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The following is a retype from EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925, Reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore MD 1975. Comments in ( ) are note inclusions from the publisher/writer; Comments in [ ] are from me personally:

Beginning on Page 416

1. GEORGE PHILLIPS, one of the earliest settlers in Richland, came to Pennsylvania in the Ship Endeavor of London, as a servant of Henry Maddock of Manturch, Cheshire, England, arriving in the Delaware River 1 mo. 23, 1683. After serving his apprenticeship, he married about 1699, Patience Griffith, daughter of Howell Griffith, and sister to Abraham Griffith, with whom he removed to Richland in 1713. (See Griffith Family, No. 1, Chapter XVIII). Their residence from the time of their marriage until 1713 was within the boundaries of Abington and Gwynedd Monthly Meetings. He purchased of Griffith Jones by deed dated June 25, 1712, 300 acres in the Manor of Richland, adjoining land of his brother-in-law Abraham Griffith, and settled thereon. The births of his nine children are recorded at Gwynedd. He purchased another in Richland and later purchased a tract in Milford Township, adjoining land of Thomas Roberts. His last residence in that section was Providence Township, Philadelphia, now Montgomery County, where he purchased a tract of 160 acres, on Skippack Creek. He sold this tract 12 mo. 1, 1736–37, and removed to Abington, where he died 9 mo., 1740. His will dated September 12, 1740, was probated December 29, 1740. It directed that his “dear and loving wife Patience and son Abraham manage his two tenements in Abington Township and reap the profits thereof jointly during the term I had leased them for.” The residue of his estate was devised to his wife for life and what she did not use “she may dispose of to our children in such a manner as she may see convenient.” His son Abraham was named as executor. His personal estate was appraised at £ 135 17s 4d. He sold a part of the tract in Lower Richland, his first purchase, to Abraham Griffith, in 1732, and about the same time sold the remainder thereof to John Foulke. He had also disposed of his other purchase in Richland in 1730. His Milford tract had been conveyed to his son John Phillips, and by reason of a defect in the title or loss of conveyance, it was sold by the sheriff in 1756, and purchased by Joseph Phillips, his grandson, who lived and died thereon. The membership of the family was transferred back to Gwynedd from Abington about 1740, and in 1745 Patience Phillips and her daughter Rebecca took certificates to Abington. Patience Phillips died on 8 mo. 24, 1759. [page 417]

Children of George and Patience (Griffith) Phillips:

  1. Susanna, b. 5-22–1700; no further record
  2. John, b. 9-12–1702; d. about 1762; m. Deborah Britton
  3. Edmund, b. 9-16–1704; d. 10 –1775; m. Elizabeth Davies
  4. George, Jr., b. 10-5--1706; m. Alice Fairman
  5. Diana, b. 5-20–1700; d. 3 –1785; m. Henry Bryan
  6. Abraham, b. 7-19–1714; probably unm. and continued to live with his parents until his death. See abstract of his father’s will given above
  7. Mary, b. 12-1--1717
  8. Rebecca, b. 9-14–1720; was living with her mother in 1745
  9. Lydia, b. 11-17–1722; m. Leonard Thomas

3. JOHN PHILLIPS2 (George1), son of George and Patience (Griffith) Phillips, born in Philadelphia County, 9 mo. 12, 1702, died in Warrington Township, York County, about 1762. He removed with his parents to Richland in 1713. He was married at Chester Monthly Meeting in 1729 to Deborah Britton, daughter of Peter and Mary (Coppock) Britton. She brought her certificate from Chester to Gwynedd 3 mo. 26, 1730, and they took up their residence in Milford Township, on a tract of land purchased by his father. They continued to reside thereon until 1735, when they removed to Buckingham, Bucks County, taking a certificate from Gwynedd dated 6 mo. 28, 1735. They continued to resided in Buckingham until 1742, when they took their certificate back to Gwynedd Meeting and located at Plymouth, becoming members of Plymouth Preparative Meeting under the jurisdiction of Gwynedd. About 1752 they removed to the neighborhood of Chester and soon after that date to Warrington Township, York County, where he died. We have no comlete list of the children of John and Deborah (Britton) Phillips. So far as known they were: 12 George, 3d, m. at Warrington M. M. 1762, Jane Fisher, daughter of James and Alice Fisher of Newberry, York Co., Pa. 13 Nathan (?), witness to will of Edmund Phillips, Warrington Twp., York Co., 1775

