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First Families of Pennsylvania - Isaiah MORGAN, 1764

Descendants of
Maria Ann MORGAN - ------------
1-Maria Ann MORGAN (25 Jan 1828-17 Dec 1909)
sp: Amos W. CLARK (18 Mar 1825-12 Apr 1886)
____2-Martha Ellen CLARK (1849-)
____2-Elizabeth (Mary) CLARK (2 Jul 1851-1 Sep 1929)
____sp: Mathias Conrad WAGNER (-)
______3-Lionel Amos WAGNER (25 Jan 1873-)
______3-Aimie WAGNER (13 Dec 1877-)
______3-Aaron Overbeck WAGNER (7 Feb 1880-)
______3-Mary Katherine WAGNER (23 Dec 1882-)
______3-William Paul WAGNER (21 Nov 1889-)
____2-Sylvester CLARK (1855-)
____2-Samuel G. CLARK (28 Aug 1857-18 Nov 1938)
____sp: Sarah Ann VANLUVANEE (27 Apr 1866-11 Feb 1955)
______3-Maria C. CLARK (24 Feb 1887-29 Jul 1922)
______sp: Samuel S TORBERT (1879-1935)
________4-Sarah TORBERT (-)
________4-Samuel (Sammy) TORBERT (-)
______3-Mattie CLARK (28 Nov 1888-23 May 1938)
______sp: Linton REYNOLDS (1889-)
______3-Earl V. CLARK (12 Jul 1896-09/00/1971)
______3-Jeannette Roberts (Nettie) CLARK (18 Apr 1889-25 Nov 1967)
______sp: Elmer Howard COYLE (12 Mar 1878-10 Nov 1953)
________4-John COYLE (-)
______3-Caroline (Carrie) S CLARK (28 Oct 1898-18 Jul 1942)
____2-Fannie M. CLARK (1862-)
____sp: MICHENER (-)
____2-Watson T. CLARK (1871-1924)
____sp: S. Annie (1870-)
______3-Ethel R. CLARK (1898-)
______3-Elizabeth CLARK (1901-)
____2-Annie CLARK (-)
____sp: WETZSTEIN (-)




, Grace- (F)
___Spouse/Mate Randal MORGAN-14

Child Abel MORGAN- (1737-)
Child Ann MORGAN- (5 Dec 1744-)
Child Enock MORGAN (14 Dec 1739-)
Child Grace MORGAN (13 Apr 1742-)
Child Mary MORGAN (20 Sep 1751-)
Child Randal MORGAN (25 Oct 175-)

, Letitia- (F)
Burial 23 Feb 1871 in Wrightstown Bucks County PA
Spouse/Mate Isaiah MORGAN-32

, Mary- (F)
___Spouse/Mate Abel MORGAN-22
Child Grace MORGAN (24 Jun 1766-)
Child William MORGAN (2 Jun 1769-)

, Mary- (F)
Birth 1768
Death 4 Mar 1849 in Wrightstown Bucks County PA (age 81)
___Spouse/Mate Isaiah MORGAN-

, Olive J.- (F)
Death 7 Sep 1935 in Warwick Bucks County Pa

MORGAN, Abel- (M)
Father Randal MORGAN (-)
Mother Grace-15 (-)
Birth 1737 in Southampton Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Abel- (M)
___Spouse/Mate Mary
Child Grace MORGAN (24 Jun 1766-)
Child William MORGAN-25 (2 Jun 1769-)

MORGAN, Amos- (M)
___Spouse/Mate Unknown-1
Child Ann MORGAN-3 (1829-1 Sep 1830)

MORGAN, Ann- (F)
Father Amos MORGAN (-)
Birth 1829
Death 1 Sep 1830 (age 1)

MORGAN, Ann- (F)
Father Randal MORGAN (-)
Mother Grace (-)
Birth 5 Dec 1744 in Southampton Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Ann- (F)
Father Joshua MORGAN (-)
Death 24 Jan 1836 in Warwick Bucks County Pa

MORGAN, Catharine- (F)
Father Thomas MORGAN (-)
___Spouse/Mate Griffith OWEN-8
MORGAN, Catharine (F)

MORGAN, Elizabeth (F)

MORGAN, Enock- (M)
Father Randal MORGAN (-)
Mother Grace (-)
Birth 14 Dec 1739 in Southampton Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Fanny- (F)
Father Samuel MORGAN (-)
Death 3 Feb 1842 in Upper Makefield Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Grace- (F)
Father Randal MORGAN (-)
Mother Grace (-)
Birth 13 Apr 1742 in Southampton Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Grace- (F)
Father Abel MORGAN (-)

Mother Mary (-)
Birth 24 Jun 1766 in Southampton Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Isaiah- (M)
Death 16 Dec 1838 in Upper Makefield Bucks County PA
___Spouse/Mate Mary

MORGAN, Isaiah- (M)
___Spouse/Mate Letitia-31

MORGAN, John- (M)
MORGAN, Joshua- (M)
___Spouse/Mate Unknown
Child Ann MORGAN (-24 Jan 1836)

