10 Elizabeth Blackledge, b. about 1765; m. 6-8-1786, Eli KENNARD.


Joseph Boutcher, eldest son of Benjamin and Elinor (Vandegrift) Boutcher, was born September 15, 1811. At the age of fourteen years he took up the trade of a wheelwright with his father, and followed it during the active years of his life. He married Elizabeth Killey, daughter of Captain Edward and Elizabeth (KENNARD) Killey, who was born in Douglass, Isle of Man. Captain Killey was a native of the Isle of Man, and came to this country when a young man and learned the trade of a sail-maker. During the war of 1812 he was captain of the ship "Roebu?k," Blackledge Family History


J.H.Battle's History of Bucks County

The First Baptist church of Bristol was constituted September 29, 1848, with  fifteen members, viz., Amos Corson, Peter W. Appleton, Mary A.  Pennington, Melissa Kinsey, Mary Earl, Margaret A. Booz, Susan Booz, Mary  A. Sneger, Margaret Wesinger, Mary ppleton, Elizetta Corson, Maria A.  Corson, Emily Forest, Caroline Murphy, and Sarah Johnson. A council was  immediately called to consider the propriety of recognizing this body as a  regular Baptist church. This council was composed of delegates from several  churches of Philadelphia, and many honored names appear in the records  on this occasion, among them Doctors Ide, KENNARD, Dodge, Gillette, Allison,  and Hansell.

Bucks County Transcript 1781






1795 to 1822 Marriages from the docket of Isaac Hicks Justice of the Peace Bucks County


1776, April 12, John Hays of Northampton and Tacy KENNARD of Bedminister.



Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

HOOD, JONATHAN.  Oxford, Co. of Philadelphia.  Mealman. February 20, 1730/1.  March 13, 1730.  E.148. Sister-in-Law:  Sarah James.  Son-in-Law:  Samuel Hogsflesh. Brothers:  Samuel, Thomas.  Friends:  Samuel KENNARD, Richard Busby, Tamar and  Jonathan Carmalt.  Cousins:  Sarah Price, Mary and Hannah Wood, Martha  and Ann Bonsell, David Thomas, Mary Claypoole, John, Deborah, Sarah and  Thomas Hood.  Meeting of Oxford.  Exec:  Thomas Leach, Thomas Hood. Witnesses:  Daniel Worthington, Joseph Worthington, Josiah Gates.


"Abstracts of Philadelphia Co. Wills, 1810 - 1815

Westminster, Maryland F. Edward Wright  "


A Collection of Papers Read Before the Bucks County Historical Society, Volume 7, page 241

The Hermit of the Wolf Rocks
Discovery at the Wolf Rocks
Buckingham Bucks County

The facts from well authenticated sources are as follows: On the morning of that day as William KENNARD, a well-known colored man of this township, was passing along the foot of the Wolf Rocks, he observed smoke issuing from the rocks and heard a strange noise like the rattling of tinware.


Jemima KENNARD was born in Plumstead Township in 1744 and died in 1840. Her husband Amos C. Reed died in 1834. Amos C. Reed was a private in the Army of the Revolution. Jemima and Amos were married either July or August 1780 .


John Henry Cunningham
Gregath Co., 1992 - Reference - 294 pages


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ABRAHAM LINCOLN (1864) 2nd Inaugural

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan - to do all which may achieve a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations. 



  • The Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), the state tree of Pennsylvania, is one of the dominant trees of the Commonwealth's forests...
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