted as a member to Westland Monthly Meeting of Friends in 1808, and after his removal to Ohio became and elder of New Garden Meeting, in Columbiana County, O. He married in 1798 Deborah Morris, eldest daughter of Isaac and Hannah (Perkins) Morris, granddaughter of Jonathan and Mary (West) Morris, of Chester County, where she was born 8 mo. 9, 1777. She died in Ohio in the winter of 1816. Levi Miller married, second, at Carmel Meeting in Ohio 6 mo. 28, 1819, Anna Hole. She was born 11 mo. 5, 1777, and died in 1855.
[page 373] Children of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller:

  1. Morris, b. 7-27–1799; m. Ann Votaw
  2. Robert, b. 10-8--1800; m. first, Catharine Hole; second, Susannah K. Holland; third, Mary Hall
  3. Isaac, b. 3-24–1802; d. –1860; m. Martha Pennington
  4. Hannah, b. 9-28–1805; m. Jacob Reeder
  5. Mary, b. 2-23–1807; d. 11-12–1864; m. Moses Votaw*
  6. Levi, b. 11-6--1808; m. Maria Pennington
  7. Sarah, b. 1-15–1811; m. Dr. John P. Crewell
  8. Samuel, b. 9-5--1812; m. Charity Pennington
  9. Rebecca, b. 10-9--1814; m. Joshua Jones
  10. Deborah, b. 10-22–1816; m. Simeon Fawcette

* Moses Votaw is probably of the same family of Isaac Votaw, who became a member of Buckingham Meeting and who married Ann Smith of Plumstead in 1768. He took a certificate of removal to Fairfax County, Virginia.

10. DAVID MILLER3 (Robert1, James2), son of James and Mary (Phillips) Miller, born in Chester County, Pa., removed with his parents to Washington County, Pa., in 1790, and married there, about 1805, Sarah Morris, daughter of Isaac and Hannah (Perkins) Morris, and sister to the wife of his uncle Levi Miller. She was born 8 mo. 1, 1779. They removed to Columbiana County, Ohio, in 1816, and settled near his uncle Levi. Children of David and Sarah (Morris) Miller:

  1. Isaac, b. 10-26–1806; d. 12-3--1858; m. Martha Shaw
  2. Mary, b. 3-23–1808; m. -------- Cooper
  3. James, b. –1810; m. Deborah Taylor
  4. Hannah, b. 10-22–1811; m. Benjamin Harris
  5. David, Jr., b. 7-2--1813; m. Mary Fulkes
  6. Eli, b. 12-18–1814; m. Sarah Moore
  7. Jonathan, b. 9-23–1817; m. 1839 Eliza J. Stemington
  8. Mordecai, b. 1-25–1821; m. Mary Halderman

14. ROBERT MILLER3 (Robert1, James2), son of James and Mary (Phillips) Miller, born in Chester County, Pa., removed with his parents to Washington County when a child. He was a soldier in the War of 1812; saw active service; was wounded and carried a bullet in his head to the day of his death. He removed to Columbiana County, Ohio, and married there Nancy Shaw, daughter of Samuel and Susanna (Skelton) Shaw, and granddaughter of Joseph and Rachel (Griffith) Shaw, of Richland.
(See No. 52k, Chapter XLIII). Children of Robert and Nancy (Shaw) Miller:

  1. William, m. had children
  2. Samuel, m. ------ Cope
  3. Susanna, m. Charles Belat
  4. Matilda, m. Joshua Amon
  5. Mary Ann, unm.
  6. Eliza, unm.
    [page 374]

18. WILLIAM MILLER3 (Robert1, Samuel2), son of Samuel and Jane (Jamison) Miller, born in Milford Township, Bucks County, Pa., 8 mo. 25, 1791, resided in that vicinity all his life, dying there 2 mo. 1, 1856. He was a chairmaker. He married Margaret Wilson. She died 8 mo. 3, 1859. Children of William and Margaret (Wilson) Miller:

  1. Samuel, b. 1-28–1826; d. 3-13–1879; m. Mary Carver
  2. Franklin, b. 6-15–1830; 1-6--1832

21. JOHN HORMELL3 (Robert1, Jane2), son of Jacob and Jane (Miller) Hormell, was born near Brownsville, Washington County, Pa., 5 mo. 6, 1801, died there 4 mo. 5, 1882. He married, first, in 1822, Mary Goslin. She died 5 mo. 13, 1843, and he married, second, Susan Williams, born 1808, and died 1886. Children of John and Mary (Goslin) Hormell:

