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The following is a retype from EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925, Reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore MD 1975. Comments in ( ) are note inclusions from the publisher/writer; Comments in [ ] are from me personally:

Chapter XXXIV
Beginning on Page 381

1. MORGAN MORGAN, supposed to be a brother of John Morgan, a sketch of whom and of some of his descendants has been previously given, came from Wales about 1698 with other members of the family. He married 1718 Dorothy ---------, not a member of Friends Meeting, and was disowned thereafter. He settled in what later became Whitpain Township, then known as the “Adjacents of Gwynedd,” where he died in 4 mo., 1718. [This cannot be correct] His will, dated 1 mo. 3, 1727–28, mentions his wife Dorothy, sons Edward and James, and brothers Joseph, William and John. Children of Morgan and Dorothy (--------) Morgan:

  1. Edward, b. about 1719; m. Margaret Rittenhouse
  2. James

2. EDWARD MORGAN2 (Morgan1), son of Morgan and Dorothy Morgan, born near Gwynedd in 1719, married Margaret Rittenhouse, daughter of Matthias Rittenhouse, and a sister of David Rittenhouse, the famous astronomer, and settled in Montgomery Township. They had so far as is known but one child, Morgan Morgan.

4. MORGAN MORGAN,3 (Morgan1, Edward2), son of Edward and Margaret (Rittenhouse) Morgan, born in Montgomery Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 5 mo. 3, 1749, was a blacksmith in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pa., and died there 2 mo. 29, 1832. He married, at Gwynedd Meeting House 4 mo. 21, 1774, Ann Roberts, of Whitpain, born 12 mo. 14, 1748, and died 10 mo. 14, 1808. Children of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan:

  1. Benjamin, b. 7-6--1775; d. 9-2--1855; m. Tacy Stroud
  2. Elizabeth, b. 12-6--1776; d. at an advanced age; unm.
  3. Sarah, b. 7-10–1779; d. 2-22–1861; m. Issachar Kenderdine
  4. Morgan, Jr., b. 5-21–1782; d. 8-9--1850; m. Ann Custard
  5. Ann, b. 12-14–1784; d. 4-4--1863; m. John Ambler
  6. David, b. 7-6--1786; d. 1-7--1865; m. Sarah Kenderline
  7. Mary, b. 12-17–1788; d. 7 –1847; unm., bur. at Gwynedd

5. BENJAMIN MORGAN4 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3), son of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 7 mo. 6, 1775, died 9 mo. 2, 1855. He married, [page 382] 5 mo. 13, 1800, at Gwynedd Meeting, Tacy Stroud, daughter of Edward and Hannah Stroud of Whitemarsh. Children of Benjamin and Tacy (Stroud) Morgan:

  1. Edward S., b. 3-1--1801; d. 8-10–1827; unm.
  2. Hannah, b. 3-16–1804; d. 7-10-1805
  3. May M., b. 7-15–1807; d. 2-26–1872; m. 3-12–1833, Charles Evans, a coal merchant of Phila.
  4. John Rittenhouse, b. 4-5--1809; d. Knox Co., Ill., 7-30–1887; m. first, Rachel E. Bicknell; second, Susanna Bicknell
  5. Benjamin, Jr., b. 11-6--1811; d. 6-9--1896; m. Ann Conard
  6. Charles, b. 10-31–1814; rem. to Wilkes Barre, in 1839; d. there; m. Ellen Hann
  7. Tacy S., b. 9-22–1819; d. 2-15–1844; m. John Watts Hampton of Phila.

7. SARAH MORGAN4 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3), daughter of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born 7 mo. 10, 1779, died 2 mo. 22, 1861. She married, 12 mo. 11, 1804, Issachar Kenderdine, of Horsham, born 10 mo. 13, 1780, died 8 mo. 15, 1848. He was a son of John and Hannah Kenderdine. Children of Issachar and Sarah (Morgan) Kenderdine:

  1. Chalkey, b. 9-15–1805; d. 2-23–1885; m. Ann Jarrett, and lived at Horsham
  2. Morgan, b. 8-27–1807; m. Mary Arnold, rem. to Ohio in 1845
  3. Issachar, Jr., b. 7-27–1809; d. 11-10–1874; m. first, Priscilla Shoemaker; second, Anna Sharp
  4. Ann Morgan, b. 11-16–1811; d. 10-9--1886; m. John Bright, lived in Norristown
  5. Hannah, b. 11-6--1813; d. 3-28–1881; m. Jonathan Shoemaker
  6. Elizabeth M., b. 7-8--1816; d. –1892; m. Jonathan Palmer
  7. Jane, b. 8-1--1819; d. 8-2--1895; unm., bur. at Horsham

