History of Bucks County Pennsylvania from the Discovery of the Delaware to the Present time. William Watts Hart Davis

ISAAC S. JOHNSON, of Buckingham, was born in New Britain township, on February 20, 1850. being a son of Jacob B. and Lydia (Swartz) Johnson. Jacob B. Johnson was a son of Jacob Johnson, a native of England, and was born in Montgomery county, Pennsyl vania, and while still a young man re moved to New Britain township, Bucks county, and later located in Plumstead township, where he still resides. He was a prominent farmer for many years, but is now living a retired life with his son Harry. When the turnpike was built from Doylestown to Dublin, Mr. Johnson was the builder under contract with the newly organized company. Jacob B. and Lydia Swartz Johnson were the parents of nine children, of whom seven survive, viz.: Henry S., of Plumstead; John S., of New Britain; Isaac S. ; Abraham S., of Montgomery county, Pennsylvania; Sallie S., wife of John Funk, of Fountainville; Mary Ann, wife of Reuben Detweiler, of Hilltown; Susan, wife of Harry High, of Plum stead. Isaac S. Johnson, the subject of this sketch, was reared on the farm and ac quired his education at the public schools of the neighborhood.

In 1873 he married Mary A. Myers, of Pipers- ville, Bedminster township, and settled on and conducted his father's farm in Plumstead for ten years. He then rented the Lead Mine farm in New Britain, which he conducted for four years. In 1887 he purchased his present farm in Buckingham, eigh-ty-six acres, where he has since resided. He is a successful farmer and a man of high standing in the community. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are the parents of four children, viz.: Laura, for several years a school teacher in Buckingham, now the wife of Clarence Buckman; Monroe M., a graduate of the Hughesian Free School, West Chester Normal School and Pierce's Business College, now till ing a clerical position in Philadelphia; Franklin M., living at home; Rosa, re siding at home and teaching school in Buckingham, who acquired her educa tion at the Hughesian School, Doyles town High School and at West Chester Normal School. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Mennonite meeting, as was his father. In politics he is a Re publican, but has never sought or held office.

ABRAHAM M. SWARTLEY. Among the old German families of Penn sylvania is that of which Abraham M. Swartley, of Chalfont, is a represen tative. Mr. Swartley is a great-grand son of Philip Swartley, who was born in 1764 in Baden, Germany, and in 1782 emigrated to America. He married Sarah Rosenberger, and they were the parents of nine children, six sons and three daughters. Among the sons was Philip, mentioned at length hereinafter. Mr. Swartley died September 2, 1840, and his wife passed away in April, 1847. at the advanced age of eighty-four years. Philip Swartley, son of Philip and Sarah (Rosenberger) Swartley, was born February 28, 1799, in New Britain township, and followed the calling of a farmer. He married Mary Smith, and their family consisted of the following children: George, born July 12, 1820, married Catharine Funk; Henry S., mentioned at length hereinafter ; Levi, born April 7, 1824, married Catharine Haldeman; Philip, born November 12, 1825; Susanna, born March 23, 1827, married Jacob Alderfer; Sarah, born November 11. 1830. married John Alder fer, whom she survived but one day and whose grave she shared; Mary, born December 9, 1833, married David Rosen berger; Elizabeth, born August 15, 1838, became the wife of Louis Schleier, and Aaron, born February 7, 1841, married Maria Leidy.

Henry S. Swartley, son of Philip and Mary (Smith) Swartley, was born March 24. 1822, on the homestead. He married Sarah Myers, and the following children were born to them: Lavinia, who married Isaac, son of Joseph Funk: Abraham M., mentioned at length hereinafter: Anna Eliza, who became the wife of Henry F., son of Abraham Moyer; and Sallie J., who married David, son of Joseph Funk. Abraham M. Swartley, son of Henry S. and Sarah (Myers) Swartley, was born November 6, 1854. on the home stead in New Britain township. He received his primary education in the New- ville public school, and graduated at the Millersville high school. His youth and early manhood were passed in assisting his father in the cultivation of the pater nal acres, and on reaching the age of twenty-eight years he settled on the farm which is now his home. For a number of years he conducted a large dairy, disposing of its products in the markets of Philadelphia, but is now en gaged exclusively in general farming.

He is a Republican in politics, and is a member of the Mennonite church at Line Lexington. Mr. Swartley married, March 28, 1885, Anna M., daughter of Oliver K. and Mary Jane (Stever) Myers. The latter was the daughter of Reuben Stever, who built the Dublin Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Swartley are the parents of the follow ing children: Mary M., who was born December 15, 1886, and died August 5, 1887: Harry M., born December 9, 1890; Sadie M., born March 9, 1892 ; Viola Mae, born April 18, 1900; and Minnie Isabella, born August 20, 1903, and died February 2, 1904.


Feb. 15 & 22, 1901 Reuben B. Fluck of near Dublin died.

Sept. 27, 1901 Isaac K. Rickert of Dublin died aged 82 years.

