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Geneology Notes:


1. John Doyle enlisted in the Revolutionary War and served throughout the struggle for Independence.  His military records are listed in the Pennsylvania Archives, Six Series, Volume One, page 421.  Many of his descendants are members of the DAR through him. He fought during the war in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.  His descendants founded the towns of Doylestowns, PA and Doylestown, Wisconsin.


2. James Alexander Doyle was sheriff of Oconee, South Carolina and a member of the South Carolina General Assembly.


3. Rhodum was a trustee of Bounty land and was a Elder in the Presbyterian Church.


4. Simon was a major of South Carolina Militia with Col. Elie. He was Territorial Governor of Nebraska when Buckanan was president.


5. Oliver Miller was a prominent physician and politician and was also an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.


6. John Henry Doyle was described in one document as being very intelligent and a constant reader. He was born in Oconee County, South Carolina and married Jane Miller in Oconee County.  They moved to Claiborne Parish in Louisiana.  He was a farmer.  He also fought in the Civil War along with his sons.  It has also been said that he walked several times back and forth to Texas.   Most of his children moved to Texas. He and Jane are listed on the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Federal Census of Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.  Prior to that, in South Carolina.  He died in 1881 in Kechi, Louisiana.  


7. William & Elizabeth died at their daughters home (Sally Doyle Abbott). They have marked graves at the Dendy plot graveyard on the Hughes Farm at Richland, South Carolina.


8. David Doyle was born in Georgia. Some records indicate the year was 1841 while another indicates 1843. Also, some census records has his middle name as “Priestly” while his wife’s Pension application lists it as “Paul.”  His father, John Henry Doyle, was probably on his way to Louisiana stopping in Rome, Georgia as he had brothers living there.  In those days, it took awhile to relocate because people had to stop and work awhile to raise money before moving on.  David;s father, John, and mother, Jane Miller Doyle, were neighbors to William Bevill and his wife, Delila Harper Bevill in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.  David enlisted in the Confederate Army at Claiborne Parish in 1861 and served in the Civil War until the close of the war.  He served in the 12th Louisiana Regiment, Company “B”, Captain Scott. Copy of David’s wife, Elizabeth, Confederate Army Pension Application is attached.


After returning from war, on August 7, 1864, David and Elizabeth Bevill, daughter of William and Delila Bevill went across the line in Arkansas, Columbia County and returned to Claiborne Parish, LA.  They had two sons (Luther Volney and William (Willie)).  He was a farmer along with his father, John Henry. The family, along with Bevill relatives then moved to Texas.  This was prior to 1870 because David Doyle appeared on the federal census in 1870.  They had four girls and one boy in Texas.


David Doyle walked back to Louisiana several times.  The last time, he never returned. Elizabeth stated in her pension application that he died in Shreveport, LA.  Haven’t been able to locate any record of his death. He was described as being 5'10, 160 lbs, dark complexion and hair, blue eyes, and wore a mustache.


9. Luther Volney Doyle was born in 1866 in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana (read about his parents in note 8 above). He married Julia Johnson in Texas and had seven children. For the most part, he was a farmer but also did some work as a Water Meter Reader according to census information.  After his passing, his wife had a picture of Luther on the wall in his casket.


10. Flora Doyle was born in Denton, Texas in November 1870.  She was first married to Luther Davenport who was a known outlaw and rode with outlaw gangs. Together, they had three children.  Her second husband was George Dabbs, brother to her sisters husband (Sein Dabbs). Together, they had six children. Her family lived in Southland, Texas where she died on February 12, 1942.


11. Mittie Bertha Doyle was born in Denton County, Texas in 1873. On August 31, 1896 she married Henry Prem Townsend. They had six sons and three daughters.  Her story is in the Townsend story. Mittie died on February 22, 1965 in Portales, New Mexico.


12. James Doyle was born in 1879. No information other than he was a teacher.


13.  Myrtie Doyle was born in Texas in 1882.  Some sources list the spelling as “Mertie.”  She married Sein (Sim) Dabbs who was the brother of George Dabbs who married Myrtie’s sister Flora (see note 10).  Myrtie and Sein had five children. Myrtie died in Eastland, Texas in 1959. 


14. William (Willie) Doyle was born in 1869 in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. Read about parents in note 8 above.  He died at the age of 22 in Denton County, Texas and was unmarried. 


15. James Doyle married Jane Alexander in Maryland. It seems he moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland and died in Rutherford, North Carolina. He and Jane had at least five boys and probably daughters.


16. Edward I. Doyle, Pioneer Ancestor, came to Bucks County from Newport, Rhode Island with his father-in-law, Rev. Thomas Dungan.  Edward settled on land taken up by the Dungans in Bristol Township.  On June 9, 1696, he purchased  from his brother-in-law, Clement Dungan, 50 acres of land on the banks of the Delaware River and lived there until his death in the latter part of 1702 leaving a will dated Sept 16, 1702. They had three children that we know of: Edward, Clement, and Elizabeth who married Joseph Fell, the pioneer ancestor of the Fell family of Bucks county.  Edward and Clement Doyle, sons, both settled near Doylestown, the county seat which was named for the Doyle family.


17. Edward Doyle II and his brother, Clement, both settled near Doylestown.  Edward on the present site of the borough and county seat, and Clement, a mile north of the present borough, and both reared families whose descendants are now widely scattered over the United States.  One branch of Edwards resided just over the border in Montgomery County.  The others reside in Philadelphia. Edwards II purchased a tract of land fronting Court Street, Doylestown, Buck County, Penn. In 1730. He was a farmer but does not seem to have been  a successful agriculturist.  His estate was sold by the sheriff and purchased by his son, William Doyle, for whom the town was named.

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