4. EDMUND PHILLIPS2 (George1), son of George and Patience (Griffith) Phillips, born in Philadelphia County, 9 mo. 18, 1704, died in Warrington Township, York County, 10 mo., 1775. He removed with his parents to Richland in 1713, and continued to reside there until 1751, when he removed to Goshen Chester County, and from there to Warrington in 1757. He married, at Gwynedd Monthly Meeting 2 mo. 25, 1729, Elizabeth Davies, of Montgomery Township. Children of Edmund and Elizabeth (Davies) Phillips:

  1. Phebe
  2. Mary
  3. Patience
  4. Elizabeth
  5. John [page 418]

5. GEORGE PHILLIPS, Jr.2 (George1), son of George and Patience (Griffith) Phillips, born 10 mo. 5, 1706, removed with his parents to Richland when a child. He was a farmer and acquired in 1740 a plantation in Milford upon which he lived until about 1756, when we lose all trace of him. He probably died at about that date. He purchased of William Baldwin in 1751 a tract of 125 acres in Richland near the Meeting House, which he and his wife Alice conveyed to John Foulke 12 mo. 17, 1754. He married at Christ Church, Philadelphia, 7 mo. 3, 1727, Alice Fairman, who survived him many years, dying in Milford between the years 1806 and 1815. There is some indication that she was a widow when she married George Phillips and was a Walton by birth. She lived for the last forty years of her life in a tenement lot near Trumbauersville, conveyed to her by her son Joseph Phillips in 1776, where she followed the vocation of a tailoress. Her will dated 8 mo. 10, 1806, devised her estate to her daughter Ann Phillips for life then to Samuel Walton, son of her nephew, Moses Walton. Children of George and Alice (Fairman) Phillips:

  1. Joseph, b. about 1730; d. –1791; m. Mercy Walton
  2. David, was a mason in Milford Township
  3. Rebecca, m. Samuel Walton (See No. 24, Chapter XLVII)
  4. George, d. 6 –1800; m. Catharine -------
  5. John, lived in Richland*
  6. Ann, unm.

* We are in receipt of letters from J. N. Phillips of Amo, Indiana, and Ruth M. Phillips of Kenton, Ohio, both descendants of John Phillips who “went from near Quakertown, Bucks County, Pa., to North Carolina about 1789" with wife Ann and a son, John Samuel Phillips, “born near Quakertown, Bucks County, Pa., February 15, 1756.” John Phillips, the son of John Samuel was born near Samel, N. C. about 1802.

6. DIANA PHILLIPS2 (George1), daughter of George and Patience (Griffith) Phillips, born in Philadelphia County 5 mo. 20, 1709, died in Milford Township 3 mo., 1785. She married, 3 mo. 31, 1729, at First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Henry Bryan of Chester County, and seems to have lived in that county during her married life, returning to Milford after she became a widow. Her will dated 3 mo. 16, 1783, proved 3 mo. 15, 1785, names her nephew Joseph Phillips and William Clark as executors. It gives legacies to her grandson William Bryan, then a minor, son of John Bryan, late of Chester County, and to her grandchildren John and Mary Bryan, children of Henry Bryan, late of New York deceased. We have no information in reference to her family except what is stated in the above mentioned will.

10. LYDIA PHILLIPS2 (George1), daughter of George and Patience (Griffith) Phillips, born in Richland 11 mo. 17, 1722, married Leon- [page 419] ard Thomas, a blacksmith of Milford Township. He does not seem to have been connected with the Samuel Thomas family, an account of which is given in this volume. He died in Milford Township 9 mo., 1788, leaving a will dated 8 mo. 24, 1788, proved 9 mo. 27, 1788, which mentioned his wife Lydia, and the following children:

  1. Elizabeth
  2. Robert
  3. Margaret
  4. George
  5. Mary
  6. Lydia
  7. John
  8. David
  9. William
  10. Leonard, Jr.

19. JOSEPH PHILLIPS3 (George1, George2), son of George and Alice (Fairman) Phillips, born in Milford Township about the year 1730, purchased at sheriff’s sale, as the property of his father George Phillips, on 3 mo. 11, 1756, 132 acres in Milford Township, near to and probably including the site of Trumbauersville. He was a blacksmith by trade and followed that vocation in connection with farming at this place until his death in 1791. Between the years 1776 and 1786 he conveyed about one-half of the 132-acre farm in ten-acre lots to several people including Amos Roberts, Samuel Walton, Alice Phillips, George Phillips, John Phillips, David Phillips, and Mercy Clymer. His wife Mercy who survived him is supposed to have been a Walton. She died in 1800. His will names his brother-in-law Nathan Walton as executor. (See No. 23, Chapter XLVII). The children mentioned in the will are as follows: Children of Joseph and Mercy (Walton?) Phillips:

