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The following is a retype from EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925, Reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore MD 1975. Comments in ( ) are note inclusions from the publisher/writer; Comments in [ ] are from me personally:

- ADDENDA - Beginning on page 555

1. SAMUEL THOMAS, the progenitor of the Richland family of Thomas, was either a native of Wales or an American born son of one of the early Welsh settlers in the Upper Welsh Tract in Montgomery County. The Cymric custom by which a son takes the given name of his father as his surname may account for our failure to determine his parentage as he does not seem to be a member of any of the several families of Thomas who were among the early settlers in Merion and Haverford who retained the surname of Thomas from the time of their arrival in Pennsylvania. He was born February 17, 1690, and was a resident of Montgomery Township at the date of his marriage in 1713 and the only signer of his marriage certificate bearing his name was Robert Thomas and he signed in the second column, not in the first, where the names of parents always appear. He and his family held membership in Gwynedd Monthly Meeting from its organization in 1714 until the organization of Richland Monthly Meeting in 1742. On Nicholas Scull’s map of Richland Manor 1734-35 he is shown as owning land, which is now the western part of Quakertown. He was a land holder in Montgomery Township and his name frequently appears on records pertaining to the early history of that township in the laying out of roads, etc. He was, with Edward Roberts, one of the committee appointed by Gwynedd Monthly Meeting to collect money for the use of “Swamp Meeting” 10 mo. 30, 1740; he was also one of the building committee to build an addition to the Meeting House in 1748.

Samuel Thomas died 5 mo. 7, 1755, in his 66th year as recorded on the records of Richland Meeting. He married, first, at Gwynedd Meeting House, under the auspices of Haverford Monthly Meeting, 3 mo. 3, 1713, Margaret Morgan, born 8 mo. 23, 1693, daughter of Edward of Gwynedd, and a sister to Sarah Morgan, the wife of Squire Boone and mother of the illustrious Kentucky pioneer, Daniel Boone, and he was a signer of the marriage certificate of that couple at Gwynedd 7 mo. 23, 1720. Margaret died at Richland 10 mo. 24, 1750, in her 57th year, and Samuel married, second, 10 mo. 19, 1752, Phebe (Wardell) Lancaster, widow of Thomas Lancaster, the pioneer preacher of Richland Meeting. She survived him and was twice married thereafter, making four “ventures” in all, and lived [page 556] many years after the death of her fourth husband. (See No. 1, Chapter XXVI)

Children of Samuel and Margaret (Morgan) Thomas:

  1. Elizabeth, b. 3-5--1714
  2. Catharine, b. 12-31–1715; d. 7-12–1770; m. Joseph Green. (See No. 4, Chapter XVII)
  3. Samuel, b. 8-14–1717; d. 2-16–1727
  4. Thomas, b. 1-2--1719; d. 10-12–1780; unm.
  5. John, b. 2-19–1720; d. 12–1805; m. Elizabeth Lewis
  6. Edward, b. 11-20–1722; d. 4-4--1782; m. Alice Roberts
  7. Eleanor, b. 11-19–1724; d. 6-6--1800; m. first, Isaac Lester. (See No. 12, Chapter XXVII.) Seceond, Isaac Samuels
  8. Mary, b. 10-20–1726; d. 11 –1728
  9. Sarah, b. –1728; d. 1-25–1786; m. Robert Ashton (See No. 2, Chapter VII)
  10. Mary, b. 7-8--1730; d. 2-27–1756; unm.
  11. Samuel, b. 4-19–1732; m. Margaret Roberts
  12. Margaret, b. 4-3--1734; d. 3-30–1815; m. Theophilus Foulke (See No. 9, Chapter XVI)
  13. William, b. 12-31–1736; d. 4-12–1815; m. Ann Foulke

These dates are from Gwynedd Meeting Records and are presumed correct, except that dates of deaths and burials are somewhat confused.