8. MORGAN MORGAN, Jr.4 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3), son of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born 5 mo. 21, 1782, was a blacksmith and had his shopt (still standing) opposite the Friends Meeting House at Gwynedd. He built a substantial stone house at the “forks of the road” just back of the Meeting House which has a date stone in the gable end marked

      M    M

and lived there until his death on 8 mo. 9, 1850. He married, 11 mo. 15, 1810, Ann Custard, daughter of Joseph and Amelia (Foulke) Custard, of Richland. She was born 8 mo. 14, 1787, and died 4 mo. 1, 1877. (See No. 8, Chapter XII). [page 383] Children of Morgan and Ann (Custard) Morgan:

  1. Amelia, b. 8-5--1811; d. 12-10–1811
  2. Joseph C., b. 10-8--1812; d. 2-27–1888; m. first, Theresa Wint; second, Betty Blaine
  3. Amelia Ann, b. 5-10–1815; d. 6-15–1855; m. David T. Kenderdine
  4. Antrim F., b. 8-31–1818; d. 12-24–1897; m. Martha Harris
  5. George, b. 2-17–1821; d. 2-3--1839
  6. Elizabeth, b. 6-19–1823; d. 10-8--1909; m. Nathaniel F. Kinsey (See No. 12, Chapter XXV)
  7. Hannah, b. 12-27–1828; d. 9-23–1908; m. William Shaw (See No. 59, Chapter XLIII)

9. ANN MORGAN4 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3), daughter of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born in Montgomery Township, 12 mo. 14, 1784, died 4 mo. 4, 1863. She married, 12 mo. 8, 1807, John Ambler of Montgomery Township, son of John and grandson of Joseph Ambler of the same place. He was born 4 mo. 8, 1783, and died 4 mo. 9, 1859. They lived on a farm near Lansdale. Children of John and Ann (Morgan) Ambler:

  1. Thomas, b. 8-28–1808; d. 11-11–1879; m. Eliza Ann Muer, lived in Phila.
  2. Chalkey, b. 9-3--1810; m. first, Rebecca Derr; second, Catharine Evans, lived in Phila.
  3. Benjamin, b. 11-14–1812; m. Mary Fitzgerald
  4. Joseph, b. 1-29–1815; m. Elizabeth Craft, lived in Ambler
  5. John, b. 9-24–1817; d. 6-1--1873; m. Harriet Beans, lived at Belfry, Pa.
  6. David, b. 9-24–1817; d. 5-18–1885; m. first, Mary McKenney; seond, Beulah L. Buckner
  7. Septimus, b. 2-10–1820; d. 10-8--1883; m. Sallie Cooper, both bur. at Gwynedd
  8. Letitia, b. 8-9--1822; d. 4-16–1896, in St. Louis, Mo.; m. first, Thomas Molymeans; second, John W. Owen
  9. Sarah, m. 11-1--1866; Issac Conard (his second wife)

10. DAVID MORGAN4 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3), son of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born 7 mo. 6, 1786, died in Schuylkill County, Pa., 1 mo. 7, 1865. He married, 12 mo. 18, 1807, Sarah Kenderdine, daughter of Benjamin and Margaret (Morgan) Kenderdine. She was born 5 mo. 16, 1789, and died 2 mo. 28, 1862. They lived on the Benjamin Kenderdine farm in Horsham. Children of David and Sarah (Kenderdine) Morgan:

  1. Enoch K., b. 8-26–1808; d. 6-29–1881; m. Ann Spencer
  2. Margaret, b. 10-1--1810; m. in 1830 John Conard; lived in Schuylkill Co., Pa.
  3. David Jr., b. 7-5--1812; d. 11-30–1880; m. Isabel Doughty
  4. Morgan, b. 7-29–1816; d. 4-11–1891; m. Eleanor Davis
  5. Thomas, b. 6-7--1822; d. 8-4--1863; m. in 1851 Mary Ann Riland, rem. to the west
  6. Issachar, b. 12-1--1829; m. Ann Eliza Davis, lived in Warrington, Pa.
  7. Edward, b. –1832; d. 3 –1899; m. Abigail Biddle
    [page 384]

