Mail Babies , sending children through the Postal S ervice

Rural delivery was established in 1902 and parcel post in 1913. At the time there were four express options, they were all dominated by the railroads. The railroads would only deliver to railroad depots and included high and confusing prices, prompting an investigation by The Interstate Commerce Commission where abuse and collusion was uncovered.

The idea of parcel post started in Germany and Austria in 1857 but the concept existed many years before that. Parcel post, now “Standard Post” celebrated 100 years in 2013.

February 19, 1914, a 48 ½ pound package was “mailed” from Grangeville to Lewiston, Idaho. The name of the package was May Pierstor, 5 years old. Her parents decided to send her to visit her grandparents. Not being happy with the train fare and after checking that there were no provisions to parcel post regulations as it related to sending people through the mail, they decided to “mail” their daughter for the sum of 53-cents postage. She traveled in the mail compartment and was delivered to her grandmother’s home.

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The first effort to stop mailing children was in 1914, in 1915 postal officials began refusing to accept children in parcel post and it was finally banned in 1920.

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