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Southampton Baptist Meeting Burials

The beginnings of the Old School Baptist Meetinghouse in Southampton go back to John Hart and to 1682, the year Pennsylvania was founded.
John Hart, a Quaker freeholder of Whitney in Oxfordshire was a First Purchaser. In England he bought a thousand acres from William Penn, the present site of Ivyland.

Fifty-five persons who had been members of the Pennypack Baptist Meeting, some for more than 50 years, petition for dismissal to form their own church at Southampton in 1746.
Southampton Tricentennial 1685-1985

The original 55 members.

  1. Rachel Dungan
  2. Susarnch? Thomas
  3. Elizabeth Bato?nin
  4. Elizabeth Hellings
  5. Rebeckah Humphrys
  6. Mary Newman
  7. Ann Potts
  8. Sarah Stephens
  9. Elizabeth Morforo
  10. Mary Parry, a Negroe
  11. Sarah Neefty
  12. Lucy Chamberlin
  13. Joanna Gilbert
  14. Eleanor Hart
  15. Elizabeth Yerkes
  16. Elizabeth Watts
  17. Sarah Shan
  18. Mary Dungan
  19. Grace Morgan
  20. Sarah Murray
  21. Esther Banes
  22. Mary Jones
  23. Mary Gilbert
  24. Elizabeth Hart
  25. Jane Yerkes
  26. John Jones
  27. Clement Dungan
  28. David Dungan
  29. James Dungan
  30. David Rees
  31. Joseph Banes
  32. John Batenin
  33. Joseph Hart
  34. Lewis Rees
  35. Isaac Eaton
  36. Silas Yerkes
  37. Oliver Hart
  38. John M. Hellings
  39. Thomas Dungan
  40. Jeremiah Dungan
  41. Thomas Potts
  42. Nicholas Gilbert
  43. Robert Parsons
  44. Samuel Gilbert
  45. John Hart Thomas
  46. Dungan, Jr.
  47. Stephen Watts
  48. Joshua Potts
  49. ?? Morgan
  50. John Eaton
  51. John Morforo
  52. John Harrison
  53. John Shaw 1.

    1682 John Hart arrives from England

    1692 Worship group meets in Southampton Farm Houses

    1731 First meeting house built of logs

    1772 Stone Meetinghouse erected at the present site

    1814 Meetinghouse remodeled as it is at present site

    1977 Designated as National Historic Site 1..

    1. Three Centuries of History Southampton Pennsylvania (Gus Wiencke).

    The meeting house is located on 2nd Street Pike in Southampton PA. and The building remains in it’s original state. Thanksgiving non-denominational services are held each year. The source was written in script and difficult to read, see tombstone inscriptions, for additional names


    Research notes:

  1. Southampton Baptist Church is the oldest in the county and the 7th oldest in the state of Pennsylvania.
  2. In 1730 one acre was donated by John Morris for a meeting house and burial ground - plus a farm of 120 (112) acres near County Line Road. The pastor was not paid a salary and had to make a living selling his crops in Philadelphia where he went once a week.
  3. The church was founded in 1731 on what was called The Middle Road (Second Street Pike)
  4. The church became official April6, 1746 with 46 members
  5. Today, the church is only open several times a year for commemorative functions.
  6. Maple Avenue was laid out in 1814 to create an access road to the church.
  7. In 1833 the pastor received a salary and no longer had to farm to support his family. A parsonage was built closer to the church on the present site of Bethanna.
  8. The last elder (any of various church officers) of the church died in 1918 and is buried in the church yard.
  9. There is a grave in the rear of the church - the Reverand John Watts - he is really buried at Cold Spring, hear Bristol. This Gravestone is to mark the respect the church had for his memory.
  10. Twenty three men who served in the revolutionary War are buried here.
    John Addis Died 1818 age 62
    Enoch Addis Died 1830 age 71
    Matthew Banes Died 1788 age 63
    Thomas Beans Died 1824 age 71
    Benjamin Corson Died 1811 age 69
    John Dungan Died 1798 age 45
    Joseph Dungan Died 1810 age 58
    Thomas Dungan Died 1811 age 60
    John Folwell (CAPT) Died 1808 age 66
    Thomas Folwell Died 1813 age 76
    Joseph Hart (COL) Died 1788 age 72
    Isaac Hough Died 1786 age 61
    Benjamin Jones Died 1797 age 49
    David Marple Died 1829 age 54
    James McNeal Died 1821 age 72
    Joseph Miller Died 1807 age 75
    John Perkins Died 1838 age 84
    Jonathan Potts Died 1840 age 81
    Evan Thomas Died 1810 age 75
    John Thomas Died 1806 age 77
    Lambert Vandike Died 1811 age 61
    Arthur Watts Died 1809 age 78
    Stephen Watts Died 1794 age 84

  11. There are nineteen Civil War Veterans buried at the graveyard adjoining Southampton Baptist Church.
    John Davis' tombstone inscription reads. "He served his country in the field and in congress." He died April 1, 1878 (Davisville was named after the Davis family)

    Five were killed during the war years.

    Edwin R. Blaker, age 34
    James M. Hart
    Jonathan Hellings, age 33
    Comly Jones, age 22
    Howard H. Terry, age 22
  12. In 1978 the property was placed on the National Register (The official list of cultural resources).
  13. Among those members of the First Board of Trustee's that are buried here:
    Arthur watts, 1809 age 78
    Thomas Folwell, 1813 age 76
    Captain John Folwell, 1808 age 66
    Colonel Joseph Hart, 1788 age 72


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