Oct. 3, 1902 Lavina, wife of Reuben Rickert of Dublin, died of a lingering illness. Rickert Lingering Illness

Dec. 19, 1902 Oswin, 4 year old son of Henry G. Keeler of Dublin, while coasting at his home ran into a team and was critically injured when a horse kicked him. Keeler Horse Kicked

PAUL BISHOP and MURIEL SWARTZ: Marriage: December 21, 1940, Dublin, PA

Lizzie Fretz Yost b: November 13, 1870 in Bedminister, Bucks, PA m: 1890 in Dublin, Bucks, PA d: 1937 in PA. Daughter of LaFayett Yost b: ? d: January 21, 1880 and Susan Fretz.

SWOPE ALFRED 1890 DUBLIN Marriage Groom

SWOPE GEORGE M. 1890 DUBLIN Marriage Groom's parent

SWOPE SARAH 1890 DUBLIN Marriage Groom's parent

SWOPE GEORGE 1901 DUBLIN Marriage Bride's parent

SWOPE MINNIE 1901 DUBLIN Marriage Bride

SWOPE SARAH ANN 1901 DUBLIN Marriage Bride's parent

SWOPE MAME 1904 DUBLIN Marriage Bride

SWOPE MARGARET 1904 DUBLIN Marriage Bride's parent

SWOPE WILLIAM 1904 DUBLIN Marriage Bride's parent

HAGER, Robert M.-53 (M)
Death 1986 in Dublin Bucks County PA
Spouse/Mate Sarah M. (May) HAMIL-54
Child Linda J. HAGER-55 (-)
Child Robert A. HAGER-56 (-)


Quakertown Free Press ~ Deaths 1893-1903

Feb. 15 & 22, 1901 Reuben B. Fluck of near Dublin died.

Sept. 27, 1901 Isaac K. Rickert of Dublin died aged 82 years.

Oct. 3, 1902 Lavina, wife of Reuben Rickert of Dublin, died of a lingering illness.

Dec. 19, 1902 Oswin, 4 year old son of Henry G. Keeler of Dublin, while coasting at his home ran into a team and was critically injured when a horse kicked him.


Chapter XLI Biographical Sketches – Plumstead

SAMUEL DETWEILER …farmer, P.O. Dublin, is a grandson of John Detweiler, who was a resident of Bedminster township, and lived on a farm which is now divided into four parts, all of which are owned by his descendants. He died in 1826. His wife was Barbara Myers. Their son, Peter, was the father of Samuel. He was born June 20, 1782, and died September 19, 1857. He was a tailor by trade, but on his marriage received that part of the farm where Jacob now lives. In 1816 he built the house now standing there. He was married April 25, 1809, to Hester Leatherman, who was born July 28, 1787, and died August 14, 1851. Both were members of the Old Deep Run Mennonite church. Of their five children Samuel is the only survivor. Two died young. Elizabeth was the wife of Christian Myers, and John L. was the father of Samuel, our subject, who was born August 20, 1814. He was married September 17, 1839, to Mary, daughter of Henry Baum. She was born in Springfield township September 17, 1817. Three years after his marriage his father bought his present home for him. His children are: Hester, wife of Henry H. Landes, of Hilltown township; Elizabeth, wife of John Miller, in Bedminster township; and Henry B., who is married to Hettie Burgey, of this township. Like his ancestors Mr. Detweiler is a member of the Old Deep Run Mennonite church, as are all of the family. He has been a trustee, and is one of the oldest members. He is one of the substantial citizens of the township.

DANIEL GOTWALS …director of Doylestown National bank, P.O. Gardenville, was born in Plumstead township, September 19, 1821, and is a son of Adam and Esther (Atherholt) Gotwals, natives of Montgomery county. The ancestors of the Gotwals family came from Switzerland several generations back. His mother’s family was of German descent. Mr. Gotwals’ father was a shoemaker and also carried on farming. He lived in Montgomery county until his marriage, when he moved to Plumstead township, where he carried on his trade. He was supervisor of the township for about twenty years. He and his wife are both deceased. They were the parents of five children: Mary, Daniel, and Esther, living; and Catherine and Sarah (deceased). Daniel Gotwals was reared on the farm until 19 years of age, when he began teaching school, continuing this about four years, when he was married. In 1845 he engaged in the mercantile business with his brother-in-law, Jonas Fretz, the partnership lasting five years. From 1850 to 1853 he was in the same business at Dublin, this county, and in the spring of 1853 returned to Gardenville and went in with his former partner. In 1865 Mr. Gotwals bought a property in Lumberville, which he traded for his present property in 1866. He continued in the mercantile business until 1884, when he gave it up to his son, Jonas, who still conducts it. In 1880 he bought the patent right of the perfection bed spring, of which he made a great success. He has been director of the Doylestown National bank for the past twenty-seven years, and has held a number of private offices. February 29, 1844, he married Sarah Fretz, by whom he had nine children, three living: Franklin, Jonas and William. Mr. and Mrs. Gotwals are members of the Christian church.