16. BENJAMIN MORGAN, Jr.5 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Benjamin4), son of Benjamin and Tacy (Stroud) Morgan, born in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 11 mo. 6, 1811, married at Horsham Meeting, 11 mo. 17, 1842, Ann Conard, daughter of Jonathan and Ann (Nixon) Conard. She was born 7 mo. 15, 1809, and died 3 mo. 21, 1887. They located in Moreland Township, one mile east of Willow Grove, where he operated a grist mill and flour mill until his death 6 mo. 9, 1896. Children of Benjamin and Ann (Conard) Morgan:

  1. Mary, b. 10-21–1843; d. 10-12–1844
  2. Rebecca Conard, b. 9-28–1845; m. Lieut. Alfred C. Markley of U. S. Army, and accompanied him to frontier outposts
  3. William Foulke, b. 1-14–1849; m. Caroline Hockley Wood
  4. Charles Evans, b. 1-2--1855; d. 9-13–1874

27. JOSEPH C. MORGAN5 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4), son of Morgan and Ann (Custard) Morgan, born at Gwynedd, 10 mo. 8, 1812, was a miller at Chester Springs, Chester County. He died 2 mo. 27, 1888, and was buried at Quakertown. He married, first, 2 mo. 11, 1836, Theresa Wint, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Romig) Wint, of Saucon Valley. She was born 8 mo. 16, 1812, died 7 mo. 1, 1872, and was buried at Quakertown. He married, second, Betty Blaine of Lehman Township, Luzerne County, Pa.

Children of Joseph C. and Theresa (Wint) Morgan:

  1. Morgan, b. 11-19–1836; d. 10-27–1859; unm.
  2. Elizabeth, b. 3-6--1839; d. 3-14–1867; m. Thomas Wright (See No. 220, Chapter XVI)
  3. Ann, b. 5-22–1841; d. 2-8--1852
  4. Mary, b. 3-29–1843; d. 9-3--1860
  5. William W., b. 12-2--1847; d. 1-6--1912; m. Georgiana Soumeillan

28. AMELIA ANN MORGAN5 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4), daughter of Morgan and Ann (Custard) Morgan, born 5 mo. 10, 1815, died 6 mo. 15, 1855. She married 1 mo. 20, 1842, David T. Kenderdine, son of John and Sarah (Thomas) Kenderdine. He was born 3 mo. 5, 1814, and died 1 mo. 6, 1885. Children of David T. and Amelia Ann (Morgan) Kenderdine:

  1. Anna Mary, b. 12-27–1842; m. David Pickle; lived in Wilmington, Del. Had seven children
  2. Hannah M., b. 6-13–1844; m. Richard M. Rawlings (See No. 18, Chapter XXXIX)
  3. William H., b. 5-10–1847; d. 4-4--1865; Lived in North Wales
  4. Emma Jane, b. 4-10–1851; unm., bur. at Gwynedd
  5. Thomas E., b. 6-15–1855; m. Estella Ford, of Horsham, in 1879
    [page 385]

29. ANTRIM F. MORGAN5 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4), son of Morgan and Ann (Custard) Morgan, born in Gwynedd, 8 mo. 31, 1818, removed to Chester Springs where he and his brother Joseph operated a mill until 1857. He then bought the Samuel Roberts farm in Richland and lived thereon until his death on 12 mo. 24, 1897. He was a member of Richland Friends Meeting and a staunch prohibitionist. He married, 12 mo. 31, 1846, Martha Harris of Pikeland, Chester County, Pa., who was born 10 mo. 24, 1825, and died 3 mo. 10, 1898.

Children of Antrim F. and Martha (Harris) Morgan:

  1. Thomas Harris, b. 1-2--1848; d. 3-14–1922; m. Ida Wolf
  2. Hannah, b. 2-18–1849; m. Stephen F. Penrose (See No. 107, Chapter XXXVII)
  3. Catharine H., b. 9-29–1852; d. 4-12–1887; m. Charles Smulling
  4. George C., b. 6-9--1856; m. Inez M. Brooke
  5. Joseph A., b. 4-30–1869; m. first, Anna Long; second, Caroline Bosler

42. ENOCH K. MORGAN5 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, David4), son of David and Sarah (Kenderdine) Morgan, born 8 mo. 26, 1808, died 6 mo. 29, 1881, resided in Horsham Township, Montgomery County, Pa. He married Ann Spencer, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Smith) Spencer. She was born 8 mo. 14, 1807, died 8 mo. 23, 1863, and was buried at Horsham. They had three children of whom we have no record.