  1. Lydia
  2. a Mary, m. James Miller (See No. 2, Chapter XXXII)
  3. b Joseph
  4. c Alice
  5. d Susanna
  6. Jonathan, m. Rachel Knight
  7. Martha
  8. Mercy, m. first, Jacob Clymer; second, Peter M. Young
  9. Nathan
  10. Edmund, d. 2 –1819; m. Mary Hallowell
  11. Jane

Note: One of the sons married Sarah Ball, b. about 1750 (See No. 14, Chapter VIII)

22. GEORGE PHILLIPS3 (George1, George2), son of George and Alice (Fairman) Phillips, acquired from his brother Joseph by deed dated July 2, 1776, ten acres of land near Trumbauersville, in Milford Township, adjoining the tracts of his brother John and his sister Rebecca Walton. He probably lived thereon a short time, but in 1784 conveyed this tract to his brother-in- law Samuel Walton, and removed to Lower Mt. Bethel Township, Northampton County, Pa., where he died 6 mo., 1800. His will date 5 mo. 16, 1800, probated 6 mo. 11, 1800, gives to [page 420] each of his brothers and sisters five shillings, and to Mary Heacock five acres of land whereon she lives. The residue of his estate is given to his wife Catharine. He married in 1756 Catharine -------, who was disowned by Gwynedd Monthly Meeting for marriage out of unity. She executed a release, endorsed on a deed, for the Milford property in 1815, as “widow of George Phillips, late of Lower Mount Bethel, and sole heir under his will.”

36. JONATHAN PHILLIPS4 (George1, George2, Joseph3), son of Joseph and Mercy (Walton) Phillips, was named as executor of his father’s will in 1785. He acquired real estate adjoining the homestead and lived thereon for a time. Prior to the death of his mother in 1800 he removed to Gwynedd Township, Montgomery County, where he was living in 1802. In 1810, when he conveyed a portion of the land held by his mother, as executor, of Joseph Phillips, he was a resident of Point No Point in the County of Philadelphia and his occupation was given as farmer. This is the last record we have of him. He married by Pennsylvania license dated November 8, 1762, Rachel Knight.

38. MERCY PHILLIPS4 (George1, George2, Joseph3), daughter of Joseph and Mercy (Walton) Phillips, married, first, Jacob Clymer of Milford Township, a potter. Her father conveyed to her in 1782 a portion of the plantation near Trumbauersville, and in 1786 she with her husband, Peter M. Young, of Williams Township, conveyed the same tract to John Phillips of Richland. We have no further record of her or of her family.

40. EDMUND PHILLIPS4 (George1, George2, Joseph3), son of Joseph and Mercy (Walton) Phillips, was born in Milford Township about 1770. He was a farmer and lived the greater part of his adult life in Richland Township, where he died 2 mo., 1819. He married in 1800, Mary Hallowell of Gwynedd. They were married “out of unity” but she made satisfactory acknowledgment to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting and was granted a certificate to Richland 7 mo. 28, 1801. Both she and her husband are buried at Richland. Children of Edmund and Mary (Hallowell) Phillips:* 42 Mercy, b. –1801; d. –1819; unm. 43 John, d. in Salem Co., O.; m. had one child, Rosalinda, who m. ------- Mees 44 Charles E., b. —1803; d. 8-22–1880; m. Esther --------, b. 1807; d. 12- 7--1873; no children

  1. James, b. about 1804; m. Mary S. ---------
  2. Lewis H., b. 7-4--1806; d. 2-2--1879; unm.
  3. Albert H., b. –1812; d. 9-21–1865; m. Mary W. Carr
  4. Abel H., b. –1812; d. 11-27–1864; m.
  5. Edmund, m. first, ---------; second, Annie W. Leonard
  6. Mary H., b. 2-22–1819; d. 7-5--1847; m. John Booz

* These children are not arranged chronologically [page 421]

45. JAMES PHILLIPS5 (George1, George2, Joseph3, Edmund4), son of Edmund and Mary (Hallowell) Phillips, born in Richland Township about 1804, removed when a young mand to Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio, where he was a farmer. He was living at the date of the will of his brother, Lewis H. Phillips, 1 mo. 18, 1879, but died soon after that date. He married Mary S. --- Children of James and Mary S. (--------) Phillips

  1. Henry E., m. Emeline Welt
  2. Mercy Ann, m. Stoffard Palmer, at Pittsburgh, Pa.
  3. Mary Alma, m. -------- Lownsberry, of Salem, O.
  4. Macre Jane, m. -------- Casselberry, of Salem, O.