JAMES JEFFERSON GREER …retired merchant, P.O. Dublin, was born in this township in 1801. About the year 1732 two brothers, Matthew and John Greer, came from Dublin, Ireland, and located in Bucks county. They were unmarried, and one of them was quite young. They purchased three hundred acres of land, and Matthew married Jane Savidge, by whom he had six children. Matthew was the second child, and lived on the farm until his death. He married, Sarah, daughter of James Snodgrass, of Bucks county. They had six children, two of whom died when young. James Jefferson was the second son. His father died in 1811, when the farm was divided between four of the children, John, James Jefferson, Jane and Ann. Our subject remained on the homestead farm until he was 27 years old. He then married Eliza, daughter of Griffith and Mary (Matthias) Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Greer have three sons and three daughters: Joseph, engaged in the mercantile business at Newtown; John, on the home farm; Mary, at home; Sarah, married and living in Philadelphia; James, a lawyer in Philadelphia; and Jane Ann (Mrs. Andrews, of Washington, D. C.). For fifty-eight years Mr. Greer has been engaged in the mercantile business, and his long continuance in that trade has made his name a familiar one throughout the county, and he is universally respected. Mrs. Greer died in 1870. Mr. Greer is now 86 years old, and has but recently given up business. He was president of the Doylestown and Dublin turnpike, but soon resigned that position. He has always been a member of the Presbyterian church, and politically he is a stanch democrat.

ENOS F. HUNSBERGER …farmer, P.O. Plumsteadville, is a grandson of Isaac Hunsberger, a descendant of one of three brothers who came from Germany in the early part of the last century. Isaac removed to Juniata county, where he died, his wife returning to this county with her children. She died in Hilltown about forty-five years ago. Their son, Abraham, was father of Enos. He was born in this county in October, 1786, and died in Hilltown in February, 1860. He was an industrious man, and of good repute. His wife, Nancy Fretz, was born in Hilltown in 1795, and died in September, 1863. They had nine children: Susanna, Martin, Isaac, Elizabeth and John, who are deceased; and Esther, Annie and Abraham F., all living in Dublin; and Enos F., who was the youngest, and was born January 4, 1835. On his marriage he removed to his present home, then owned by his wife’s father, but which he subsequently bought. In this house Mrs. Hunsberger was born and has lived all her life. She was born March 3, 1837, and is a daughter of Peter and Anna Loux. Mr. and Mrs. Hunsberger have had five children, of whom two, Anna L. and Sarah, died young. The others are: Emma L., Peter L., and Harvey D., all at home. The family are members of the Old Deep Run Mennonite church. Mr. Hunsberger is an honest, straightforward man. He has been school director for several years.

WORMAN STONEBACK …wholesale queensware dealer in Philadelphia, and a resident of Quakertown, was born in Rockhill township, this county, in 1838. The former spelling of the name was Steinbach. Henry Steinbach, great-grandfather of Worman, was born in Germany in 1750 and died in 1795, and was buried in Keller’s church, Bedminster township. His son, John, grandfather of our subject, was born in 1782 and died in 1864. Robert, the father of our subject, was the eldest son of a family of nine children, six sons and three daughters. He was born in Dublin, Bucks county, in 1806, and during his life held many positions of trust, most prominent among which was that of recorder of Bucks county. He was elected by the democratic party. He was married to Lydia, eldest daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Worman, of this county. Born to this couple were five children, two sons and three daughters, all of whom are deceased, except our subject, who was the eldest son. The father died in 1880, aged 74 years. His wife survived him and is now in her 70th year. Our subject was married in 1868 to Joanna, daughter of William Bush and his wife Christiana, formerly of Philadelphia, but now residents of Quakertown. The result of this union was three children: Ella (deceased), Blanche Lydia and Robert Eugene. Mr. Stoneback was graduated from the Philadelphia High school in 1855. For a period of nineteen years he was employed in the capacity of agent at Quakertown for the North Pennsylvania railroad company. In 1880 he gave up this position and engaged in the coal and lumber business, which he successfully carried on till 1885, when he engaged in his present business, that of wholesale queensware. The business is under the firm name of Thomas C. Atherholt & Co., the partners being natives of Bucks county, and former residents of this place. Mr. Stoneback is a member of the Dutch Reformed church. In politics he is a stanch democrat.


Descendants of Franklin and Catharine Alderfer

Franklin Alderfer, Sr., met Catharine Landis, who lived at Dublin. But as a result of their marriage they took up their residence near Dublin in Bucks County and farmed there. He also did custom hauling with horses to Philadelphia and east and west in Bucks and Montgomery counties. In this way he opened the business world to his children.

Early Families - HEACOCK - Part II
  • Willard Hosiery Mill in Dublin
  • Dublin Pants Factory
  • H. Dariff & Son Clothing Factory of Dublin.
  • Some time later during an attempted robbery at Colonel Robinson's tavern in Dublin, Joseph Doan was shot and captured.

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ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1864) 2nd Inaugural

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan - to do all which may achieve a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations. 


A Timeline of Bucks County History - Mercer Museum PDF


  • The Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), the state tree of Pennsylvania, is one of the dominant trees of the Commonwealth's forests...
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