Conrad Crouse

THE CROUSE FAMILY settled in upper Bucks county, Pennsylvania, in 1751. Michael Krouse (.as the name was formerly written), the founder, and his wife Anne Barbara landed in Philadelphia from Germany, September 3, 1758. He located and acquired land in Nockamixon township, near the Narrows of the Delaware rivei. They belonged to the Reformed church. He enlisted in a company that was formed in Durham township, and served in the Revolutionary war. We find in the old family papers and records that the name was spelled "Krouse" down until about the year 1800, after which the name is generally written "Grouse." The writer is not in possession of the exact date of the death of Michael Grouse, Sr., or his wife Anne Barbara, but the former died about 1812. They had three sons and two daughters, viz.: Jacob, Frederick and Conrad, Hannah, and Mary Margaret. The latter married Jacob Lechleiter, who was the founder of the Lechleiter family in Nockamixon. He died March 20, 1855, aged ninety-one years. His wife, Mary Margaret, died May 23, 1847, aged seventy-nine years. Hannah married a Mr. Pursell, and they lived in what is now the village of Bridgeton, Pennsylvania. She died there at a good old age, leaving many descendants. The oldest son, Jacob Grouse, married and settled in Hunterdon county, New Jersey. He had three sons: Jacob, John and William. The former married and settled in Milford, New Jersey, where he died in 1900 at an advanced age. The son, John Grouse, married Lucy Butler and they had a large family of sons. They moved to Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, about 1850, where he died leaving many descendants.

The other son, William Grouse, was twice married. He settled in Warren county, New Jersey, and raised a large family .of sons and daughters, who are scattered through Warren and Hunterdon counties, New Jersey. Frederick, the second son of Michael Grouse, Sr., was born in 1766; he married Catharine Schell, and settled in Nockamixon township, where he died April 21, 1845, aged seventy-nine years. His wife, Catharine, died February 23, 1849, aged eighty-two years. They had two children, Jacob and Sarah. The latter married Jacob Overpeck of Durham township, Bucks county. They had three children: Frederick, Philip, and Sarah; they all married and left many descendants. Jacob, the only son of Frederick Grouse, married Susan Mills; they raised a large family of children. Conrad Grouse, the third son of Michael Crouse, Sr., was born in 1768. He married Elizabeth Moyer, and settled on the old homestead in Nockamixon township. He died in 1796, leaving a widow and three small children; his will speaks of one son Michael, and two daughters, one of which must have died in childhood, as no further mention is made of her. The other daughter Elizabeth grew to womanhood and married Joseph Raisner; they settled in New Jersey near Lambert- ville, and had one daughter, who married Carnelious Arnett, of Lambertville, New Jersey. Michael Crouse, Jr., born January 22, 1793, was the father of the writer of this sketch; he was only three years old when his father, Conrad Crouse, died. He learned the mason trade and was educated in English and German. He taught school for many years, it being required in those days to teach both languages in the schools cf the upper districts of Bucks county. He was constable of. the township for several years, and held a lieutenant's commission in the Pennsylvania militia. In 1820 he married Sarah Cole, who was born December 5, 1797. She was the daughter of Tunis and Julia Cole, who lived in Holland, New Jersey, and whose parents immigrated from Holland many years before. Tunis Cole was born February 6, 1754, and died February 17, 1816. His wife, Julia, born September 10, 1762, died January 21, 1834.Michael Crouse, Jr., after his marriage, settled on the old homestead. They had ten children, five sons and five daughters, viz.: Conrad F., Jacob W., Michael, Frederick, and Andrew Jackson. Eliza, Elizabeth, Sarah Ann, Catharine, and Hannah. The first son, Conrad F. Crouse, born April 27, 1827, was a steam engineer by occupation. He was twice married; his first wife was Julia Ann Ellicott; they had three children: Oscar, Warren, and Sallie. The mother died September 7, 1858. His second wife Caroline. Kerbaugh, to whom he was married August 27, 1859, bore him five children : John, Mary, Lizzie, Alice and Carie.


