John A.


Pennsylvania Correspondent
Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

April 30, 1807 issue:
MURDERED, in Centreville the 7th inst. captain John A. Gooch, of the above town, of a pistol ball shot by Robert Trimble. The amiable, generous and humane disposition of this young man, endeared him to every person of his acquaintance. He has left an amiable young widow. All his acquaintance lament his untimely death: and the citizens of Centreville and of Livingston county, pledge themselves to make up and pay a reward of two hundred dollars to any person or persons who shall apprehend the said Robert Trimble, and lodge him in any jail in the United States, or that shall secure him so that he might be brought to condign (?) punishment.

The said Robert Trimble is a young man about five feet eleven inches high, close set, straight and heavy made, about 23 or 24 years of age, he is regularly featured, but in general of a downcast look of his eyes and eyebrows, dark hair and dark eyes.

Hiram M'Daniel, Enoch Price, James Hawthorn, Robert LEEPER, James Ritchie, sen. David Kline, Joshua Scott, Jesse Ford, Robert M'Connell, A. Gooch, Moses Shelby, Horatio Merry, Isaac Ballard, W. Armstrong, James Deacon, Robert Hodge, George Brown. Livingston county, March 7.






DELHAAS Class 59



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