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The following is a retype from EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925, Reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore MD 1975. Comments in ( ) are note inclusions from the publisher/writer; Comments in [ ] are from me personally:

Chapter XLVII WALTON FAMILY Beginning on Page 573

WILLIAM WALTON, the progenitor of the Walton family of Byberry, several of whose descendants migrated to the Great Swamp and other parts of Bucks County, was a resident of Oxhill, Warwickshire, England, when together with Joseph Hunt of Stratford-upon-Avon, and William Hunt of Radway, all of the county of Warwick, he purchased of Edward Billynge of London, by deeds of lease and release, dated 9 mo. 22 and 23, 1682, a one-tenth share of the Proprietary of West Jersey, and by virtue of this deed a tract of land was laid out to him in Gloucester County, New Jersey. By his will executed in 1704 he devised his interest in the New Jersey lands to his four sons, Nathaniel, Thomas, Daniel and William, all of whom were then residents of Philadelphia County.

The date of the arrival of the four Walton brothers in Pennsylvania and their subsequent settlement in Byberry Township has been very erroneously given by their different biographers, that date being fixed by some as early as 1675. If they had located in Byberry at that date, and taken up land there, their names would have appeared upon Holme’s Map of 1681-1690. It does not so appear, and the records show that they made their first purchases of land of Thomas Fairman (100 acres each, see Deed Book E 2–Vol. V, pp. 385-86-87-88– Philadelphia Recorder’s Office) on 10 mo. 1, 1688. They probably arrived in Pennsylvania in 1682 or 1683. These dates are indicated by a letter written by Nathaniel, the eldest of the brothers, to his youngest brother William, dated October 7, 1713, in which he reminds his brother that he had paid his passage from England and that he claimed interest on this payment for thirty years and upwards.

There is a tradition that George Walton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence was a descendant of William Walton. He was born about 1740 in Frederic Co., Va., and died 2 mo. 2, 1804 in Augusta, Ga. He married in 1777 Dorothea Camber. They had a son George, who survived them.

NATHANIEL WALTON, the eldest of the brothers, married in Philadelphia, 11 mo. 26, 1685, Martha Bownall, and they had several children. He, like his brothers, was a member of the Society of Friends, [page 574] But he became a friend and disciple of George Keith, and joined with him in his schism against Friends in 1692, and adhering to him after he was disowned, lost his membership in the Society, and became a member of the Baptist Church. He remained in Byberry, eventually acquiring the whole of 400 acres purchased by the brothers, the other three having removed to Moreland and other points to the northward in Bucks and Philadelphia Counties. We are not especially concerned with his descendants as none of them settled in the Great Swamp so far as can be ascertained. However, his grandson, Boaz Walton, settled on a large tract north of the Blue Mountains, in what was then Nothamption County, and was there somewhat associated with a branch of the Walton family that had migrated from the Great Swamp.

THOMAS WALTON, the second of the four brothers, married, 12 mo. 24, 1689–90, Priscilla Hunn of Philadelphia, and soon after his marriage located on the Horsham Road, in the Manor of Moreland, where he seems to have resided all his life. He died in 1758, at a very advanced age, probably 100 years. He left several children of whom we have very little record. His son Thomas, born 1693, became a preacher of the Society of Friends, and is said to have walked from his residence in Moreland to Byberry Meeting, a distance of five miles, in order to preach when they had no other regular minister. He died unmarried 1 mo. 31, 1777. One branch of the Walton family which was connected with the Richland family, is descended from Thomas Walton, Sr., and some account of them will be given later.

WILLIAM WALTON, the youngest of the four brothers, who was probably a minor on his arrival in Pennsylvania, married, 4 mo. 20, 1689, Sarah Howell. He remained in Byberry and was a preacher of Byberry Meeting, and travelled in that service to distant points. He died 12 mo. 9, 1736–37, and left ten children, most of whom migrated to Warminster, Warwick and Buckingham in Bucks County, and to the neighborhood of Horsham in Montgomery County. His descendants are now widely scattered, but a greater proportion of them probably retained membership in the Society of Friends than the descendants of his brothers. His grandchildren and those of his brother Daniel intermarried.

