Nancy Janyszeski


The Bucks County History website was created in 1997 and after all these years continues to be a work in progress.


Specialty, Bucks County Research.







Bucks County Research

If you are looking for a Bucks County Lookup, the following may be of interest.

A lookup in all of the LISTED RESOURCES . This would be for one specific name where a reference date and location are included. When making a request, be as specific as you can and only 1 name per request.

The results will include the exact data found in each of the resources.


A PDF formatted report will list the resource checked along with the findings for each source. The results will not be interpreted

Specific Look Ups

There is also the option to request lookups in specific resources of those listed for $25.00 per hour, a minimum of $25.00.


For questions regarding how the research works, e-mail


Over 30 years of research experience, specializing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.