47. ISSACHAR MORGAN5 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, David4), son of David and Sarah (Kenderdine) Morgan, born 12 mo. 1, 1829, married, 2 mo. 7, 1853, Ann Eliza Davis, daughter of Edward and ------- (Folwell) Davis. She was born 8 mo. 7, 1830. They lived in Warrington, Bucks County, Pa. Children of Issachar and Ann Eliza (Davis) Morgan:

  1. Edward D., m. Elizabeth Bertha Southwick; children, Lillie, Charles, Ada
  2. Thomas E., m. Fannie E. Hallows: children, Annie, Sadia, Walter, Albert, Margaret, Joseph
  3. Frank, d. young
  4. Sadie D., m. George Brunner, and had one child who d. young
  5. Joseph M., m. Lizzie Stone; no issue

51. WILLIAM FOULKE MORGAN6 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Benjamin4, Benjamin5), son of Benjamin and Ann (Conard) Morgan, of Morgan’s Mills, Moreland Township, Montgomery County, Pa., was born 1 mo. 14, 1849. He still lives on the old homestead. He married, 12 mo. 22, 1874, Caroline Hockley Wood, daughter of John and Sidney K. Wood of Torresdale, Pa. She was born 11 mo. 27, 1851. Children of William F. and Caroline H. (Wood) Morgan:

  1. Clinton F., b. 10-4--1875; m. Emma Wood, dau. of Wilmer Wood
  2. Edward B., b. 4-4--1877; m. Edith Mitchell
    [page 386]

57. WILLIAM WINT MORGAN6 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Joseph C.5), son of Joseph C. and Theresa (Wint) Morgan, born 12 mo. 2, 1847, died 1 mo. 6, 1912. He married, 2 mo. 25, 1867, Georgiana Soumeillan of Philadelphia. She died 7 mo. 1, 1910. Children of William W. and Georgiana (Soumeillan) Morgan:

  1. George H., b. 12-16–1867
  2. Elizabeth K., b. 1-3--1869; d. 6-15–1916
  3. Joseph Spencer, b. 5-15–1870
  4. Ella Theresa, b. 1-25–1872; m. Herman S. Neill; w children
  5. Harriet Ambler, b. 8-23–1873; d. 8-3--1874
  6. William Wint, Jr., b. 11-7--1874

63. THOMAS HARRIS MORGAN6 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F. 5), son of Antrim F. and Martha (Harris) Morgan, born at Chester Springs, Chester County, 1 mo. 2, 1848, removed with his parents to Richland, Bucks County, where he died 3 mo. 14, 1922. He married, 10 mo. 4, 1877, Ida Wolf, daughter of John and Susannah Wolf of Quakertown. Children of Thomas Harris and Ida (Wolf) Morgan:

  1. Elizabeth, b. 4-15–1881; m. James Mulligan
  2. Thomas Harris, Jr., b. 1-4--1884; m. Cora Eckert

65. CATHARINE H. MORGAN6 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5), daughter of Antrim F. and Martha (Harris) Morgan, born at Chester Springs, Chester County, 9 mo. 29, 1852, removed with her parents to Richland at the age of five years, and died there 4 mo. 12, 1887. She married, 3 mo. 6, 1879, Charles Smulling. Children of Charles and Catharine H. (Morgan) Smulling:

  1. Antrim Morgan, b. 6-6--1880; d. 4-14–1904; unm.
  2. Robert Edmund, b. 9-3--1882; m. Mabel Claire Fiero
  3. Hannah Penrose, b. 9-20–1884; unm.