The family then moved to Milnesville, Luzerne county, Pennsylvania. During the Civil war he served in the Forty-fifth Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia. He died June -8, 1901, in the seventy-fifth year of his age. Eliza married Andrew Shaw, of Carvers- ville, Bucks county. They had four children : Charles, Sallie, Mary, and Ella. Eliza Shaw died July 8, 1865, Elizabeth Crouse, born December 14, 1823, married Chapman Large, of DoyleStown, Pennsylvania. They had four children: John, Martha, Alice, and Fannie. Elizabeth died July 15, 1891. Jacob W. Crouse, second son of Michael Crouse, Jr., was born March 14. 1829; by occupation he was a carpenter. He served during the war for the Union in Company F, One Hundred and Seventy-fourth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He married Eliza Freeling in 1852; they had four children: Annie S., who married B. Frank Rapp; Alice and Frederick W. died in childhood ; and Clara! who married Lee Ott. of Tinicum. Jacob W. Crouse settled in Lrhlertown, and was a consistent member and elder in the upper Tinicum Reformed church. He died November 3, 1884. Sarah Ann Crouse, born July 13, 1831, married Amos Smith, of Smith corner, Plumstead township. They had nine children, three of whom died in childhood and those who grew up were: Mary Ellen, wife-of Israel Wismer. Michael, who married Hannah Overholt and settled at Smith Corner; he died in 1902. Alice, who married Reuben Walters; she died in 1896, leaving one son, Austin Walters. Jacob Smith, who married Miss Anne Gearhart they live at Ambler, Pennsylvania. Emma, who married Samuel Lear. Kate, who married John Nash. All live at Smith Corner.  (THIS IS MY ANCESTOR) Michael Crouse, third son of Michael Crouse, Jr., born July I, 1833, xvas accidentally drowned in the Delaware river opposite Burlington, New Jersey, September 24, I°43- Frederick Crouse, fourth son of Michael Crouse, Jr., was born July 4, 1835. He served his country during the great Civil war as a member of Company C, One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers; he was severely wounded in the battle of Antietam, Maryland, September 17, 1862. He was by occupation a telegraph operator, having opened the first telegraph office at Riegelsville, New Jersey, in 1864, serving fourteen years After being discharged from the United States army in 1863 on account of wounds received in battle, he was appointed by the provost marshal of the Fifth Military District as enrolling officer, and served as such until the close of the war. In 1867 he was appointed postmaster at Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, and managed the office with credit to himself and satisfaction to the government for seventeen years. In politics he is a Republican.  He married Mary A. Kerbaugh, December 13, 1856; she was the daughter of Josiah and Maria Kerbaugh, of Northampton county, Pennsylvania. They had eight children, four of whom died in childhood. Those living are: Stewart C, Clara. Gertrude, and Sallie May. Stewart C. Crouse married Sallie S. Atkinson, daughter of Jesse H. and Martha Atkinson of Dolmgton, Bucks county. Three children blessed this union: Jesse Clyde, Mary and Frederick. The mother died July i.j, 1888. J. Clyde Grouse married Florci.ce Souders, of Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, June I, 1904, and settled in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He is a civil engineer in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Stewart C. Crouse was married twice, his second wife being Miss Kate Giant, of' Philadelphia; they have four children: Margarite, Wil- «not, Grace, and Emily. He resides in Bound Brook, New Jersey, and is employed in the telegraph department of the New Jersey Central Railroad. Clara, daughter of Frederick Crouse, was born June 25, 1864; she married John W. Thompson, of Riegelsville, Pennsylvania, by occupation a carriage painter. They settled in Riegelsville and have two children living, viz: Florence May, and John.Elsworth; a third child, died in childhood, named Alma. Gertrude, second daughter of Frederick Crouse, was born June 21, 1874; she married Sylvester Dillon, a mechanic of Lehnensburg, and they reside in Riegelsville, and havo three children: Mildred Rebecca, Laurence and Evelyne. Sallie May, third daughter of Frederick Crouse, was born in July, 1876; she married Peter Heater, a foundry- . man of Durham. They reside at Alburtis, Pennsylvania, and have one daughter, Malvene. Catharine, daughter of Michael Crouse, Jr., was born March 27, 1837; she remained single and died March 20, 1885. Hannah, the youngest daughter, born September 29, 1839, died December 8, 1852. Andrew Jackson Crouse, youngest son of Michael Crouse, Jr., was born January i, 1843. He grew to manhood and married Mrs. Helena Kerbaugh, widow of John B. Kerbaugh, a member of Company C, One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, who was killed at the battle of Antietam, Maryland, September 17, 1862, leaving a daughter, Lizzie, who married Oscar Tettemer, of Tinicum township, where they reside. Andrew Jackson Crouse resides in Riegelsville, and is employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company as clerk at the Riegelsville Station. He served his country during the Civil war in the Forty-fifth Pennsylvania Militia, Union League Regiment, and afterwards as a member of Company G, Twenty- eighth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He is a past commander of Colonel Samuel Croasdale Post, Grand Army of the Republic. He is also a member and holds office in St. John's Reformed church of Riegelsville. In politics he is a Democrat, although he never sought office. They had four children, viz.; Charles W., Ada A., Idia and Jennie ; the two latter died in childhood. The daughter, Ada A., born April 14, 1875, holds a position in the Durham Knitting Mill. The son. Charles W. Crouse, born March 5, 1868. was married to Anetta Rader. of Martins Crock. Pennsylvania, on June 10, 1891. They reside in New York city, where he holds the position of bookkeeper for a large firm. Two children have blessed this union: George, and Aubrey. Helena, wife of Andrew J. Crouse, died April 21, 1892. Mr. Crouse married, October 24, 1894, Miss Emma Lear, of Plumstead township, Bucks county, Pa.

 "History of Bucks County" by W. W. H. Davis f

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