5. THOMAS THOMAS2 (Samuel1), son of Samuel and Margaret (Morgan) Thomas, was born in Montgomery Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 1 mo. 2, 1719, and died in Richland 10 mo. 12, 1780. He was one of the large land owners among the early Friends, acquiring at different periods by patent and purchase several tracts of land in Upper Richland and lower Springfield Townships, portions of which he sold to his brothers. He was one of the trustees of Richland Monthly Meeting and prominently identified with the affairs of the Friends colony in Upper Bucks. He was never married. His will, dated August 8, 1773, and probated November 24, 1780, devises his estate to his brothers and sisters and the children of his deceased sisters, special provision being made for the children of his sister, Catharine Green.

6. JOHN THOMAS2 (Samuel1), son of Samuel and Margaret (Morgan) Thomas, born in Montgomery Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 2 mo. 19, 1720, died in Richland 12 mo., 1805. He was one of the early settlers in Richland, and like his brother Thomas, with whom he was closely associated in business transactions, was a large land owner of Upper Richland. His homestead farm adjoined that of Thomas on the south and was part [page 557] of the same original tract. The road from Richland Meeting House to Durham Furnace intersected it at the southeast corner. He married at Richland Monthly Meeting 4 mo. 23, 1748, Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Lewis Lewis, another of the first settlers of Richland. She was born 11 mo. 5, 1729, and died 10 mo. 7, 1801. They had no children. (See No. 7, Chapter XXIX). The will of John Thomas, dated 7 mo. 12, 1804, and probated December 20, 1805, devised his estate to upwards of twenty-five nieces and nephews.

7. EDWARD THOMAS2 (Samuel1), son of Samuel and Margaret (Mason) Thomas, born in Montgomery Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 11 mo. 20, 1722, died in Richland 4 mo. 4, 1782. He became a resident of Richland while still a minor and was one of the early land owners there. His first purchase, having been made of John Lester, was a tract of land of which a goodly portion is now incorporated in the borough of Quakertown. He was prominently identified with the affairs of that section and an elder of Richland Meeting. He married, 10 mo. 21, 1749, Alice Roberts, daughter of Thomas and Alice Roberts, of Milford. (See No. 6, Chapter XLI.) She was born 2 mo., 1724, and died 8 mo. 6, 1767. Children of Edward and Alice (Roberts) Thomas:

  1. Margaret, b. 9-2--1751; d. 3-15–18420; m. Amos Roberts (See No. 24, Chapter XL)
  2. Miriam, b. 9-2--1753; d. 12-1--1847; m. William Heacock (See No. 12, Chapter XX)
  3. Mary, b. 10-2--1755; d. 12-9--1831
  4. Martha, b. 1-22–1758; d. 12-5--1845; m. Thomas Green (See No. 10, Chapter XVII)
  5. Samuel, b. 7-15–1760; d. 5-17–1847; m. Elizabeth McCarty
  6. Andrew, b. 1-20–1764; d. 5-15–1765

14. WILLIAM THOMAS2 (Samuel1), son of Samuel and Margaret (Mason) Thomas, born in Richland 12 mo. 31, 1736, died at Richland, Ohio, 4 mo. 12, 1815. He was for several years a farmer in Richland Township, having purchased a farm of 100 acres of his brother, Thomas Thomas, in Upper Richland and lower Springfield Townships. He married, 10 mo. 9, 1760, Ann Foulke, daughter of Hugh and Ann (Williams) Foulke, who was born 1 mo. 1, 1732, and died 12 mo. 14, 1786. (See No. 12, Chapter XVI). After the birth of their two eldest children they removed to Ohio. Their four sons, Absalom, Danial, Thomas and Edward, and Daniel’s son John are legatees under the will of their uncle John Thomas. [page 558]

Children of William and Ann (Foulke) Thomas:

  1. Absalom, b. 7-11–1761; reported from Westland Mtg., in 1806 as having m. out not a member, and joined another Society.
  2. Jane, b. 12-8--1762; m. William Miller
  3. Ann, m. Joseph Heston
  4. Thomas, reported from Westland Mtg., in 1803, as having joined another Society
  5. Edward, reported from Westland Mtg., in 1803, as having joined another Society

