History of Bucks County "Between 1710 and 1716 a number of settlers came into the township [Richland] and took up land, of which we can name the following: In 1714 100 acres were granted to James McVeagh, or McVaugh, convenient for building a mill, at one shilling quit-rent, and 1,000 to Morris Morris, "at or near the tract called Great Swamp in Bucks county," in 1715 200 acres to John Moore, and the same quantity to John Morris, of Shackamaxon, in March 1706, and 250 acres to Michael Atkinson, adjoining Moore, and 350 acres to Michael Lightcap, in two tracts, one of 150 acres, between Edward Roberts' and Thomas Nixon's land, and the other of 200 acres, on the west side of Arthur Jones's land. These tracts were not confirmed to Lightcap until 1732-33."
Christiana Moore b. 1781 - d. after 1876 ...born in PA....married John Williams 1780-1858

1. Mary Williams b. 1805 - married Nathan Whiting

2. Newberry Williams b. 1807 - married Lucy

Edwin Williams b. 1842

Albert Williams b. 1844

Lewis Williams b. 1849

Isabella Williams b. 1851 (adopted)

John Williams b. 1856

William Williams b. 1859

Sarah Williams

3. James Williams b. 1809 - married Phoebe Treichler

1. Josephine Williams

4. Ann Eliza Williams b. 1812 - married Jonas Smith

5. Barzilla Newbold Williams b. 1814 - married Mary Davis

1. Stella Williams

2. Ann Mary Williams

2nd marriage to Sarah (Sallie) King

3. Josephine Williams b. 1852-1935

4. Sarah Williams

3rd marriage to Hannah Harrison

5. Silvey S. Williams

4th marriage to Mary Morrow

6. Samuel Williams

6. Caroline Williams b. 1821 - married Thomas W. Harris

These are the oldest Moore estate files. Bucks Co Register of Wills Bucks Court House Doylestown, PA

MOORE WILLIAM 1772 01363

MOORE SARAH 1819 04614 widow of Alexander of Newtown

MOORE PETER 1771 01334 **

MOORE JOHN 1830 06138

MOORE JOHN 1807 03473 husband of Ann Kimball

MOORE JOHN 1726 00240 of Bristol

MOORE JESSE 1822 04998

MOORE HULDAH 1817 04373 of Solebury


MOORE EDWARD 1805 03335 **



MOORE ANN 1831 06205 of Solebury

Those noted with comments have wills Those noted ** have Orphans Court Files

Peter - of Bristol #500 Edward - of Plumstead #1587

Correction: Christiana Mohr was baptized 1781, not 1801...I have too many dates swimming around in my head and I guess those two bumped together!

John and Ann Moore's other children were:

bullet William Moore PA 1778
bulletChristiana Moore b. in PA 1781
bulletJohn Moore b. in PA 1782
bulletCatherine Moore b. NJ 1784
bulletElizabeth Moore b. in NJ 1786
bulletJacob Moore b. in NJ 1792
bulletNancy Moore b. in NJ 1794
bulletLavinia Moore b. in NJ 1796
bulletArchibald Moore b. in NJ 1800
bulletThomas Moore b. in PA 1802
bulletAbigail Moore b. in PA 1805


John and Ann (Kimble) Moore

Christiana Moore was there oldest daughter. My cousins and I have been working hard on our family tree and have come across a rich history of our Moore's in the PA/NJ area. John and Ann had 11 children. I am a descendent of their firstborn, William. The sons eventually moved into Hunterdon County and settled on land acquired by John just prior to his death in 1807. John Moore never moved to the land in NJ but kept and inn/tavern along the banks of the Delaware somewhere between the Milford Bridge and "Gwinners Place" until his death in 1807. I'm not sure if this is north or south of the bridge. Three of their daughters married into families in the Nockamixon area; Williams, Pursell, Goddard, I have a good portion of their descendents recorded as well as the descendents of the rest of John and Ann's children.


John and Ann were laid to rest in the Pursell Burial Grounds .6 miles south of the Milford Bridge. It was written (Jesse Sinclair, Milford Leader News 1892) that "John was a German by birth and that he wrote his name Mohr" but that "In 1803 he himself wrote it the same as now, Moore". John and Ann's first two children William (1778) and Christiana (1801) were baptized at the German Evangelical Lutheran Church "The Straw" in Greenwich, NJ. Their names at that time were spelled Mohr.


John bought 125 acres in Alexandria, Hunterdon Co, NJ from the Traugers, of Nockamixon, in 1806. He put his son John on the land to farm. His oldest son William (my ggg) was already married with family and farming on adjacent land. The land was divided among the 11 siblings in 1825. To this day, 90 of the original 125 acres are still in the Moore family!


Kindly submitted by Susan  Moore Raff


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