1. DANIEL WALTON, the third of the Byberry brothers, married 6 mo. 21, 1688, Mary Lamb, and remained in Byberry until his death in 1719. He was a consistent member of the Society of Friends and much respected during his whole life. Practically all of the Waltons now residing in Byberry or its vicinity are descendants of Daniel and Mary. Children of Daniel and Mary (Lamb) Walton:*

  1. Samuel, b. about 1690; d. –1760; m. Mercy Waterman
  2. Daniel, m. Elizabeth Clifton; children: David, 3d; m. Ann Knight† Jane, m. Isaiah Walton, a grandson of William Mercy, m. William Walton, a grandson of William
  3. Joshua, m. Catharine Albertson, and was the father of Jonathan Walton, of Warminster, who by will in 1789 devised one-third of the residue of his estate to trustees therein named, members of Richland Monthly Meeting to invest in mortgage, the interest to be used for a school or schools at Richland. This legacy amounted to practically $950. He also left the bulk of his land estate to the sons of his uncle Samuel (No. 2) as noted later.
  4. Joseph, m. Esther Carver, and settled in Buckingham
  5. Benjamin, b. 1693; d. 11–1753; m. Rebecca Homer; children, Elizabeth, b. 3-27–1725; d. in Chester Co. 1810; m. first, Bryan Peart; second, Benjamin Gilbert, the Indian Captive Mary, m. Benjamin Thomas Daniel, b. 12-1--1728–29; m. Sarah Gilbert, dau. of Benjamin by a former wife Hannah, unm.
    Rebecca, m. Joseph Warrington
    Sarah, m. Thomas Knight
    Benjamin, b. 12-1--1735–36; m. Abigail Gilbert, sister to Sarah, wife of Daniel
    Esther, b. 5-31–1738; m. Thomas Walton
    William, b. 5-29–1740; m. Lydia Thornton
    6a Nathan, d. unm.
  6. Mary, m. William Homer

* These children are not arranged chronologically † An account of the descendants of their son Daniel 4th, with the Arms of the Walton and Lamb families, engraved in color, appears in Vol. XIII, of the Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biography, pp. 141-148.

2. SAMUEL WALTON2 (Daniel1), son of Daniel and Mary (Lamb) Walton, born in Byberry about 1690, died in Rockhill Township in 1760. He married at Abington Monthly Meeting, 11 mo. 30, 1709, Mercy Waterman. In or about the year 1719 he became involved, with his father, in a dispute, of the nature of which we have no knowledge, and was disinherited by his father, disowned by the Monthly Meeting, and soon after this date he removed to the Great Swamp district, and settled near the southern border of Richland, but probably in Rockhill Township, where he lived until his death. He was survived by a widow Mary, evidently a second wife. [page 576] Children of Samuel and Mary (Waterman) Walton:

  1. Isaac, m. Alice Davis
  2. Benjamin, m. Elizabeth -------
  3. Abraham, d. –1765; m. Mary -------
  4. Jacob, m. Sarah ---------
  5. Jonathan, was devised a farm in Warminster in 1789 by his cousin Jonathan, and lived thereon; had probably lived in Warminster prior to the death of his cousin; no record of him at Richland
  6. John * ; m. Hannah --------
  7. Enoch, d. 9-20–1828; m. Abigail (Hicks) Dalby

* John and Enoch seem to have been considerably younger that the five elder brothers and may hab=ve been children of the second marriage.

8. ISAAC WALTON (Daniel1, Samuel2), son of Samuel and Mercy (Waterman) Walton, evidently came to the Great Swamp with his parents. He is supposed to be the Isaac Walton who married Alice Davis at Abington in 1736. At the death of his father in 1760, he was residing in Forks Township, Northampton County. He and his wife were doubtless members of Richland Monthly Meeting, as his daughter Margaret was dealt with for marrying out in 1757, and the other children seem to have been recognized as members, but there is practically no record of him in the minutes or other records of the Meeting. His children, so far as known, were:

  1. Isaac, m. Martha Lewis
  2. Margaret, m. Benjamin McCarty (See No. 5, Chapter XXXI)
  3. David, m. Margaret Green
  4. Daniel, b. 4-6--1754; d. 3-4--1809; m. Martha (Foulke) Green
  5. Moses, took cert. to Uwchlan Mo. Mtg., Chester Co., 11-18–1773
  6. James, m. Margaret Lewis
  7. Benjamin, m. Hannah -------; cert. to Westland, 7-19–1787
  8. Abraham, (?)