19. SAMUEL THOMAS3 (Samuel1, Edward2), son of Edward and Alice (Roberts) Thomas, born in Richland 7 mo. 15, 1760, died in Quakertown 5 mo. 17, 1847. He was a farmer inheriting his father’s lands in Richland, adding thereto by purchase. He lived and died on West Broad Street, Quakertown. He married, 9 mo. 24m 1806, Elizabeth McCarty, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Lancaster) McCarty, born 9 mo. 17, 1776, died in Buckingham 1 mo. 11, 1861. (See No. 32, Chapter XXXI) Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (McCarty) Thomas

  1. Amanda, b. 7-3--1807; m. Caspar Hinkle
  2. Jervis, b. 9-9--1808; m. Jane R. Green
  3. Louisa, b. 6-2--1810; m. Morris Matthews
  4. Thomas, b. 10-29–1811; m. --------------
  5. Edward, b. 3-27–1813; d. 8-2--1883; m. Anne M. Foulke
  6. Hannah, b. 1-6--1815; m. Matthias Cope of Solebury, Bucks Co.; one son, Jefferson
  7. Benjamin, b. 3-27–1817; m. Kate Ganawere; children, Benjamin J., Mary, both dec’d

27. AMANDA THOMAS4 (Samuel1, Edward2, Samuel3), daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (McCarty) Thomas, born in Richland 7 mo. 3, 1807, married Caspar Hinkle of Plumstead, Bucks County. Children of Caspar and Amanda (Thomas) Hinkle

  1. a Henry
  2. b Theodore
  3. c Samuel
  4. d Caspar, Jr.
  5. e Minnie

28. JERVIS THOMAS4 (Samuel1, Edward2, Samuel3), son of Samuel and Elizabeth (McCarty) Thomas, was born in Richland 9 mo. 9, 1808. He married, 5 mo. 20, 1830, Jane R. Green, daughter of William and Mary (Roberts) Green, of Quakertown. (See No. 39, Chapter XVII). She was born in Quakertown 7 mo. 23, 1811, and died 3 mo. 24, 1859. Children of Jervis and Jane R. (Green) Thomas:

  1. Alice G., b. 2-10–1831; d. 1-1--1875; m. William D. Foulke (See No. 281, Chapter XVI)
  2. William G., b. 7-15–1832; d. 7-21–1864; m. Rachel Y. Sterner
  3. Samuel G., b. 1-29–1834; d. 2-23–1894; m. ---------- Ogden
  4. Mary G., b. 11-25–1838; d. 2-28–1924; m. first, Dr. R. J. Linderman; second, Arthur H. Middleton [page 559]

29. LOUISA THOMAS4 (Samuel1, Edward2, Samuel3), daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (McCarty) Thomas, born in Richland 6 mo. 2, 1810, married Morris Matthews. Children of Morris and Louisa (Thomas) Matthews:

  1. a Frank
  2. b Elizabeth

31. HON. EDWARD THOMAS4 (Samuel1, Edward2, Samuel3), son of Samuel and Elizabeth (McCarty) Thomas, was born in Quakertown 3 mo. 27, 1813. He learned the trade of a tailor and was a merchant tailor in Quakertown for several years. In pokitics he was a Democrat, and he took a lively interest in public affairs, serving as a member of borough council and on the school board. He was elected to the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1851 and re-elected in 1853 and 1855, serving three terms in all. He retired from active business in 1858 and lived retired on Main Street, Quakertown, until his death on 8 mo. 2, 1883. He married, 9 mo. 17, 1837, Anne M. Foulke, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Lancaster) Foulke. She was born in Richland 2 mo. 27, 1815, and died in Quakertown 11 mo. 11, 1898. (See No. 189, Chapter XVI). Children of Hon. Edward and Anne M. (Foulke) Thomas:

  1. Lancaster, b. 10-27–1838; d. 4-22–1910; unm., was for many years in the drug business in Phila.
  2. Hannah, b. 11-16–1841; d. 12-13–1915; unm.
  3. Edwin, b. 4-3--1843; d. 10-19–1875; in Phila.; unm.
  4. Henry, b. 6-27–1846; d. 8-27–1846
  5. Irvin, b. 9-22–1847; d. 7-19–1911; unm.
  6. a Ellwood, b. 6-23–1850; d. 10-29–1923
  7. b Sarah L., b. 8-16–1852; living in Quakertown

