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Governor's Accounts including Lists of Marriage, Tavern, Peddlers Licenses and Ships' Registers

Since September 30, 1885, marriage licenses have been required in Pennsylvania and are maintained by the Marriage License Clerk in the county courthouse of the county issuing the license. Before September 30, 1885 the issuing of licenses was not obligatory, but was intended for those cases where the banns were not published or the marriage in church was dispensed with. For these earlier marriages, church records and newspapers may provide information.

The State Archives does not have copies of old newspapers except for a small amount of special collections microfilm in Manuscript Group 262.To locate obituaries or other topics, the State Library of Pennsylvania has an extensive collection of Pennsylvania newspapers.

Ancestry Pennsylvania - Free for Pennsylvania residents

The Pennsylvania State Archives has a partnership with to digitize family history records in the State Archives and make them available online. The list of records available is located in the bottom left corner of the Pennsylvania web page.

On the 15th inst. at Friends' Meeting Byberry, John Bowman, to Ann B. daughter of John Comly, all of Byberry, Philadelphia county.
On the 4th ult. at Friends' Meeting, Byberry, Philadelphia county, Benjamin G. Bonner, of Moreland, to Lydia Ann, daughter of Josiah Walton, of the former place.

Harry H. Fegley and Miss Ella M. Huber, both residents of Spinnerstown, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. Thos. Leinbach, on last Saturday. The young couple are well-known and carry with them the best wishes of their many friends for a happy wedded life.
Ref: Town and Country, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, Saturday, June 2, 1900.

According to the Leach book and LDS, Hannah Dungan and Silas Yerkes of the Southampton Baptist Meeting House were married June 14, 1750.
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LOVELL - WALKER- In Bristol, April 2, 1876 by Rev. J.C. Hyde. Dr. J. H. Lovvell, of burlington N.J., to Dr. Hanna walker, of Attleboro, Pa. No. cards

WRIGHT - HIBBS - On Wednesday, April 12th, 1876, by Rev. Dr. Burdett. David t.wright, of Tullytown, to Jo. gertrude Hibbs, of Bristol.

The Bucks County Gazette (Bristol, Pennsylvania)1876- May-11

Moran - Vandegrift -

The Bucks County Gazette (Bristol, Pennsylvania)

Moran - Vandegrift - at the M.E. Parsonage, 1013 North Front Street Philadelphia, on Thursday, January 24, 1889, by Rev Francis Asbury Gilbert, William T. Moran, of Philadelphia, and Miss Lucy C. Vandegrift, of Newportville, Bucks County, Pa.

 1878 NEW HOPE GAZETTE  Marriages

1879 Hunterdon County Democract Marriages


Isaac Hicks Marriages

June 26, 1774. Huston, Robert, & Pleasant Scatterthwaite both of the Tp. of Lower Makefield.

Jul 1, 1775. Ramson, George, & Jane Vansant both of Bensalem

July 20, 1775. Shrigley, Enoch , & Marcy Stackhouse both of the Falls

May 22, 1776. Dyer, Joseh & Mary Ashburn.

August 1776. Thompson, Hugh and Sarah Beal both of New Brittain

Sep. 1, 1776. Price, Smith, and Martha Carver of Plumstead

1776. Wiley, Thomas, & Longshore

Mar. 19, 1776. Flemming, Benjamin, & Phebe Howell both of the County of Bucks.

Mar. 18, 1776. Cary, Samuel, & Rachel Doan both of Up Makefield

July 1, 1794. Taylor, Robert, & Grace Smith of Middletown, Negroes

Sep. 25, 1794. Hilborn, Robert, & Mary Worstal both of Newtown Tp. in presence of sundry witnessess.

Jan 14, 1795. Cosson, William, of Trenton Tp. New Jersey, and Hettee Anderson, dau. of Joshua Anderson, Esquire, in Lower Makefield.

Apr. 2, 1795. Heston Jonathan, of up Makefield Tp. to Mary Hilborn of Newtown, at I Hicks houses

May 5th 1795, Vanhorn, Barnard, and Letitia Tomlinson Married in the Presence of 12 witn in Newtown


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A Timeline of Bucks County History - Mercer Museum PDF


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