10. ABRAHAM [WALTON]3 (Daniel1, Samuel2), son of Samuel and Mercy (Waterman) Walton, was a farmer in Rockhill, purchasing 75 acres of his brother Jacob in 1746, which he sold in 1754. He died prior to 1766. His widow survived until 1807, dying at the age of 88 years. [name of spouse not mentioned above, but is, with issue] Children of Abraham and Mary (-----------) Walton

  1. Mercy, d. –1800; m. Joseph Phillips (See No. 19, Chapter XXXVIII)
  2. Samuel, entered military service in N. J., 4 –1760, and was disowned by the Mtg.; m. Rebecca Phillips (See No. 21, Chapter XXXVIII)
  3. Abraham, m. Rachel Heacock
  4. Nathan, m. Mary Miller
  5. Ezekiel, d. prior to 1801; farmer in Richland, 1782-1786; warrantee for land in Northampton Co., 1786; m. Rachel Vanhorn, dau. of Garrett Vanhorn of Springfield [page 577]

11. JACOB WALTON3 (Daniel1, Samuel2), son of Samuel and Mercy (Waterman) Walton, obtained patent from the Proprietaries in 1743 for 150 acres of land in Rockhill Township on Three Mile Run on which he settled. He conveyed one-half of the tract to his brother Abraham in 1744, and they both sold their respective tracts to Samuel Smith in 1756. Jacob Walton then removed to Hatfield Township, now Montgomery County, where he died prior to 1786. Nothing is known of their children except that two of them were legatees of their cousin Jonathan Walton of Warminster.

JOSHUA WALTON, son of Jacob late of Hatfield deceased, was devised by the will of Jonathan Walton, dated 2 mo. 7, 1786, 107 3/4 acres of land upon which the testator then lived in Warminster, which had been devised to the latter by the will of his father Joshua Walton, “to the said Joshua and male heirs forever.” Joshua died before the testator and the farm descended to and vested in his son Jonathan Walton, who lived thereon for a number of years, making sundry conveyances to defeat the entail.

JESSE WALTON, another son of Jacob “late of Hatfield” was devised by the above recited will of his cousin Jonathan Walton, 60 acres in Warminster which the testator had purchased of David Eaton. Jesse Walton died at the home of his brother Joshua in Warminster about 5 mo. 1, 1812, leaving sons Abraham and Isaac. No effort has been made to further trace the descendants of these children of Jacob Walton.

13. JOHN WALTON3 (Daniel1, Samuel2), son of Samuel Walton, was a carpenter in Milford for several years. He does not seem to have been a member of Richland Monthly Meeting, as his wife Hannah is dealt with for marriage “to one not a member” in 1786. He and his brother Enoch were devised a farm of 92 acres in Hamilton Township, Northampton (now Monroe) County, by the will of their cousin Jonathan Walton, of Warminster, above referred to, in 1786. By deed dated 6 mo. 24, 1792, recorded at Easton, “John Walton of Milford Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Carpenter, and Hannah his wife, and Enoch Walton of Richland Township, County and State aforesaid, Taylor, and Abigail his wife” conveyed this tract of 92 acres (patented to Jonathan Walton in 1782) to John Huston. This deed was executed in Bucks County and is witnessed by Abraham Ball of Richland, and Amos Richarson of Milford. John and Enoch executed a bond of ₤400 to Huston with Abraham Ball as surety, conditioned that the title was good and sufficient. John and Enoch Walton had warrant and survey for 400 acres of land in Northampton County dated April 4, 1792, and John probably settled thereon. Hannah, wife of John, made an acknowledgment of her error in [page 578] Marriage out of unity to Richland Monthly Meeting which was finally accepted 5 mo., 1787, but we find no further record of the couple on the minutes.

14. ENOCH WALTON3 (Daniel1, Samuel2), son of Samuel, was a tailor by trade, and lived for many years prior to his death in Richland Township. An account of his legacy under the will of his cousin Jonathan Walton, of Warminster, in connection with his brother John, is given in the above sketch of the latter. He purchased a lot of ten acres in Richland in 1810, and in 1815 purchased a farm of 50 acres, which was sold by his administrators in 1830. He died 9 mo. 20, 1828, without issue. He married Abigail (Hicks) Dalby, daughter of William and Margaret Hicks, and widow of Nathan Dalby. Abigail his wife did not survive him. (See No. 9, Chapter XXI).