35. WILLIAM G. THOMAS5 (Samuel1, Edward2, Samuel3, Jervis4), son of Jervis and Jane R. (Green) Thomas, born in Quakertown 7 mo. 15, 1831, died there 7 mo. 21, 1864. He married Rachel Y. Sterner. Children of William G. and Rachel Y (Sterner) Thomas: 44 William Richard, b. 4-23–1863; m. Ella Ochs 45 Mary Jane, b. 10-23–1864; m. Charles E. Bartholomew

37. MARY G. THOMAS5 (Samuel1, Edward2, Samuel3, Jervis4), son of Jervis and Jane R. (Green) Thomas, born in Quakertown 11 mo. 25, 1838, married, first, on 3 mo. 15, 1858, Dr. Richard J. Linderman, of Quakertown. He was born in Limerick Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 1 mo. 12, 1836, and was a son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Yost) Linderman. He graduated from the Pennsylvania Medical College, Philadelphia, Mary 15, 1856, with the degree M.D., and began the practice of his profession in Quakertown. He later established a drug store there and relinquished the active practice of medicine in 1870, giving his whole [page 560] attention to the drug business. He was one of the active members of the Bucks County Medical Society, and represented that society in the State and National Medical Associations. He was also a member of the Lehigh Valley Medical Society. Dr. Linderman took an active interest in public affairs. He was a member of the Quakertown School Board for nine years and instrumental in the establishing of Quakertown High School. In 1868 he was elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate and served one term. He was one of the projectors of Quakertown Savings Bank and as its successor the Quakertown National Bank, and served many years as a director. In 1889 Dr. Linderman removed with his family to Philadelphia, residing at 2809 North Broad Street, where he died 1 mo. 6, 1901. Mary G. (Thomas) Linderman married, second, 7 mo. 28, 1909, Arthur H. Middleton, a prominent business man of Philadelphia. He was born 10 mo. 3, 1854, and died 1 mo. 18, 1910. She died 2 mo. 28, 1924. Children of Dr. R. J. and Mary G. (Thomas) Linderman:

  1. Edgar, b. 1-10–1860; d. 2-20–1860
  2. Elmer, b. 3-30–1861; d. 9-9--1864
  3. Alice, b. 7-15–1865; d. 8-5--1866
  4. Herbert, b. 1-21–1867; d. 3-4--1904; grad. from Medical Dept. U. of P.; unm.
  5. Bertha, b. 1-22–1870; d. 7-3--1893; unm.

44. WILLIAM RICHARD THOMAS6 (Samuel1, Edward2, Samuel3, Jervis4, William G.5), son of William G. and Rachel Y. (Sterner) Thomas, born in Quakertown 4 mo. 23, 1863, married in 1886 Ella Ochs, born 2 mo. 10, 1865, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ochs, of Quakertown. They are now living in Quakertown. Children of William R. and Ella (Ochs) Thomas: 51 Mabel Leah, b. 3-6--1887; d. young 52 William Richard, Jr., b. 6-9--1899; m. Alice Nyce

45. MARY JANE THOMAS6 (Samuel1, Edward2, Samuel3, Jervis4, William G.5), daughter of William G. and Rachel Y. (Sterner) Thomas, born in Quakertown 10 mo. 23, 1864, married Charles E. Bartholomew, born 5 mo. 18, 1863, son of Franklin and Lucy Bartholomew, of Quakertown. They are living in Quakertown. Children of Charles E. and Mary Jane (Thomas) Bartholomew: 53 Miles Franklin, b. 10-16–1885; m. Olive Grace Detweiler, b. 1-3--1886, dau of William E. and Ellen Detweiler, of Perkasie, Pa.,; issue, Miles Franklin, Jr., b. 1-9--1911 54 William Thomas, b. 12-2--1888; m. Florence Harvey, b. 9-18–1885, dau of Edward and Elizabath Harvey, of Phila., issue, Elizabeth Jane, b. 10-19–1909 55 George Scypes, b. 8-5--1892; d. 6-6--1893 56 Mary Emma, b. 10-3--1897; m. Leroy Y. Keller

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