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Bedminster was organized in 1742.  In 1759, a quaint tavern was built at the junction of the Philadelphia-Easton Post Road and the Durham RoadBedminster, lies between Plumstead, Hilltown, Rockhill, Haycock and Nockamixon. The name is taken from the town of Bedminster, in Somersetshire, near Bristol , England. Bedminster Churches-Bristol UK

First settlers of the township were Irish from the counties of Donegal and Antrim and perhaps other parts of northern Ireland. Among them were McHenry, Comly, Wismer, Ayres, Grier, Armstrong, Orr, Kennedy, Kelley, Armstrong, McCalla and Darrah. William Allen, of Philadelphia, was one of the largest landowners. Scotch Irish Presbyterians organized a church which took the name Deep Run, it was the original place of worship of all the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians.

Meeting House   (Route 113 and Elephant Road)

The Intelligencer Record (7/25/1999)As of 1990, 43% of the land in the township was being used for agriculture.Few if any descendants of the old Irish families remain in Bedminster. Before the close of the 18th century a number of them migrated to North Carolina. The Mennonites followed the Irish into Bedminster.

The brick house on Elephant Road at the intersection of Blue School Road was built in 1765. I was surprised at the early date but considering the "Doan" outlaw is buried in the cemetery at the Irish Meeting House.

~Kindley submitted by Charles D. Walton (Charlie)

Bedminster Township was named for the town Bedminster, Somersetshire, England. Bedminster was part of Plumstead Township until 1742. The first schools in the township were built near churches, and the first school of which we have a record was a school house built at Kellers Church by the congregation in 1751-1752.

Bedminster Schools

In 1834 the Pennsylvania Legislature passed the first act providing for a system of common schools, but it was not until 1850 that a petition was filed to establish a Bedminster Township School Board.

In 1883 an attorney was hired to advise the Board, and in 1885 the school term was extended to six months. Beginning teachers were paid $28.00 per month. Over the years the term was extended to eight and then nine months.

The Bedminster schools included Pipersville, Deep Run, Bedminster, Fretz Valley, Yost's, Mood's, Center, Smith's, Algard's, Myers', Modern Presbyterian, Union, Keelersville, and Tyson's. Gradually these schools have been closed and sold.

The Siege of Yorktown (1781) was a victory by a combined American and French force led by General George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the French General Comte de Rochambeau over a British army commanded by General Lord Charles Cornwallis. The surrender of Cornwallis's army caused the British government to negotiate an end to the American Revolutionary War.


bullet Tohickon Reformed Church, organized in June 1745.
bullet Kellers Church, founded by the Lutherans in 1744.
bullet A Light on the Ridge
The Life and Times of the People of Kellers Church
bullet Founding Families of Bedminster
bullet Davis History of Bedminster
bullet Irish
bullet Historic Piper Tavern
bullet Deep Run East
bullet Bedminster Township
4,804 people, 1,788 households, and 1,333 families (2000 census)




Bucks County is a class 2A county comprised of 23 boroughs and 31 townships.


 Who are the Scots-Irish?


Known as the Ulster Scots, The Scots-Irish and the Scotch-Irish, they traveled in family groups rather than as individuals.It is estimated that there are more than 27 million descendants now living in the United States. Pennsylvania has one of the highest populations.

At least a dozen presidents are descended from the Scots-Irish

CEMETERIES AND CHURCHES St Peter's (Tohickon Union) Old Bethlehem Pike Perkasie PA

Keller's Union

250 Anniversary
Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church
Ridge & Keller's Church Roads
Bedminster PA 18910 (215)795-2965
bullet 1751 Founding of Keller's Church
bullet 1766 First Stone Building
bullet 1841 Union began with Solomon's Reformed Pastors
bullet 1870 Fist English sermon
bullet 1889 St. Matthew's name adopted
bullet 1894 Present building constructed
bullet 1895 Bell placed
bullet 1859 Union dissolved
bullet 1967 educational building dedicated
bullet 1976 225 Anniversary
bullet 2001 250th Anniversary

Deep Run Presbyterian Church and Cemetery
Route 113 and Elephant Road
Bedminster PA 18910 (215) 249-3689

Deep Run Mennonite (East)
350 Keller's Church Road
Perkasie Pa (215) 766-8380

St. Luke's Union
Deep Run Mennonite (West)

The News Herald, March 21, 2001
 Beginning July 8, 2001, St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, forever known as Keller's Church will celebrate its 250th anniversary. A lifetime member of St. Matthew's, Merv Bryan, who died in the summer of 1999 was completing the church history at the time of his death. That church history will be published this year. It will be titled, "A Light on the Ridge, the Life and times of the People of Keller's Church."
From that source: Wealthy German Lutherans were coming to America in the 1700s with whole congregations and even pastors to start new churches. But that was not the case with the forbearers of St. Matthew's. They were a few disgruntled Germans who were member of Peace Lutheran Church who decided to start their own congregation. Some of the original names are recorded: Keller, Ackerman, Steinbach, Ziegenfuss, Nicklas, Acker, Lock, Schwartz, Weickert and maria Elizabeth Jacoby. The first elders were inscribed for history: Henry Keller, Henry Acker, Jacob Lock, Valentine Nicklas. Listed as deacons were Christian Steinbach and Andrew Ziegenfuss. 

The book does not have an index, but it does have founding family information including but not limited to the Keller family, church elders, deacons, church members at the beginning (Loch, Nicla, Ackerman, Schwarz, Fischer, Zimmer, Stein, Drach, Wimmer, Ziegenfuss, Feininger to name a few) It is a history of the church. Written by Mervin C. Bryan 1938-1999.







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ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1864) 2nd Inaugural

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan - to do all which may achieve a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations. 


A Timeline of Bucks County History - Mercer Museum PDF


  • The Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), the state tree of Pennsylvania, is one of the dominant trees of the Commonwealth's forests...
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