MORGAN, Mary- (F)
MORGAN, Mary- (F)
Father Randal MORGAN-14 (-)
Mother Grace (-)
Birth 20 Sep 1751 in Southampton Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Mary- (F)
Burial 6 Mar 1849 in Wrightstown Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Moses- (M)
Death 5 May 1821 in Groton CT

MORGAN, Randal- (M)
___Spouse/Mate Grace-15
Child Abel MORGAN-16 (1737-)
Child Ann MORGAN-17 (5 Dec 1744-)
Child Enock MORGAN-18 (14 Dec 1739-)
Child Grace MORGAN-19 (13 Apr 1742-)
Child Mary MORGAN-20 (20 Sep 1751-)
Child Randal MORGAN-21 (25 Oct 175-)

MORGAN, Randal- (M)
Father Randal MORGAN-14 (-)
Mother Grace-15 (-)
Birth 25 Oct 175 in Southampton Bucks County PA

MORGAN, Samuel- (M)
Military 1781 in Lower Makefield
___Spouse/Mate Unknown-1
Child Fanny MORGAN-1 (-3 Feb 1842)

MORGAN, Thomas- (M)
Immigration 1721
___Spouse/Mate Unknown-1
Child Catharine MORGAN-6 (-)
MORGAN, Thomas-11 (M)

MORGAN, William-25 (M)
Father Abel MORGAN-22 (-)
Mother Mary-23 (-)
Birth 2 Jun 1769

OWEN, Griffith-8 (M)
___Spouse/Mate Catharine MORGAN-6


James MORGAN, ironmaster of Durham Furnace, was the father of Daniel MORGAN, the famous general of the Revolution. James's second wife was Sarah, daughter of Matheis Heinlein who arrived in Philadelphia, on the Bannister, from Amsterdam in 1754.

James and Sarah were married in 1775. Children of James' first wife were: Mordica, Abel, Jams, Samuel and Olivia. Abel became a noted physician in Philadelphia. Mordica, James and Samuel were lumbermen, and were purchasers of large tracts of land in the Upper Delawre and Susquehanna river country. Mordica purchased four hundred acres in Monroe county in 1785. Mordica and James settled at a place called Morgan's Hill, in Wayne County PA, where Sarah Heinlein passed her widowhood.

Daniel Boone's mother was a sister of James Morgan.

Dr. Abel Morgan removed to Morgan's Hill, in Williams township, below Easton PA.

Morgan, Martha Agnes, widow of John W. Morgan, d. July 12, 1948, in Doylestown, PA., aet. 83; native of Brooklyn, NY, daughter of late John Magee. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

Birth Death and Burials Wrightstown Monthly Meeting of Friends1684-1940

  • Page 109 Fanny Morgan, 2 mo 3, 1842 Upper Makefield Dau of Samuel Morgan
  • page 103 Ann Morgan 1 mo 24 1836 Warwick dau of Joshua Morgan
  • Page 209 Eliza M., wife of William D. Morgan Burial
  • Page 157 Burial #106 3d mo 6th 1849 Mary Morgan
  • page 106 Isaiah Morgan 12 mo 16, 1838 Upper Makefield
  • Page 113 Mary Morgan death 3 mo 4 1849 age 80, widow Isaiah Morgan Sen.
  • Page 186 #927 Burial 2nd mo 23rd 1871 Letitia Morgan, widow of Isaiah Morgan
  • page 236 #698 Deaths 9-7-1935 Olivia Morgan 57 Warwick


  • Ann: 103
  • Eliza: M. 209
  • Fanny: 109
  • Harvey: 112,157
  • Isaiah: 106, 113, 186
  • Joshua: 103
  • Letitia: 142, 186
  • Mary: 113, 157
  • Moses: 134,178
  • Oliver J: 236
  • Samuel:109
  • William: 118, 163
  • William D.:209,210

3/2/1934 Mrs. E. Abel 2/26/1934 Frances Buzby MORGAN, aged 56 wife of E. Abel MORGAN, Perkasie died in GrandView Hospital, Sellersville on Monday 2/26

Mrs. Hannah MORGAN 3/2/1934 widow of Wm. MORGAN d 2/22/1934 for many years a residentof Doylestown d. Thursday morning 2/22 at the home of her dau.

Record of Death 1934 - 1935

Mrs. William MORGAN page 6 - dau of Mrs. Emma F. Appenzeller who d. 3/18/1935 in Oaklyn NJ (68) Their children Robert, Franklin, Mrs. Oscar Holloman all of Oaklyn including Mrs. William MORGAN.

3/2/1934 - 2/22/1934 Mrs. Hannah MORGAN widow of William who died 1933 - Doylestown resident dau Mrs. Charles Mitchell - North Wales.


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With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan - to do all which may achieve a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations. 


  • The Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), the state tree of Pennsylvania, is one of the dominant trees of the Commonwealth's forests...
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