HAYCOCK at The Bucksville Centennial Celebration held June 11th, 1892 printed 1893

Haycock was finally organized in 1763, but the first effort was made in 1743. Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Old Bethlehem Road Applebachsville PA 18951 215-536-5789 Haycock was formed of territory that may be called the "odds and ends" left after all the surrounding townships had been organized. Early settlers included: John Anderson, Thomas and Patrick McCarty, William Bryan, Isaac Evans, Stokes descended from Thomas son of John, of London, who was born in 1640. A log meeting-house was built for use by the Baptist congregation.

The first petition to become a township was made soon after 1740 and signed by twenty dwellers. They were: Silas McCarty, Joseph Dennis, Griffith Davis, William Bryan, John Stokes, Abraham Gooding, Dennis Honan, Edward Bleaney, John Deane, John Nicholas, James Sloan, Hendrich Henecke, C.H. Steinbach, Jacob Rohr, Martin Scheiff, George Schuman, Balthass Steueber, Stephen Acraman, and John George Desch. 2

The total area of land on the mountain now controlled by the Game commission is 826.6 3

Haycocks Honor Roll Images of Haycock

Haycock Mennonite Haycock Mennonite Sheard's Mill Thatcher


Intelligencer 5/9/1854 Laying of corner stone - On Sunday the14th of May, the corner stone of the Catholic Church of Haycock, will be laid by the Bishop of Philadelphia, at 11 o'clock, a.m.  The friends of the Church are all invited to attend.  May 9, 1854

Doylestown Daily Intelligencer (Doylestown, Pennsylvania) 1932 > July > 23 > 3
Land Owners Take Notice

Notice is hereby given to Owners and Tenants, under Act of april 12, 1931, to cut and destroy all kinds of thistles growing on their porperties in Haycock Township, Bucks Co., PA. If not cut and destroyed this nuisance shall be reported to George Freyling, Constable. Endorsed by Board of Supervisors.

Doylestown Daily Intelligencer (Doylestown, Pennsylvania)
1832 > August > 08 >

Two marriages reported in this issue of "The Intelligencer". they were those of John S. Nicholas, Bedminster, and Miss Edith e. Sterner, Haycock.

The Bucks County Gazette - 1885 February 5

In Haycock 260 votes were cast against prohibition and only one vote for it.

Haycock Township and Eddie Bauer from 1910 to 1970 STOVER SCHOOL HOUSE
The old Stover School House was built in 1899. HAYCOCK FIRE COMPANY Haycock Township SHEARD'S MILL COVERED BRIDGE Strawntown
Named for the Strawn family, never had another name. Originally the family name was spelled Strahan, Strawhn and Strawhan. 3Danneltown
Place Names of Bucks County Sources This bygone hamlet on Haycock Mountain lay on both sides of a road which skirts the northern edge of the mountain and extends from Gallows to Applebachsville.  Two brothers Hiram and Jesse O'Dannel (perhaps O'Daniel) came from Ireland to Bucks County and founded Danneltown. The O'Dannels built one story log houses with one room, one door and one window.Saint John's parish (Roman Catholic), Haycock origin from the latter part of the last century, when the pastors at Goshenhoppen included the seated population of the faith in this section in their pastoral labors. The families of McCarty, Garden, Doren, Sanders (Irish)…Battle's History of BC (1887), page 642
CEMETERIES St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery, 1747
Applebachsville Union (St. Paul), 1855
William Bryan Burying Ground, 1747
Haycock Mennonite Cemetery, 1938Rev. and Mrs. Warren NICKEL of Applebachsville, Bucks County visited the family of Mr. and Mrs. M.N. HUTTEL of this borough, in the former part of the  week.
Ref: Town and Country Newspaper
Pennsburg, Montgomery County, PA
Saturday - April 15, 1905

  John Long's coverled book, 1815 (1815)

Davis' History of Bucks County , Vol 1, page 450.

"A mile east of Richlandtown, on the road to Doylestown and near the cross-roads at Loux's smith-shop, Haycock, is an old graveyard, where was once a log Methodist church, but taken down half a century ago.  On a ruined gravestone can be read the initials, J. M., the latter letter being supposed to stand for Mofley, an inhabitant of the neighborhood."

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Haycock's One Room Schools

  • Applebachsville School
  • Stover's Mill
  • New Harrisburg School
  • Mt. Airy School
  • Dunlap School
  • Hickory Grove School

Intelligencer March 11, 1873

Applebachsville March 1,1873 Elizabeth Seems , late John Seems

Applebachsville February 22, 1873 at John Ahlum Hotel, samuel Eggert (69)

Haycock February 22,1873 William S. Beck (47) of Typhoid Fever



A Timeline of Bucks County History - Mercer Museum PDF

ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1864) 2nd Inaugural

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan - to do all which may achieve a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations. 


  • The Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), the state tree of Pennsylvania, is one of the dominant trees of the Commonwealth's forests...
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