  1. Sarah Jane, b. 2-28–1823; d. 6-7--1904
  2. Jacon, b. 12-19–1826; d. 1-29–1870; m. 8-25–1847, Minerva Lilley, b. 12- 25–1828; d. 4-6--1880
  3. William, b. 3-9--1827; m. Elizabeth Mason
  4. Martha Jane, b. 3-29–1828; d. 2-14–1901; m. John Brown, d. 1-14–1868
  5. John, b. 8-20–1829; d. 11-30–1898; m. Addie White, d. 3-11–1911
  6. Mary Malinda, b. 4-10–1831; d. 1-19–1914; m. V. P. Brock
  7. Nelson G., b. 9-13–1832; d. 11-9--1900; m. 9-15–1853, Ruth Baker, b. 3- 20–1839; d. 2-9--1889
  8. Nathan P., b. 4-10–1831; d. 3-15–1900; m. Elizabeth Claghorn
  9. Catharine, b. 12-17–1835; d. 3-16–1919; m. Peter F. Wolfe
  10. Robert, b. 10-25–1837; d. 8-24–1910; m. 5-15–1867, Victoria Cleaver, b. 1-27–1849; d. 10-28–1880
  11. Alfred, b. 4-1--1840; d. 9-30–1844 64 Henry Harrison, b. 10-6--1841; d. 11-27–1916; m. 11-27–1862, Minerva Smith

23. NANCY HORMELL3 (Robert1, Jane2), daughter of Robert and Jane (Miller) Hormell, born in Washington County, Pa., about 1807, married Samuel Smith, and about 1850 they removed to Indiana with their family. Children of Samuel and Nancy (Hormell) Smith:

  1. Reason
  2. James
  3. William
  4. John
    [page 375]

25. CATHARINE HORMELL3 (Robert1, Jane2), daughter of Robert and Jane (Miller) Hormell, born in Washington County, Pa., married there Edward Gardner, and they removed to Kentucky. Children of Edward and Catharine (Hormell) Gardner:

  1. William
  2. Jackson

26. MORRIS MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), son of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Fayette County, Pa., 7 mo. 27, 1799, removed with his parents to Columbiana County, Ohio, in 1810. He married at New Garden Meeting, 10 mo. 30, 1823, Ann Votaw, daughter of Moses and Mary Votaw. He compiled some years ago a little book on the history of the Miller and Morris Families from which much of the information in reference to the Miller family here given was obtained. It contained few dates, however. Their only children of whom we have any record are:

  1. Sarah Ann, m. Willis N. Morris
  2. Oliver

27. ROBERT MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), son of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Fayette County, Pa., 10 mo. 8, 1800, removed with his parents to Columbiana County, Ohio, in 1810. He married at New Garden Meeting, in 1823, Catharine Hole, daughter of David and Anna Hole, and a niece of his stepmother. She died in childbirth and he married, second, Susannah K. Holland. She died in 1865, and he married, third, Mary Hall, a widow with three children. The only surviving child was by his second wife:

73 Samuel Holland 28. ISAAC MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), son of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Fayette County, Pa., 3 mo. 24, 1802, married at New Garden Meeting in Ohio 5 mo. 25, 1830, Martha Pennington. They removed to Clinton County, Ohio, where Isaac died in 1860. He was a stock buyer and drover. Children of Isaac and Martha (Pennington) Miller:

  1. Mary Jane, M. Taylor Lanstaff
  2. Zadoc
  3. Deborah
  4. Ann, m. ------- Parker
  5. Wilma
  6. Isaac Newton

29. HANNAH MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), daughter of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Greene County, Pa., 9 mo. 28, 1805, removed with her parents to Columbiana County, Ohio, at the age of five years. She married in 1828 Jacob Reeder, and in 1852 they removed [page 376] To Salem, Henry County, Iowa, where the remainder of their lives was spent. Children of Jacob and Hannah (Miller) Reeder:

  1. Priscilla, m. ------ Taylor
  2. Mordecai W. C., m. Melissa Crewell
  3. Abigail, m. William Bond, who was killed in action during the Civil War
  4. Levi
  5. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Champnoi
  6. Deborah
  7. Rebecca, m. Webster Manning