66. GEORGE C. MORGAN6 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5), son of Antrim F. and Martha (Harris) Morgan, born at Chester Springs, Chester County, 6 mo. 9, 1856, came to Richland with his parents when an infant. He married, 3 mo. 25, 1880, Inez M. Brooke. Children of George C. and Inez M. (Brooke) Morgan:

  1. Warren B., b. 2-25–1881; m. Florence Daub
  2. Charlotte, b. 8-22–1882
  3. Elsie, b. 2-6--1884; d. 4 –1885
  4. George R., b. 7-22–1886; m. Jean Elsie Ortlip
  5. John J. J. B., b. 8-23–1888; m. Rosa Davis
  6. Inez, b. 2-8--1891; m. Harold Davis Esterly
  7. Blanche, b. 11-10–1892
  8. Janette, b. 1-11–1894; d. 12 –1894
  9. Catharine, b. 9-1--1898
    [page 387]

67. JOSEPH A. MORGAN6 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5), son of Antrim F. and Martha (Harris) Morgan, born in Richland, 4 mo. 30, 1869, is living in Norristown, Pa. He married, first, 10 mo. 22, 1891, Anna Long. She died 4 mo. 17, 1897, and he married, second, 6 mo. 30, 1903, Caroline Bosler, who died 11 mo. 30, 1915. Child of Joseph A. and Anna (Long) Morgan:

  1. Martha H., b. 4-30–1893; m. John O. Kincaid Children of Joseph A. and Caroline (Bosler) Morgan:
  2. Margaret M., b. 2-28–1904; d. 7-4--1910
  3. Joseph A., Jr., b. 7 –1912; d. 9 –1912

86. THOMAS HARRIS MORGAN, Jr.7 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5, Thomas Harris6), son of Thomas Harris and Ida (Wolf) Morgan, born in Richland, 1 mo. 4, 1884, married Cora Eckert. They are living at Wyoming, Pa. Children of Thomas Harris and Cora (Eckert) Morgan

  1. Ida Alvena, b. 5-23–1907
  2. Laura Beatrice, b. 1-25–1909
  3. Ella May, b. 7-26–1915

88. ROBERT EDMUND SMULLING7 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5, Catharine H.6), son of Charles and Catharine H. (Morgan) Smulling, born 9 mo. 3, 1882, graduated at the Williamson Industrial School, near Philadelphia, and is a pattern maker in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad at its shops in Altoona, Pa. He married 12 mo. 27, 1911, Mabel Clair Fiero. Children of Robert Edmund and Mabel Claire (Fiero) Smulling:

  1. Catherine Frances, b. 11-4--1912
  2. Mary Jane, b. 7-17–1916

90. WARREN B. MORGAN7 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5, George C.6), son of George C. and Inez M. (Brooke) Morgan, born 2 mo. 25, 1881, is a veterinarian and is living in Philadelphia. He married Florence Daub, of Perkasie, Pa. Children of Warren B. and Florence (Daub) Morgan:

  1. Robert H., b. 1-23–1911
  2. Warren Brooke, Jr., b. 4-13–1915

93. GEORGE R. MORGAN7 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5, George C.6), son of George C. and Inez M. (Brooke) Morgan, born 7 mo. 22, 1886, is living in Norristown, Pa. He married Jean Elsie Ortlip. [page 388] Children of George R. and Jean Elsie (Ortlip) Morgan:

  1. John Williard, b. 1-16–1914
  2. Jean Emma, b. 2-28–1916
  3. William George, b. 1-23–1918

94. JOHN J. J. B. MORGAN7 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5, George C.6), son of George C. and Inez M. (Brooke) Morgan, born 8 mo. 23, 1888, married Rosa Davis. Children of John J. J. B. and Rosa (Davis) Morgan:

  1. Burton, b. 1 –1918
  2. James, b. 7 –1919

95. INEZ MORGAN7 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5, George C.6), daughter of George C. and Inez M. (Brooke) Morgan, born 2 mo. 8, 1891, married 11 mo., 1919, Harold Davis Esterly. Child of Harris Davis and Inez (Morgan) Esterly:

  1. Harold Davis, Jr., b. 9-10–1920

99. MARTHA H. MORGAN7 (Morgan1, Edward2, Morgan3, Morgan4, Antrim F.5, Joseph A.6), daughter of Joseph A. and Anna (Long) Morgan, born 4 mo. 30, 1893, married, 9 mo. 7, 1918, John O. Kincaid, and they live in Norristown, Pa. Children of John O. and Martha H. (Morgan) Kincaid:

  1. John O., Jr., b. 8-4--1919
  2. Margaret Ruth, b. 8-18–1920

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