15. ISAAC WALTON, Jr.4 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Isaac3), son of Isaac and Alice (Davis) Walton, was a resident of Richland for a number of years prior to 1787, when he removed with his wife and family “within the virge of Buckingham Monthly Meeting,” and we have no trace of him after that date. On 10 mo. 20, 1766, the 1,000-acre tract of William Logan was surveyed and divided by Samuel Foulke surveyor for the Logan heirs and 780 acres thereof was laid out to Isaac Walton, Sr., and his sons Isaac, James and David, Isaac Walton, Jr., acquiring a tract of 175 acres. He probably lived thereon until his removal to Buckingham in 1787. Isaac Walton, Jr., married Martha Lewis, daughter of Lewis and Ann (Lord) Lewis, of Richland. She was born 3 mo. 21, 1754. (See No. 18, Chapter XXIX). In the division of the real estate of Lewis Lewis, Isaac and Martha Walton were adjudged a tract of 48 acres which they conveyed to James Walton in 1783. Isaac and Martha (Lewis) Walton had children who were included in the certificate to Buckingham, but we have no record of their names.

17. DAVID WALTON4 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Isaac3), son of Isaac and Alice (Davis) Walton, was the owner of 212 acres of the Logan tract in 1766. He married at Richland Monthly Meeting, 12 mo., 1766, Margaret Green, daughter of Joseph and Catharine (Thomas) Green of Springfield. (See No. 3, Chapter XVII). She was born 11 mo. 28, 1744. Ther is no record of children born to them at Richland nor of the death of either David or Margaret.

18. DANIEL WALTON4 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Isaac3), son of Isaac and Alice (Davis) Walton, born 4 mo. 6, 1754, died 3 mo. 4, 1809. He acquired a large part of the Thomas tract in Upper Richland and Springfield, purchased from Thomas Green, and lived thereon until his death. He married, 10 mo. 2, 1788, Martha (Foulke) Green, daughter of John and Mary (Roberts) Foulke (see No. 42a, Chapter XVI), and widow of [page 579] James Green of Upper Richland. (See No. 9, Chapter XVII). She was born 7 mo. 16, 1758. Martha took a certificate to Munch, Lycoming County, Pa., in 1810. Children of Daniel and Martha (Foulke-Green) Walton:

  1. Jane, b. 6-24–1789; d. 1-7--1865; m. Samuel Roberts (See No. 42, Chapter XL)
  2. Mary, b. 2-6--1791; d. 11-12–1796
  3. Edith, b. 12-13–1792; d. 11-19–1796
  4. David, b. 1-24–1795
  5. Lydia, b. 6-25–1799; d. —1809

20. JAMES WALTON4 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Isaac3), son of Isaac and Alice (Davis) Walton, was a consistent member of Richland Monthly Meeting and for several years filled the office of overseer, beginning with the year 1775. He acquired 217 acres of the Logan tract in 1766 and also acquired through his wife a portion of the Lewis Lewis tract adjoining the Logan tract on the north. He married, 12 mo. 8, 1763, Margaret Lewis, daughter of Lewis and Ann (Lord) Lewis. (See No. 13, Chapter XXIX). She was born 12 mo. 11, 1741. They took a certificate to Exeter Monthly Meeting with their children 10 mo. 20, 1791, and later removed to Muncy, Lycoming County, Pa. Children of James and Margaret (Lewis) Walton:

  1. Ann, b. 9-15–1764
  2. James, b. 7-22–1776
  3. Joseph, b. 10-27–1780
  4. Ellis, b. 7-23–1783

25. ABRAHAM WALTON4 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Abraham3), son of Abraham and Mary Walton, was born in Rockhill about 1746, was reared in Richland, and married at Richland Monthly Meeting, 10 mo. 12, 1769, Rachel Heacock, daughter of Jonathan and Susanna (Morgan) Heacock. (See No. 10a, Chapter XX). They continued to reside in Richland until 1766, when they removed to Western Pennsylvania with their children Abigail, Jonathan, Margaret, Ruth and Abraham, taking certificates to Westland Monthly Meeting in Washington County. Children of Abraham and Rachel (Heacock) Walton:

  1. Abigail, m. Alex. Pedan at Westland Monthly Meeting, 12 –1796
  2. Jonathan
  3. Margaret
  4. Ruth
  5. Abraham, m. first, Mary --------; second, Phebe Shaw

26. NATHAN WALTON4 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Abraham3), son of Abraham and Mary Walton, born in Rockhill about 1748, was reared in Richland and learned the trade of a tailor which he followed for many years in Milford Township, living on a lot of three and a half acres pur- [page 580] chased of Samuel and Susannah Nixon in 1773. He married Mary Miller, daughter of Robert and Mary (Shaw) Miller. In 1796 he removed with his wife’s relatives to Brownsville, “Old Fort,” Fayette County, Pa., and in 1814 removed to Columbiana County, Ohio. He had no children. (See No. 3, Chapter XXXII).