30. MARY MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), daughter of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Greene County, Pa., 2 mo. 23, 1867, died 11 mo. 12, 1864. She married, at New Garden Meeting of Friends in Ohio in 1831, Moses Votaw. Children of Moses and Mary (Miller) Votaw:

  1. Joseph
  2. Levi Miller
  3. Robert
  4. Rebecca, m. Henry Thomas
  5. Morris, d. in the U. S. Army
  6. Ellmore

31. LEVI MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), son of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Greene County, Pa., 11 mo. 6, 1808, died in Clinton County, Ohio. He married at New Garden Meeting in Ohio, 3 mo. 3, 1831, Maria Pennington. They removed first to Columbiana and later to Clinton County, Ohio. Children of Levi and Maria (Pennington) Miller:

  1. William
  2. Mary Ann, m. Taylor Lanstaff
  3. A son who died in the army

32. SARAH MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), daughter of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Columbiana County, Ohio, 1 mo. 15, 1811, married at Sandy Spring, Meeting of Friends in that county, 9 mo. 24, 1834, Dr. John P. Crewell, son of Timothy Crewell, Sr. He practiced medicine for a time in Ohio, then removed to Oskaloosa, Iowa. They had besides several children who died young, the following children:

  1. Caroline
  2. Alice
  3. Charles; m. first, --------; second, Rhoda Penrose
  4. Eliza, m. ----------- Johnson
  5. Ella

33. SAMUEL MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), son of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Columbiana County, Ohio, 9 mo. 5, 1812, removed to Clinton County, Ohio, about 1850, and kept a Friends Hotel there. He married, at New Garden Monthly Meeting 9 mo. 30, 1834 [page 377] Charity Pennington, sister of Martha and Maria Pennington, who married his brothers Isaac and Levi, Jr. Nothing is known of the children of this couple.

34. REBECCA MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), daughter of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Columbiana County, Ohio, 10 mo. 9, 1814, married at Sandy Spring Meeting of Friends 12 mo. 20, 1835, Joshua Jones, son of Catlett and Sarah (Crew) Jones. Their children who lived to mature years were:

  1. Sarah, m. ---------- Hoge
  2. Elwood, m. Elizabeth Crew
  3. Deborah, m. ---------- Bundy
  4. Emily
  5. William
  6. Levi Miller
  7. Elizabeth, m. William Purviance
  8. Hannah
  9. Byron

35. DEBORAH MILLER3 (Robert1, Levi2), daughter of Levi and Deborah (Morris) Miller, born in Columbiana County, Ohio, 10 mo. 22, 1816, married at Sandy Spring Meeting of Friends 10 mo. 30, 1839, Simeon Fawcette, son of William. They removed to Kansas City, Mo. Children of Simeon and Deborah (Miller) Fawcette:

  1. Lucinda, m. William Grove
  2. Abigail, m. Oliver Binford
  3. Elizabeth, m. Julius Rash
  4. Anna
  5. Edwin
  6. Elvira, m. Gelan Jones
  7. Simeon, Jr.
  8. Deborah, Jr.
  9. Walter

36. ISAAC MILLER4 (Robert1, James2, David3), son of David and Sarah (Morris) Miller, born in Washington County, Pa., 10 mo. 26, 1806, removed with his parents in Columbiana County, Ohio, at the age of ten years, and died there 12 mo. 3, 1858. He married, 9 mo. 26, 1833, Martha Shaw, daughter of George and Alice (Richards) Shaw. She was born in Bucks County, Pa., 10 mo. 11, 1807, and died in Columbiana County, Ohio, 5 mo. 20, 1895. (See No. 52d, Chapter XLIII)

50. SAMUEL MILLER4 (Robert1, Samuel2, William3), only surviving child of William and Margaret (Wilson) Miller, born at Quakertown 1 mo. 28, 1826, died there 3 mo. 13, 1879. He married, 10 mo. 10, 1850, Mary Carver, born 3 mo. 31, 1825, died 2 mo. 8, 1898. Children of Samuel and Mary (Carver) Miller:

  1. Franklin, b. 8-1--1852; d. 2-20–1922; unm.
  2. William Elwood, b. 10-16–1857; d. 7-26–1865
  3. Caroline, b. 1-26–1861; unm.

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