Southampton was organized in 1703.  Davisville Baptist - 325 Street Road Southampton PAIn the proceedings of the provincial council, 1685, fixing the boundary line between Bucks and Philadelphia counties, Southampton and Warminster are called by their present names. But at that early day these townships were not organized subdivisions of the county, but were only settlements with English names. The report of the jury laying out the group of townships, in 1692, concludes thus: Southampton and the lands about it, with Warminster, one, which means that these two townships, with the unorganized lands adjoining, embracing Northampton and probably Warwick, should be considered one township.

When Thomas Holme made his map of the province, in 1684, there were thirteen land-owners in what is now Southampton,--John Gilbert, Thomas Hould, Thomas Groom, Joseph Jones, Robert Marsh, John Swift, Enoch Flowers, Jonathan Jones, Mark Betris, Richard Wood, John Luffe, John Martin and Robert Pressmore.1


bullet Churchville
post office ... established in 1872, with John S. Stoop postmaster.
page 212, Davis' History of Bucks County 1876

North & Southampton Reformed Church

North and Southampton Reformed Church (Churchville, Pa.)

Church: Churchville Presbyterian Church, Marriages, 1738-1810, Bucks County, PA.

Neshaminy (Southampton) Dutch Reformed Church, Churchville, Bucks Co., Pa. 1710-1820

Find A Grave

  • Old School Baptist Meeting House
  • Southampton: Old School Meetinghouse of Southampton, Pennsylvania
    • Southampton Baptist Church, also known as the Old School Baptist Meetinghouse is  the oldest Baptist Church in Bucks County.
bullet Davisville Baptist Church


Southampton has two post offices besides Davisville, Feasterville, established in 1831, with William Cottman postmaster...
page 212, Davis' History of Bucks County 1876


Lower Southampton Township Historical Society

1500 Desire Avenue
Feasterville PA 19053
215.355.1183 (Library)


The Southampton Historical Society has published a picture history of Lower Southampton Township. "Travel Through... Feasterville Trevose Siles Neshaminy Falls Park". Among the families mentioned are: Doan, Yerkes, Austin, Benner, Worthington and Hare.

TAMANEND PARK was first sold by William Penn to John Martin. The property passed through several owners before being sold to Richard Leedom in 1713. Richard Leedom was the first owner to actually live in Pennsylvania. It is documented that Richard's son, William, already resided there in 1740 when he acquired the property from his father. Most probably the house was built by Richard for his son William. the property remained in the possession of the Leedom family until 1859. 2 The roots of the Southampton Baptist Church reach back to a group of dissident Friends called "Keithian Quakers" who merged with members of the Church of Lower Dublin, also known as the Pennypack Baptist church. ** The well preserved Meetinghouse with its four pot-belly stoves is just as it was in 1814. Members played a strong part in the American War for Independence. Joseph Hart was a colonel in Washington's army. Oliver Hart won South Carolina to the patriot cause. David Jones, a minister, served as a fighting chaplain" all through the American Revolution and War of 1812. ** but continued their meetings at regular intervals, at John Swift's, John Chamberlin's and John Morris's, to about 1732, meanwhile John Watts, John Hart, Samuel Jones, George Eaton and Jenkins Jones preaching for them. In 1732 John Morris gave a lot to build a meeting-house on, and one hundred and 12 acres to support the minister. The house was erected and services held one Sunday in the month by Joseph Eaton, Montgomery, and by Jenkins Jones on a week day...In 1748 Oliver Hart and Isaac Eaton, both members, were licensed to preach, and became distinguished ministers. The former was called to Charleston, South Carolina, the latter to Hopewell, New Jersey. 3 The last living member, Sara Taylor, died in 1986. I personally have attended services here.2

EATON. . The will of George Eaton, Lower Dublin, Philadelphia county, was executed September 14, 1706. and probated October 16. It is recorded in Book 6. pp. 33-41. register's office, Philadelphia. It is recorded at this period that John Eaton, a member, was suspended for "some unbecoming carriage" at the election at Newtown. 3


bullet 2003 celebrates the 75th Anniversary of Lower Southampton Township, established in 1928.
bullet John Chittick descendants came from Ireland in 1837 and owned the Feasterville General Store.
bullet Harding Family Cemetery on Bridgetown Pike across from the Copper Kettle Restaurant
bullet Trevose-Feasterville
bullet Assumption BVM





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  • The Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), the state tree of Pennsylvania, is one of the dominant trees of the Commonwealth's forests...
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