41. ABRAHAM WALTON, 3d5 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Abraham3, Abraham4), son of Abraham and Rachel (Heacock) Walton, born in Richland about 1775, removed with his parents to Western Pennsylvania in 1796. He married soon after that date, Mary, whose maiden name is unknown, and settled in Wilmington, Ohio. His wife dying about 1811, he brought his orphan children Anna, Eber, Abraham, Rachel, and Anna, back to Richland, where he resided for a few years. He married a second time about 1815, Phebe Shaw, daughter of John and Phebe (------ ----) Shaw, of Richland. (See No. 14, Chapter XLIII). She was born 1 mo. 4, 1778, and died in Ohio 5 mo. 1, 1830. In 1835 Abraham Walton removed with some of his children to Etna, Indiana, where he died at an advanced age. It is not known whether he had any children by Phebe. Childrend of Abraham and Mary (----------) Walton:

  1. Anna, b. —1799
  2. Eber, b. 5-24–1800; m. first, Anna Shaw; second, Olivia Shaw
  3. Abraham
  4. Rachel
  5. Amos

43. EBER WALTON6 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Abraham3, Abraham4, Abraham5), son of Abraham and Mary Walton, born in Beaver County, Ohio, 5 mo. 24, 1800, died in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pa. He removed with his father and brothers and sisters to Richland in 1812, and returned to the west with the family in 1816. In 1823 he returned to Richland, bringing a certificate from Middletown Monthly Meeting in Ohio. He married, 3 mo. 10, 1825, Anna Shaw, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Ball) Shaw. (See Nos. 38, 37, Chapter XLIII). She was born 7 mo. 29, 1800, and died 7 mo., 1838. He married, secondly, Olivia Shaw, the eldest sister of his first wife. She was born 2 mo. 4, 1797, and died 4 mo. 13, 1881. Eber Walton removed in 1827 to Southampton Township, Bucks County, Pa., where he conducted a farm until 1830, when he removed to Whitpain Township, and purchased a farm near Blue Bell, where he resided until his death. Children of Eber and Anna (Shaw) Walton:

  1. Joseph, b. 12-17–1825; d. 10-12–1867; m. Elizabeth Conard
  2. Mary, b. 12-6--1827; d. —1828
  3. Israel, b. 11-20–1829; m. Tacy Conard
  4. Amos, b. 11-16–1832; m. Henrietta Van Derau
  5. Mahlon, b. 1-12–1834; d. —1857 [page 581]

47. JOSEPH WALTON7 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Abraham3, Abraham4, Abraham5, Eber6), son of Eber and Anna (Shaw) Walton, born 12 mo. 17, 1825, died 10 mo. 12, 1867, was a farmer in Plymouth Township, Montgomery County. He married in 1847, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Sarah (Child) Conard, of Whitpain. She was born 9 mo. 7, 1824, and died 12 mo. 26, 1890. Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Conard) Walton:

  1. John Conard, b. 11-25–1848; m. Margaretta Ambler, dau. of Jonathan Ambler of Md.; they lived in Quakertown
  2. Sarah C., b. 11-25–1848
  3. Isaac, b. 9-27–1850; d. 3-22–1863
  4. Annie, b. 3-26–1853
  5. Ellen, b. 3-26–1853
  6. J. Conard, b. 8-16–1854
  7. Tacy C., b. 7-3--1858

49. ISRAEL WALTON7 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Abraham3, Abraham4, Abraham5, Eber6), son of Eber and Anna (Shaw) Walton, born 11 mo. 20, 1829, married in 1858, Tacy Conard, daughter of James and Sarah Conard. Child of Israel and Tacy (Conard) Walton: 59 Henry Conard, b. —1859; m. Winifred Weidner, and they live in Phila.

50. AMOS WALTON7 (Daniel1, Samuel2, Abraham3, Abraham4, Abraham5, Eber6), son of Eber and Anna (Shaw) Walton, born in Whitpain 11 mo. 16, 1832, lived all of his life in the house in which he was born. He married, 1 mo. 28, 1858, Henrietta Van Derau, daughter of Francis and Anna (Lebold) Van Derau. Children of Amos and Henrietta (Van Derau) Walton:

  1. William Eber, b. 1-11–1861; m. 2-15–1887, Naomi Moser
  2. Francis V., m. Emma Wilkey
  3. Emma V.
  4. Anna V., m. Warren Brooke

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