46. LEWIS H. PHILLIPS5 (George1, George2, Joseph3, Edmund4), son of Edmund and Mary (Hallowell) Phillips, born in Richland Township 7 mo. 4 1806, spent the greater part of his life in Quakertown. Early in his adult life he engaged in freighting goods to the Middle West, and in driving cattle from there to Bucks County, and amassed a considerable fortune. He owned real estate in Columbiana County, Ohio, in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pa., and elsewhere. He lived for many years prior to his death in Quakertown, but died at the residence of Samuel J. Levick, in Philadelphia, on 2 mo. 2, 1879. He was never married.

47. ALBERT H. PHILLIPS5 (George1, George2, Joseph3, Edmund4), son of Edmund and Mary (Hallowell) Phillips, born in Richland 1 mo. 5, 1810, died in Philadelphia 9 mo. 21, 1865. He was for a time associated with his brother Lewis H. in the droving and freighting business and later was a farmer and storekeeper in Plumstead Township. He built the house now occupied by William R. Mercer, Jr., known as “Aldie” in Doylestown, and resided there several years. He was sheriff of Bucks County for the term 1851-53. He removed with his family to Philadelphia shortly before his death. He married Mary W. Carr, daughter of Jonathan and Macre (Worthington) Carr, of Plumstead. She was born 4 mo. 30, 1812, and died 8 mo. 4, 1874. (See No. 42, Chapter XI) Children of Albert H. and Mary W. (Carr) Phillips:

  1. Macre Jane; unm
  2. Hannah Martha, b. –1843; d. 1-25–1917; m. Edward Cernea

(See No. 77, Chapter XXVII) 57 Howard, m. Clara Van Bushkirk of Amityville, Berks Co., had 5 children, 2 of whom died in infancy.

48. ABEL H. PHILLIPS5 (George1, George2, Joseph3, Edmund4), son of Edmund and Mary (Hallowell) Phillips, born in Richland Town- [page 422] ship 1812, died in Philadelphia 11 mo. 27, 1864. He removed with his brothers James and John to Columbiana County, Ohio, when a young man, but after several years residence there returned east and resided in the latter years of his life in Philadelphia. He married ---------. Children of Abel H. and -------- (----------) Phillips:*

  1. a Abel H., Jr.
  2. b Mary Ann, m. first, Jacob Seldonridge; second, -------- Phipps, d. 10- 10–1906
  3. c Eli R., d. 12-22–1905
  4. Emmor K., b. –1851; d. 3-6--1905
  5. Lewis M.
  6. John E., b. –1847; d. 6-30–1921; m. 1864 Mary Potts
  7. Macre Jane, m. ------- Brick
  8. Horace B., b. –1857; d. 2-28–1896

* These names of these children are not in chronological order.

49. EDMUND PHILLIPS5 (George1, George2, Joseph3, Edmund4), son of Edmund oand Mary (Hallowell) Phillips, born in Richland Township, date unknown, lived the greater part of his life near Amityville in Berks County. He was a farmer. He is said to have been twice married, if so he had no children by his first wife. He married Annie W. Leonard, of Amityville. Children of Edmund and Annie W. (Leonard) Phillips:* 65 Edmund 66 Mary 67 Ralph 68 Macre Jane, b. 8-13–1831; d. at Plainfield, N. J. 3-24–1876; m. 3-24– 1864, Charles A. Price, of Lambertville, N. J.; children, Harry L., b. in Kent Co., O., 5-17–1865; d. unm. in Phila;, 4-19–1913 Ida M., b. Plainfield, N. J., 9-11–1869; living, unm.

50. MARY HALLOWELL PHILLIPS5 (George1, George2, Joseph3, Edmund4), daughter of Edmund and Mary (Hallowell) Phillips, born 2 mo. 22, 1819, (after her father’s death), died in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pa., 7 mo. 5, 1847. She married, 11 mo. 3, 1840, John Booz, of Solesbury, son of Joseph Booz, of Bristol. He died in Orange, N. J., 12 mo. 8, 1881, in his 66th year. Both he and his wife are buried in Plumstead Friends’ Burying Ground. He married, second, about 1853, a daughter of Joel Vasey of Plumstead, and had several children. Children of John and Mary H. (Phillips) Booz:

69 Harriet, b. at Carversville, 7-27–1843; living in Phila.; m. 2-19–1880, John Laverell, who d. 7-1--1885; no children 70 Mary Phillips, b. 12-3--1845; m. 3-4--1866, Evan Newton Hutton, of Phila.; she d. 12-22–1882, he d. 7-27–1867; had one child, William L, b. Wash. D.C., 12-28–1866; d. 5-7--1875

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